How to Download Videos on Fansly (In Seconds!)

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Looking for a strategy that can help you download Fansly videos easily?

Then, this is the best solution you will find online. 

Download Videos on Fansly

Fansly is a popular website for sexually explicit content. There are some features on the site that simplify engagement and connection between users. The platform contains free and paid videos and pictures. 

Although the site has been active for quite some time, it became popular in 2021. This was the period when OnlyFans creators were panicking that adult content would be prohibited from the platform. 

Today, Fansly’s user base has grown to roughly 1.9 million. It is widely regarded as an OnlyFans alternative. 

The fascinating thing about Fansly is that it blocks users from downloading or storing videos on the platform for offline viewing.

This indicates that if you wish to save content on Fansly for offline viewing, you’d need to research adequately. 

Let’s explore how to easily download videos on Fansly.


TLDR Version

  • One of the most effective tools for downloading Fansly videos is the YT saver, which we will analyze more in subsequent sections. The tools available to save videos from Fansly are currently limited. Thus, it’d be a nice idea to take full advantage of YT saver. 
  • With regards to the moral question of storing content offline on your device, it is absolutely fine to download videos; so far, it is available for public viewing. If the video is private, it is not advisable to download it. 
  • Fansly is popularly regarded as an OnlyFans alternative. Its userbase has grown in the last five years, as an increasing number of OnlyFans creators are getting bothered that a prohibition of adult content on the platform will affect their revenue.


The Most Effective Tool for Downloading Fansly Video

The easiest, quickest and most effective tool to save Fansly videos online is YT saver. The tool is also compatible with other video-oriented platforms like OnlyFans, YouTube and so on. 

It also allows anyone to save and convert videos in distinct formats. It does not matter whether it’s a 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p or even 240p format.

The tool will work its magic. You can also convert MP4 videos into Mp3 files. 

Install YT Saver for free here.

You are also free to add subtitles to any videos you download from the platform as well. 

This effective Fansly video download tool has a privacy feature that limits access to your downloaded videos to protect your videos from impermissible viewing.

There are also encrypted files that you can save your videos. 


How to Download Videos On Fansly

So the central issue in this article is how to easily download videos on Fansly. With YT Saver, you can do that in a hassle-free way.

As you will see in this section, it’s seamless and quick.

Once you have installed and opened the tool, you have to set your output format and specify the quality of the video you wish to download.

You can access this from the download tab. 

After you may have finished this, you can click on the tool’s online tab. Then open your device browser and enter Fansly website. 

Now that the home page has loaded, sign in to your Fansly account with your password & email. 

Navigate to the Fansly video you desire to download for offline viewing and ensure you click on the download option. This will automatically download your video. 

After the video is finally downloaded, you can access the video in your download folder. 


How to Download Videos on Fansly with YT Saver’s Extension

A fantastic benefit of YT saver is that you can access and enjoy the platform without any installation process with the use of the Fansly downloader extension

It is an extension for Chrome browsers. All you have to do is add it to your browser via the chrome web store.

This will completely simplify the process of saving online videos to your device. 

Another positive feature of this tool is that it does not share your sensitive details with any 3rd-party organization. 

Before anything else, in order to effectively download a Fansly video via your web browser, you have to hit the subscribe button or ensure the creator you intend to download content from is on your follow list. 

Next, you have to sign into your Fansly account with the correct credentials. 

Tap the video you intend to save. Navigate to settings, check the right area, click “view in original quality”, or select the quality you intend to download the video in. 

Next, hit the download option. You will find it in the upper left corner of the screen. 


Other Ways to Download Videos on Fansly


The video’s source code

Please note: This method may not be 100% effective as Fansly has updated their website, making it more secure and deactivating the right-click when video is played feature. 

Here’s how to edit the source code to download Fansly videos;

  • Access Fansly website via your web browser.
  • Sign into your account using your correct credentials.
  • Look for the creator whose video you are interested in downloading. Ensure the creator is on your follower list.
  • Navigate to a specific video on the creator’s profile and right-click the page, and a popup will appear.
  • Click “Inspector” and clear away some code scripts.
  • Next, attempt the video download once more; you’ll realize that a download button is present.

Remember that for this method to work, you’ll have to enter the creator page where you wish to download the video. 


Use the “Downloader for Fansly” extension.

On Chrome Store, you will find that there are a lot of extensions that claim to aid online users in effectively downloading videos from TikTok, Facebook and other video-hosting websites.

However, It’s difficult to locate extensions tailored to Fansly. 

“Downloader for Fansly” is an effective chrome extension that has been active for years, facilitating the easy download of videos from the website.

It is super simple to utilize and one of the fastest channels to save Fansly videos for offline use. 

“Downloader for Fansly” currently plays a critical role in helping users download media files on the platform. 

Follow the steps below to download content on Fansly using the tool:

  • Access and sign into the account.
  • Locate any OnlyFans video or creator you wish to download from. Ensure the creator is on your following list.
  • Select the video you wish to download. Next, choose “View in Original Quality” in the popup that will appear in the right corner.
  • Access “Downloader for Fansly” and activate the extension.
  • At this stage, navigate to the video and select the extension button that appears in the upper right section of the browser, and click the Fansly video downloader extension.

A download option will appear; select it, and the video will be saved to your device. 


Use a Screen Recorder

Use this method as a last resort. It is very reliable and rarely fails.

It seems people always screen record videos whenever they are on platforms such as Fansly and OnlyFans. 

This method involves accessing your Fansly dashboard and then navigating to the Fansly creator page whose content you wish to store on your device.

The plan is to screen record while you stream the video, 

To effectively screen record videos on your smartphone, you will have to install an app. However, many flagship phones today have in-built screen recorders. 


How to Download Videos On Fansly FAQs


Am I allowed to screenshot content on Fansly?

If you are a paid subscriber to a Fansly content creator, you are authorized to screen record their content.

The reason is that you have paid for the content; it is within your right to do that. There’s no need to fret about your profile being banned. 

For users who haven’t subscribed, it will be hard to access videos. This implies that you can’t screen record any content. 


Can I Download Fansly Content?

Absolutely, using the methods we have explained in this article, you can download Fansly videos.

However, ensure you log into Fansly to successfully download content from the platform. 


Will Fansly creators be notified that you have downloaded their videos?

No. Fansly won’t send any notifications to creators about your download of their content. 


What Is Fansly?

Fansly has emerged as a solid alternative to OnlyFans. It garnered public attention in 2021 when there were fears that OnlyFans would ban adult content from their platform.

This situation caused some creators to migrate to Fansly. 

It uses a subscription model similar to OnlyFans to link up members with their favorite creators.

This implies that for you to enjoy videos from specific content creators, it is mandatory to subscribe to them. 


Is it legal to download videos on Fansly?

The fact is that if you are a paid subscriber, then it is entirely within your rights to download the videos you are watching. 

This is because you have bought the rights to access the content; it seems reasonable to enjoy the leeway of using it anyway to deem fit.




This article covers all the techniques that you can use to easily download Fansly videos. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the content offline as they are stored on your device. 

Ensure you share this article with your friends and loved ones using the share button below. 


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