Does OnlyFans Send Mail to Your House (No, BUT…!)

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 06:12 pm

Are you worried whether OnlyFans will send mail to your house?

You aren’t the only one who has thought about this issue! Lots of creators have made enquiries about this. There are plenty of reasons why this question is perfectly valid. 

Onlyfans Send Mail to Your House

This article will explore some issues people experience with OnlyFans, from whether they send mail to your home to if they let you set your account to public or private.                                                 

This article will clear your doubts! However, note that OnlyFans won’t ever send mail to your home as it isn’t necessary to provide tax paperwork or files. 


OnlyFans Will Not Send Mail to Your House

As a creator on OnlyFans, you don’t have to feel scared about receiving mail from OnlyFans.

The content monetization platform never sends mail to creators.

The truth is that you might not even be given a tax form except if your earnings reach more than six hundred dollars in a tax year.

You will likely receive a 1099 form for the money you make from OnlyFans when you monetize your content. 

It is typical for users to sign up for their accounts with a completely different name. This only allows Creators to access their profile photos and display names.

However, their real name will stay hidden. Over the years, OnlyFans has put in place policies to safeguard the privacy of users.

Make sure you hit the subscribe button on your account and add creators to your following list if you are too privacy-conscious.

Another step you can take is to use a temporary email when setting up your account and entirely opt out of getting promotional emails from OnlyFans. 

Also, if you run a premium OnlyFans account, ensure you do not upload lots of pictures in a single post.

The best thing to do is to upload a photo at once and desist from uploading NSFW content.

Using a free account, you can upload images in a sequence organized in reverse time. This will attract fans to your content and photos. 

OnlyFans is a platform that revolves around content and subscriptions. Creators can also charge a monthly fee on their page or keep it free.

For every transaction, OnlyFans earns revenue and creators pocket eighty percent of the money.

Despite the lack of an official mobile app, the platform is home to over 45 million users and a million creators. 


Do You Pay OnlyFans Monthly Subscription Fee?

After you have registered an OnlyFans account, you have to specify the monthly charge for mails.

But, you have to enter your bank details before you earn tips or payments from fans.

A fantastic OnlyFans feature is the way creators freely message their fans with pay-per-view content. You can message PPV content to all subscribers on your list or to a specific user.

It is compulsory to enter bank card information before you fix your price.

OnlyFans thrives on its subscription model, allowing creators to connect with fans who pay fees each month to access their content.

Once they have cultivated a solid following, paid subscribers can watch premium content.

The earnings are split 80:20 between the creator and OnlyFans, respectively. The platform also hosts thousands of models and content creators because of its policy.

However, other niche categories are also present on the OnlyFans site.

OnlyFans subscribers pay monthly fees to access premium content to creators. The latter are free to peg their subscription prices.

Thus, it’s important that you do adequate research into fees set by creators across the platform to make sure you get a fair deal.

For instance, you can make your content accessible to only paying fans. The platform retains 20% of the monies made. 

Other ways to monetize your content include pay-per-view messaging and tips.

You can earn tips whenever fans click the dollar button underneath your posts or via messages.

Creators can also sell merchandise to their followers in return for tips or online content. As a niche creator, OnlyFans is a smart way to monetize your content. 


Does OnlyFans Take Card Payments?

Prepaid and debit cards are accepted payment options on OnlyFans.

Debit cards are more secure for auto-subscription, while prepaid cards send transaction records to credit agencies.

These forms of payment can be used to pay for services on the internet. The advantage of prepaid cards is that they can assist you in improving your credit score.

Wallet credits can also be used for transactions online. They let you purchase or subscribe to music and movies. 

For instance, you can use a prepaid Visa card for payment subscriptions on OnlyFans.

It is highly popular, and the platform supports its use for transactions. Ensure you get in touch with the company for the current list of accepted cards.

Note that PayPal cannot be used for transactions on the platform. Thus, prepaid visa cards are a smart option. They are safe to use and hassle-free.

OnlyFans also accept other payment solutions, like gift cards and digital wallets. Interestingly, OnlyFans does not accept cryptocurrencies.

Many OnlyFans subscribers use wallet credits to increase their credit score without the need for credit checks.

Another great way to improve credit is through the use of prepaid cards to pay for OnlyFans services.

Credit cards are also supported on the platform via financial channels like Venmo. To subscribe to OnlyFans services, just sign in and select the circle option.

Next, navigate to “Your Cards” and key in your card information. Ensure you authenticate your identity and confirm your age to curtail fraudulent transactions.

You can also use virtual prepaid cards for transactions on OnlyFans.

There’s a small fee attached to its use for online transactions, and, most times, it is not linked with your financial institution.

Virtual prepaid cards are highly reliable for OnlyFans transactions.

You can get them easily from any bank these days. Also, lots of fin-tech apps and platforms give out virtual cards to their customers.

It’s a worry-free way of carrying out transactions online without fear of fraud or hacking. 


Does OnlyFans Send Mail to Your House FAQs


Can you set your OnlyFans profile to private?

No. You can’t set your profile to private in the real sense. This is not possible on the platform.

However, you can restrict or ban users from accessing your content. It is advisable to use a pseudonym or nickname on the platform to deter trolls. 

To set up an OnlyFans account, you have to be above eighteen years.

You will be required to provide your private details and if you will be putting out content. If you reside in the United States, you will have to submit tax paperwork (W-9 form).

The good thing is that these private details won’t be revealed to the public.

Once your account is validated, and you have opted for a payment option, you can restrict people from accessing your content.

Another feature of OnlyFans is geo-blocking. This means you can block users from specific countries via their IP addresses.

These geo-restricted users can’t access your profile information. However, they can circumvent this restriction with a VPN. 


What type of content is supported on OnlyFans?

The proposed ban on certain content types on OnlyFans has caused commotion among models.

The platform is popularly used by both professional and amateur models. This is because monolithic platforms are seen as deceitful, manipulative and dishonest in their operation.

However, models on OnlyFans have better control of their content and enjoy a better pay package. 

Due to the scale of content on the platform, funding has been a challenge. But it has become popularized by rappers and musicians alike.

Hip-hop stars such as Cardi B and Tyga own OnlyFans accounts.

OnlyFans is used by other professionals like entertainers, comedians and gym trainers. With OnlyFans, you can contact your favourite creators directly.

Last year, OnlyFans announced a prohibition on certain content on its platform. It is said that the ban was due to pressure from some financial institutions.

Many OnlyFans users voiced their displeasure with the ban. The platform was fast losing patronage and support and it had to reverse its decision a few days later. 

Models remain the most popular creators on OnlyFans. Many of them pocket around two hundred to three hundred dollars monthly.

The platform has become a primary means of livelihood and sustenance for them. However, it is easy to generate income via OnlyFans.

You will need to invest time in cultivating a fanbase and creating quality content. 




The truth is that you will receive mail from OnlyFans to the location you filled in while completing your W9 form.

This happens when you have been paid 600 dollars from the platform. 

To protect your privacy, you can get a rental mailbox and receive your tax form from there. 

Furthermore, OnlyFans “OF” will show up in your bank statements and email inbox. 

This article has addressed the “Will OnlyFans send me mail?” issue and explored other pertinent issues. 

Ensure you share the article with your loved ones and friends. 


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