How to Delete Facebook Ad Account Permanently

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As a digital agency that has consulted for many businesses, one of the questions we get asked the most by clients is “how to delete Facebook ad accounts” that are not in use anymore.

You might not be able to delete your Facebook ad account permanently, but you can deactivate your Facebook ad account.

How To Delete Facebook Ad Account

In this regard, Facebook says that you can close an ad account.

If your goal is to delete or deactivate your Facebook ad account, this guide is for you. We will walk you through  everything you need to know about how to delete a Facebook ad account such as:

  • how to remove an ad account from the Facebook business manager?
  • when you deactivate a Facebook ad account, what happens?
  • how to delete an ad account on Facebook?
  • Why can’t I delete my Facebook ad account?

Without further ado, let’s take a deeper dive into how you can close your Facebook ad account permanently.

Why Do You Need to Delete Your Facebook Ad Account

The following reason below can prompt a Facebook advertiser to delete an ad account:

  • when the ad account is no longer in use
  • ad account set up with wrong information such as currency
  • need to organize the business account

Can You Delete A Facebook Ad Account Permanently?

You can’t delete the Facebook ad account permanently as an advertiser. However, Facebook allows you to close your ad account or deactivate it.

To close the FB ad account is what most advertisers refer to as deleting the Facebook ad account.

Therefore, we will use the terms deleting, deactivating and closing interchangeably throughout this guide.

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When I Delete My Facebook Ad Account What Happens?

  • You will still have access to the deactivated Facebook ad account in your list of accounts. You can reactivate it again in future if need be.
  • All of your active Facebook campaigns will be stopped and won’t be able to create a new one
  • Your outstanding balance will be charged to your account debit or credit card
  • Also, your payment method and card information will be deleted as well to avoid them being compromised.
  • You will still have access to the data and insights from your previous campaigns before you deleted the FB account.
  • Everyone added to the ad account will not be able to work with it.


How to Delete a Facebook Ad Account Permanently

To delete a Facebook ad account permanently, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the “Business Manager Settings” section
  • At the left menu, under “Accounts”, tap on “Ad Accounts”
  • The lists of all your ad accounts will appear, click on the FB account you want to deactivate or close.
  • At the top right corner, click on the ” Deactivate” button
  • Facebook will prompt a notification asking you to confirm that you want to reactive the ad account.
  • Proceed to click on ” Deactivate Facebook Ad Account”
To Facebook ad account is not immediate. The process can take up to two business days to close your Facebook ad account.
Once the FB ad account is deleted, you will see beside the Ad Account Name the text “Closed”

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Why Can’t I Delete a Facebook Ad Account?

As mentioned before now, you can’t delete a Facebook ad account permanently, however, you can only close or deactivate the Facebook account.

Perhaps you’re having an issue closing your Facebook ad account, the following could be the possible reason.

  • You’re probably not an admin of the Facebook ad account. To close a Facebook ad account, you must be an admin of the account. Hence, the advertiser role does not have the privilege to do so.
  • You must be the owner of the Facebook business manager whom the ad account was created with.
  • Also, you must have settled all your outstanding balances for Facebook to honor your request to close the FB account.


How to Delete A Facebook Ad Account FAQs


Can I Create a New Facebook Ad Account After Deleting an Ad Account?

There is no restriction placed on the Facebook profile that deletes an ad account. You can create another Facebook ad account.

On every business manager, there are ad account limits and deleting an FB account doesn’t reduce that.


How Can I Deactivate a Facebook Ad Account that I Do Not Own? 

You must be an admin to the Facebook ad account to be able to deactivate it. Also, you must own the business manager that houses the ad account that you wish to delete.


Can You Permanently Close a Facebook Ad Account?

No, a Facebook ad account can only be closed. Perhaps the ad closed ad account can be reactivated if it complies with Facebook advertising policies within that period.




Following this guide on how to delete a Facebook ad account, you should be able to permanently deactivate your ad account easily.


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