How to Find Trending Audio and Sounds for Facebook Reels

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Using trending audio and sounds is key to developing interesting content for your Facebook Reels.

Trends are known to capture attention, creating a chance for you to leverage the popularity of a sound or piece of music that is a fan’s favourite.

Find Trending Audio and Sounds for Facebook Reels

Yet, identifying trending audio for Facebook reels can be very difficult for a lot of creators. But don’t fret! We will share some helpful tips.


9 Ways to Find Trending Audio and Sounds for Facebook Reels


Check Facebook Reels Feed

To find trending audio for your Facebook reels, check out the reels of other video creators. You will find a mix of popular sound clips and music.

All you have to do is visit the reel tab, and you will find a lot of similar videos auto-playing. At times, you will discover that a single piece of music has been used in numerous videos. This is a sign of their popularity.

Here’s a simple way to view Facebook Reels:

  • Launch the Facebook app
  • Select the TV option in the upper corner.
  • Navigate to the video section and select Reels.
  • Keep swiping to enjoy reels and find trending audio.
  • With this method, you can find nonstop reels that have catchy music.


Use  Fresh and Popular Hashtags

To find the audio clip and music that is trendy, you need to use popular hashtags.

Hashtags are highly important for enhancing the reach of content. Creators usually organize their reels using certain hashtags, resulting in trendy music becoming linked to them.

To identify trendy audio clips using hashtags, use this method:

  • Check out the captions of Facebook reels.
  • Tap the hashtags that have been added.
  • Browse through the reels associated with the specific hashtag.
  • Doing this will help you find popular and widely used sound clips linked to the hashtag.


Follow Influencers and Trend-setters on Facebook

Influencers and trendsetters are known for leading other creators with their creative ideas or styles. This is why it is important to follow them to keep track of what’s trendy and relevant.

It is a powerful strategy for improving your content’s popularity.

Do this:

  • Navigate to the Facebook search bar to identify pages and people you are interested in.
  • Carry out a search via keywords or usernames to identify creators.
  • Focus on the audio and music they add to their reels.
  • Check if they consistently add certain music to their reels. This is a clue that it is trendy.


Check Music Charts

Another important strategy for finding trendy audio and music that your audience will love is to check music charts. Start by looking at Billboard, Spotify, Deezer, Rolling Stone, and Apple Music.

Some of these music streaming apps have creator playlists with different trendy music players. Use these to find music that is making waves on other social sites, including TikTok and Snapchat.

Checking music charts will give you clarity on which song to add to your content to enhance its popularity.


Monitor Audience Preferences

Try to track the trendy sounds and music that your target audience seems to enjoy. Figuring this out will improve your content’s appeal and make them

Consider monitoring the popular audio and sound trends among your target audience. Understanding their preferences helps align your content with what resonates most with your audience.


Follow popular creators

By following popular creators that consistently upload new reels content, you can stay abreast of the most recent audio or song trends.

This is because these creators frequently utilize highly popular and distinctive music in their content. This simplifies the process of identifying which audio is trendy.


Browse Facebook Reels Playlist for Songs that are Trendy

Another method is to save music clips in your reels playlist to add to your content.

While you browse, you can discover popular reels song clips; be sure to update them in your song playlist.

Use these steps to check them later:

  • Navigate to activity log
  • Head down and select “Groups, Events, and Reels.”
  • Tap “Reels audio you have saved.”
  • Then you will find every song you have previously saved for future use.

Alternatively, you can select the “Create a reel” button. Next, select “Music.” This will display every trendy song in your local area.

You can save any of them to your playlist by selecting the “Favourite” option found in the upper-right section.

Also, perform a search using the search bar, and you will see some popular music with the flame symbol beside it.


Use Third-Party Tools or websites.

While the tips outlined above do not involve the use of third-party platforms, you can use them when you need something “extra.”

There are a lot of websites and tools for discovering trends, and they can be very valuable for your content creation strategy.

Some of them include:

But, you have to exercise caution when using any of these trend research tools.


Trending songs on Facebook reels 2024

How do you know a trendy song on Facebook Reels? It happens when lots of content creators add the song to their content, and it creates a buzz and becomes very popular.

It is advantageous to use these trending songs because they boost the reach of your reels content and get it viewed by many people.

Here are some trendy songs you can use for your reels in 2024:

  • Hard Times by Paramore is popular on Facebook Reels. This song has been added to millions of pieces of content on social media. It is used when people want to change their style and looks.
  • Monaco by Bad Bunny is another song widely used in social media content, with a presence on over half a million reels. It is also very popular on TikTok.
  • Taylor Swift’s Style is also trendy, with use in more than 20,000 reels. Its popularity is a result of the singer’s new album release. A lot of creators are using it to drum up support for her new collection of work.

Other popular songs include:

  • Drake – First Person Shooter
  • Makeba – Jain
  • Central Cee – Doja
  • thuy – girls like me don’t cry (Sped Up)
  • Westlife – My Love
  • “Dance The Night” by Dua Lipa
  • “Daylight” by David Kushner
  • “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron


How to get more views on Facebook Reels

Up your content creation strategy and get more views with these helpful tips:


Create Valuable Content

Quality content is particularly important for Facebook Reels. It is the key to retaining your target audience.

By ensuring that your content caters to your audience’s interests and preferences, you can positively impact your video’s engagement.

Create content that is entertaining, interesting, and captivating; this way, your viewers can derive some form of value from it. Also, creatively edit your video to grab the attention of your audience and keep them returning for more.


Post Frequently

You need to put out content in a consistent manner to retain the interest of your audience. It will also enhance your page’s visibility on Facebook Reels.

When you keep posting regularly, your audience engagement rate will increase, and you will acquire new viewers.

It is also a way to create the impression that your content is relevant and fresh, making it easy for the algorithm to broaden the reach of your content on Reels. So establish the culture of creating content regularly to enhance your visibility on the platform


Keep up the Latest Trends

Keep up with the most current trends and popular challenges on Facebook Reels. This will assist you in growing your reel’s viewership.

The more you incorporate these trends into your content, the faster it shows up on pages and gets the interest of users in hot topics.

By taking part in these challenges or adding viral content to your reels, you leverage the hottest buzz of the moment and grab the interest of a wider audience.

This way, you will boost the discoverability, engagement, and view of your reels.


Make It Engaging

Engagement rate matters. Facebook considers how much time your audience invests in your content as well as how they interact with it (in the form of shares, likes, and comments). This increases its reach and viewership.

Furthermore, when your reels have more engagement, they are likely to go viral. Your audience will definitely share your reels with their network. This can increase your view count.


Share Your Facebook Reels

A crucial way to increase your content reach is by sharing it. Ensure you share your content with followers on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and even YouTube. You can even add them to your site and share them on numerous forums on the internet (like Reddit).

This method will help you acquire new viewers and boost the virality of your content. So, don’t forget to share your most recent reels on other social media platforms.


Find Trending Audio and Sounds for Facebook Reels FAQ


How long do reels last on Facebook?

Facebook Reels have a duration of 90 seconds. There’s also a feature to add special effects and music to your content.


What is the importance of Facebook Reels?

Reels can assist you in nurturing your audience, allowing you to build viewership and grow your engagement.


What is the number of views Facebook Reels gets a day?

Facebook Reels together with Instagram Reels have a total view count of 200 billion a day.



In this article, we explored ways you can find trending audio and sounds for Facebook Reels. The article also outlined tips to grow your Facebook Reel views in 2024.

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