How Much Should I Pay for Keyword Research

Keyword research assists in centering your content creation process on topics that interest your target audience and customers. This allows you to grab their attention and satisfy their search intent.


How Much Should You Pay for Keyword Research?

If you are using a set of SEO tools with keyword research features, it will cost you roughly $150–$400 monthly.

How Much Should I Pay for Keyword Research

Hiring an SEO consultant or agency to assist you in effective research should cost between $200 and $1500, based on the scope of the project and budget.

You also have to factor in the monetary cost of how long keyword analysis and research will take. This will help you understand which one you can launch SEO campaigns for.

SEO campaigns require you to select a keyword or topic appealing to your audience and build your landing page or pillar page to target that specific keyword.

With keyword research tools, you can improve the visibility of your website by optimizing content for long and short-tail keywords. This boosts traffic and attracts your target audience to your pages.


Importance of Keyword Research to Your SEO

Your website will face serious difficulties during your SEO campaign without the right keywords.

Here is how SEO keyword research will positively impact your marketing strategy.


Grow your audience

People get to access your content when they see it on search engine results pages. Thus, the more your content shows up on relevant searches, the higher your organic traffic.

This is why keyword research is crucial. It assists you in acquiring a larger audience, leads, and traffic.

Every addition of keywords to your SEO helps improve the likelihood of people discovering your content and checking out your website.

As you continue to add relevant keywords to your content, you improve its readership and accessibility, and this will positively impact your conversion rates.


Discover high-traffic keywords

Keyword research doesn’t simply revolve around discovering keywords. Discovering the right keyword is the goal.

This also implies discovering keywords that will assist you in improving qualified traffic.

Through keyword research, you can determine keywords that can positively impact your site’s traffic. You will monitor important data like keyword search volume and its cost per click.

This will help you make a more informed decision on whether to target them during a particular period.

So, it is a fact that without keyword research, you won’t have an idea which keyword will result in quality traffic.


Improve your content creation process

Another importance of keyword research (or paying for keyword research) is its ability to assist you in creating content with high relevance to your niche and industry.

A lot of site owners erroneously believe optimizing a page is about creating content and adding keywords for the purpose of ranking. This is not a good strategy.

Ensure your keywords are relevant to your website and content. Otherwise, it won’t get clicks, even if it ranks.

A better strategy is to identify relevant keywords and create content based on them. This helps you position your page to satisfy search intent, which is the goal a user has when searching for keywords.

In simple terms, keyword research adds value to your content, allowing it to cater to the search behavior of users. This translates to more qualified traffic that has relevance to the page.


What you get when you hire a keyword research agency



What you get When you Hire a Keyword Research Agency

Most SEO agencies have keyword research experts that can give your SEO the boost it needs. They will pay attention to your keyword research process.

Here is what you get when you hire a keyword research agency:


Audience and Business Analysis

Before coming up with a keyword list, you have to better understand your business and target audience.

This is why many SEO agencies will invest time in learning about your business before carrying out keyword research. This involves understanding your business objectives, SEO goals, and target audience demographics.

They also assist in creating buyer personas. This will help in focusing on your content in a way that targets those likely to be interested in your brand, product, or services.


Create keyword ideas

They can also assist you with highly relevant keywords for your content, pages, and business offerings.

There are a lot of experienced SEO agencies, and being around means that they have a solid understanding of the keywords people use when searching for products or services.

This is essential because your business will be enriched with a large list of keywords. This is the brainstorming stage, and any list generated is not conclusive but a preliminary list.

After getting this list of preliminary lists, the main research will start to discover the one that will deliver quality results for your website.

With the use of search volume, you can determine the number of people searching for a specific keyword, enabling them to identify which keywords are suitable for your content.


Competitor analysis

When trying to rank your websites in SERPs, you have to understand that other companies are also striving to acquire traffic and leads.

These are competitors looking for keywords to boost leads on their websites. Because of this, competitor keyword analysis is very important.

When SEO agencies carry out keyword research, they also check the keywords your competitors are focusing on to assist you in determining the most optimal keyword for your business.


Keyword mapping and integration

After generating a keyword list to get started, the next step is to add them to your website.

The first is keyword mapping — a strategic way of adding keywords to multiple pages on your website to attract targeted traffic.

After conducting keyword mapping, they will add keywords to your site content to enable your website to perform well in search results and boost traffic.


Why hire an agency for SEO keyword research?

Working with an SEO agency for keyword research services is a good idea, particularly if you don’t have SEO expertise. Here are some benefits of hiring an agency for keyword research:


A team of specialists

Most SEO agencies have a team of online marketing specialists who are prepared and happy to assist you in growing your web visibility.

With this team, you can be confident that your SEO campaign will be handled by professionals who will assist you in discovering relevant keywords for your site.

Furthermore, this team has a healthy blend of expertise, skills, and experience. This can be leveraged to enable you to set up bespoke SEO campaigns to deliver excellent results.


Experience and knowledgeability

Your SEO will likely result in failure if you are confused or not sure of what you are doing.

Experience matters because it enables a broader understanding of efficient keyword research and optimizing websites. You have to work with an agency with proven results.

By partnering with an agency, you benefit from an ocean of SEO experience and expertise. This experience will be channelled into keyword research, driving your campaign to positive outcomes.


Track record of delivering results

An SEO agency will do everything possible to improve your ranking. They go the extra mile to help you optimize your website and have results that can back that up.

It is important that you request a case study or portfolio when hiring an agency for keyword research. This will help demonstrate that your time and resources won’t be wasted when carrying out your SEO.

How Much Should I Pay for Keyword Research FAQs


What is the most affordable keyword research tool?

  • Google Trends
  • Wordtracker Scout
  • Serpstat
  • Adword & SEO keyword generator
  • Google keyword planner.


Can I carry out SEO myself?

SEO is beginner-friendly and does not demand a lot of expertise. If you own a local website or an online retail platform, you can handle SEO in-house.


Should I pay for SEO every month?

When you pay monthly SEO fees to a reliable SEO agency, you have a high likelihood of growing your site’s organic traffic.

It’s a great way to nurture a long-term relationship with your SEO expert, which lets them learn more about your business and carry out a successful strategy.


Is Google Keywords tool paid?

No, the keyword tool is not a paid tool. It is free to use. However, there is a caveat: To utilize the Google Keyword Planner, it is compulsory to set up a Google Ads account.

All you have to do is follow the instructions, input some business and personal data, and it’s done.


How can I do keyword research for free?

You can use free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner. They can assist you in strategizing for SEO and PPC campaigns using usage, trends, and popularity.


Why does SEO cost so much?

SEO services cost a lot because they require technical expertise, constant maintenance, and an enormous amount of labour and time.

However, the value of getting an optimized website for your business is significant.

This implies that SEO costs are highly beneficial over time.



SEO revolves around improving your site’s visibility and ranking on Google Search results pages, and keyword research is an effective way to achieve this.

By adding relevant keywords to your blog content, you can assist in getting qualified traffic


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