How to Ask Viewers to Send Stars on Facebook

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Facebook is a blazing light unto itself in the wide world of social media. One may wonder what drives this universal energy of interconnectedness.

Indeed, Facebook stars are what we’re talking about here.

How to Ask Viewers to Send Stars on Facebook

Your journey towards creating online content could be completely changed by these sparkling symbols of gratitude, turning it from a hobby into a fulfilling career.

Your audience can be completely engaged with your live stream if your posts are a brilliant constellation of ideas. By making the right calls, your normal viewer can become a stargazer who is excited to see your content take off.

Now, one thing you do not want to do is put off your real followers, because, let’s face it, not everyone is okay with the idea of sending money to someone on social media.

This is why this article will provide you with how to ask viewers to send stars on Facebook.


How to Enable Star Monetization on Facebook

Just in case you are wondering, what are Facebook stars?

Facebook has created a way to reward its creators and has made it possible for content viewers to appreciate the creators of this content.

Followers get to send money in a digital manner. A follower purchases a star at $0.01. Then, the follower forwards the star to whoever the user wishes to send a star to.

Before you ask your viewers to send you stars on Facebook, you have to enable your account to receive stars. If not, your star collection would be futile.

You can only enable your account to receive stars if you are eligible to do so.

Eligible accounts must:

  • Reside in the countries listed in the countries eligible for Facebook Stars monetization page. You can access it via this link (insert link to page).
  • Have nothing less than 500 followers.
  • Must be the admin of the page.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.

If you successfully meet the criteria above, follow the steps below to enable Facebook stars:


How to Set Up Facebook Stars

  • Select the link provided in the notification if you received any or visit the Meta Business Suite.
  • Click Monetization in the navigation bar on the left.
  • Click View Page eligibility under Status.
  • Click Set up to see whether your Page qualifies for stars.
  • If it does, choose the page or pages that need to be enabled.
  •  Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking Accept.
  •  To continue configuring Stars, navigate to Meta Business Suite > Monetization > Stars.
  • Pay attention to Facebook Stars best practices.
  • Activate Stars on your on-demand videos or go live with them enabled.
  • Go to Meta Business Suite > Monetization > Stars > Goals to set a Stars target.
  • Navigate to Meta Business Suite > Monetization > Stars > Settings to manage your Stars settings.

You can start using Stars now, but in order for Facebook to route your Stars earnings consistently and on schedule, you won’t get paid until you’ve created a payment account.

Follow the steps provided by Facebook at the link to create a new payment account.


How to Ask Viewers To Send Stars On Facebook

Once you have sorted out your page to receive stars, you can then ask your viewers to send stars on Facebook. Below are recommended ways to do so.


Ask for Stars in Live Videos

You can easily request stars in a live video.

In fact, before you begin using other means to ask for stars from your viewers, it is best that you do so first in a live video.

You may wonder, Why a live video?

Live videos attract longer views, so it is the best option to use.

It is best to launch your request for stars in a live video where your viewers can see you and have you explain how useful their support would be in creating more valuable content and how Facebook stars are a medium to do so.

When doing so, be as genuine in your request as possible; be polite and direct to the point.

People get easily put off if they feel you are not sincere or if you come off in a rude manner.


Ask for Stars as Polls

You can incorporate stars into your content in the form of polls.

You can ask your viewers to vote for something using stars. The option with the highest star poll wins. You have to do this with a kind of content that is very engaging and be creative about it.

You can even attach some kind of prize for your viewers to look forward to.


Incorporate Star Goals to Your High Demand Content

If you have built a very engaging community on your page, you can make the community a part of your star goal.

A good way to do this is by incorporating your star goal to those content that are of high demand. If you do this, it will be good to also keep your viewers updated about reaching the target.

Explain why the goal is important and why you would love them to assist you in meeting the goal.


Show Your Viewers How to Send Stars

Do not forget that not all your viewers are aware of how the Facebook star sending works. You need to help those who would love to support you but do not know how.

Explain to them how to send Facebook stars to you. You can do this in your live video or a separate video and link it to your star enabled videos.


Appreciate People Who Share Stars

Always make sure you send a heartfelt appreciation to star givers. Creatively find a way to do this such that those who send stars to you will feel appreciated almost on a personal level.

You can make a video, create an appreciation prompt etc.


Create Special Highlight for Star Givers

To increase people’s participation in star giving, create special highlights exclusively for people who send you stars.

For instance, if you have a very high engagement rate, you can choose to personally respond to all your large star givers.

You can create exclusive content or meeting or visual sessions for those who support you with stars. You can place your star givers in a range and provide exclusive packages for each range.

For example: You can have 100 – 500 stars, 510 -1000 stars, 1010 – 2000 stars, 2000 stars and above.

The highlight should vary in a way where the packers increase in ascending order of the star quantity.


Ask Viewers to Send Stars on Facebook FAQ


Can you ask viewers to send stars on Facebook?

Facebook has created a means for viewers to encourage the creators of the content they view. Facebook stars is the new digital currency.

Viewers and fans get to buy stars and send them to creators who in turn exchange the stars for their financial value and get paid by Facebook.

Content creators can politely ask their viewers to send stars on Facebook to them.


How much is 100 stars on Facebook?

A Facebook star is worth USD 0.01. Therefore, 100 stars on Facebook is worth USD 1. When someone sends you a star, you’ll be notified. The Meta Business Suite lets you keep track of your total star count.


How do you encourage people to send you stars?

  • Explain the meaning of stars and how to send them in a comment on your video. Put your comment at the top of the section where it appears.
  • Your videos have personalized messages that can inspire viewers to give you stars. To give your audience more variety, write several messages.
  • Inform your followers that you have uploaded new videos and invite them to show you support by giving you stars. In both live and on-demand videos, describe Stars and the ways in which your fans will assist you by sending you Stars.
  • Set a goal for Stars. Viewers can more meaningfully contribute to an aim or objective that you set with the help of Stars goals. Objectives are displayed as an overlay and should specify the purpose of your savings (e.g., buying a new computer or camera gear) as well as the desired sum. To offer a Stars goal during your live broadcast or when you submit a video, you must first set up and enable Stars (mobile or desktop).
  • During your live broadcasts, acknowledge Stars senders by addressing their queries or calling out their names. Give more detailed shout-outs to Stars senders in the comments section of your videos when you submit or go live. Stars senders can be easily identified in your video comments because they are highlighted.


How do I turn on FB stars?

Navigate to the Facebook Creator Studio and click on the “monetize” option.

Proceed with the setup of a payout account by following the instructions after reading and accepting the terms and conditions. Set it up by going to Stars under the Monetization feature.


How do I set up star payment on Facebook?

If you already have a payout account set up, you can choose to create a new account or use your current one. Here is how to establish a fresh payout account:
• You’ll need your tax form, so enter your information when asked.
• Attach your tax return.
• Attach your PayPal or bank account.
• Confirm your information.
• You are done with your setup.


How do I turn on stars on Facebook reels?

Once you have enabled your page to receive Facebook stars, you can request for stars to be sent to you by your viewers.

Generally enabling of stars on Facebook is simple: Click the “monetize” option after navigating to the Facebook Creator Studio.

After you’ve read and agreed to the terms and conditions, set up a payout account by following the steps. Go to the Monetization option and select Stars to configure it.



Remember that Facebook stars is actually a reflection of the support and gratitude your viewers feel for your creative endeavors.

It’s evidence of the bond you’ve established with your social community, the amusement you’ve offered, and the wisdom you’ve imparted.

Being sincere, captivating, and grateful matters regardless of your level of experience as a creator.

There are a lot of people searching the internet for meaningful material, and if you can offer them worthwhile experiences, you can attract attention and build a devoted following.

Therefore, while you monetize your content with Facebook Stars, never forget that it’s about the experience, the relationship, and the effect your content has on your audience—not simply the stars themselves.

The stars are the visible evidence of your dedication to your craft and the admiration your audience has for it.

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