How to See Who Views Your Facebook Story Who Are Not Friends

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Those who view your Facebook story but aren’t your friends are known as “Other Viewers.”. Usually, Facebook won’t fully show their profile names.

While you will be able to view the number of other viewers, you won’t have access to their names directly. However, you can figure out the name from the friend requests page.

How to See Who Views Your Facebook Story Who Are Not Friends


How to See Who Views Your Facebook Story Who Are Not Friends

Here are the steps involved in finding the other viewers of your Facebook story:

  • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • Select Story to access the viewers.
  • Tap the icon that resembles an eye to access the list of viewers.

An obvious fact is that if your story’s privacy status is public, other Facebook users who aren’t on your friend list can access your story in addition to your Facebook friends.


How to See Who Views Your Facebook Story

Explore the steps below:


Launch Facebook

Launch the Facebook app on your smartphone. Ensure you have installed the latest version of the app. If not, you might encounter glitches along the way.


Properly Login

You have to input your email and password. Next, select the login option to access your account. Then, the homepage will load up. Select Story to launch it.


Select Viewers List

Once you have accessed the story, navigate to the lower left section of the screen to select the eye icon.

The eye icon displays how many people have viewed a specific story. This will give you a clue about your viewers’ list.


Check the Number of Other Viewers

Once you have selected the eye icon, you will see the list of viewers.

As earlier stated, the names you will mostly find are those on your friend list.

This implies that you won’t see the names of these “other viewers,” but you can access their numbers.


I Can’t See Who Viewed My Facebook Story

Once your friend sees your Facebook story, it’s not difficult to figure out if they have seen it. All you have to do is use the method outlined above.

However, if you are having challenges seeing who has accessed your story, it could be as a result of the following:

  • Nobody has seen your story at the moment.
  • You have a sluggish network connection.
  • Facebook is presently encountering a bug or glitch.
  • Facebook users who aren’t on your friend list have accessed your story.

The first two issues are a bit minor. You can easily rectify them with no assistance. And if you think the issue is caused by a Facebook glitch, simply reinstall the app.

The fourth issue is quite complicated. It occurs when you allow your story to be viewed by the public.

Although you can see how many people have viewed your story, their complete names won’t be revealed to you. Even if you select the number to access the viewer list.

For instance, in the lower section of the viewer list, you will find “Others.”

The number indicates how many viewers of your story aren’t on your friend lists. Facebook won’t show you their username; they will let you know the number.

Because your story visibility is set to public, any Facebook user can easily find it.

The summary is that if you post a story for public viewing, you will likely not see all the names of people who have viewed it.

The names of those you will find on the viewer lists are people on your friend list that have watched the story, and the rest aren’t your Facebook friends.


How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously

The following steps will help you view Facebook Stories in an anonymous manner:


Enable Airplane Mode

If your mobile device is in airplane mode, your internet connection will be turned off.

Hence, Facebook won’t record if you have accessed other people’s stories.

Once you launch the Facebook app, browse through every story to open them up.

Next, enable airplane mode and access the story.

You have to exit the Facebook app before disabling the airplane mode.


Half Swiping

The next method you can use to see Facebook Stories anonymously is to not completely watch them to the end.

It implies you won’t watch the full story.

When watching a story, try half-swiping left or right to change the story without fully watching. This method is particularly helpful for image-oriented stories.


Deactivate Your Facebook Account

To prevent your username from showing up in someone’s viewer list, another method is to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account.

Next, Facebook will pause your account and clear your picture and username from comments and shares you have made.

Simply access a story in the Facebook application, select the hamburger icon “…”, tap Settings and Privacy, and select the Privacy Shortcuts.

Select Delete your Account and Information, and, lastly, select the Deactivate Account button.

Then, when the story goes away after a day, sign in and activate your Facebook account once more.


How to Download Facebook Stories

If you wish to download your Facebook Stories before or after posting them, simply tap the hamburger icon in the upper-right section of the story section and select save.

However, Facebook won’t let you save other user’s stories via the app. An alternative is to use third-party online tools to download them.


How to Hide my Story from Specific Users on Facebook

Here are some simple steps you can use to do this:

  • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • Next, set your story to private
  • Then choose the people you wish to hide your story from.
  • Lastly, select Done in the upper corner and select Save.
  • Once you set a user on your restricted list, they will be limited from accessing your story.
  • Don’t forget that when you update the privacy settings of your story, it will affect any pictures or videos you may have posted in your story in real time, and even the ones that you will upload subsequently.
  • You can update these settings whenever you want.


How to change your story privacy settings on Facebook

Here are the steps involved:

Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.

Next, select a picture or video to share your story.

Navigate to the lower right corner and select the audience selector:

Public: Everyone on your Facebook friend list will have access to your story, including your followers and anyone you have interacted with via Messenger.

Your Facebook followers will also be able to view your story; however, only those who are on your friend list can reply.

Friends: Your Facebook Story will be restricted to those on your friend list. People who have chatted with you via Messenger won’t have access to it.

Custom: You can choose to make your Facebook Story visible to specific people.


See Who Views Your Facebook Story Who Are Not Friends FAQ


What is the meaning of the blue dot on Facebook Story?

The blue dot is a notification that you have a new story on Facebook.

Once you find the blue dot, you should know that a page or profile that is linked to yours has uploaded a new story that you should see.

It can be any profile or page belonging to friends, associates, businesses, or brands that you may have liked, added, or followed.


If I swipe past someone’s story on Facebook, will they be aware?

No, just swiping past your friend’s story on Facebook won’t be recorded as a view count. For your account to show up as a viewer on their story, you have to watch the video to the end.


Can someone who isn’t on my friend list view my stories?

Yes. If your privacy status is set to public, any Facebook user can view your story, even if they are not on your friend list.

However, for a private account, your stories will be restricted to your followers alone.


Can someone see if you viewed a Facebook post?

Anyone can see if you have seen a post on Facebook if you engage with it via like or comment. That’s the only way to know if someone has viewed a post.


Why am I seeing stranger stories on Facebook?

If you find people’s stories on your messenger and you don’t follow them or they are not on your friend list, it is possible that their story privacy status is “Friends of Friends” or “Public.”


Is there a way to see the time my story was viewed?

No, Facebook won’t reveal when users see or view your stories.


Why am I following someone on Facebook but not friends?

You may follow someone when you want to monitor their public activities without necessarily being on their friend list.

If the person you follow updates their post’s privacy status to limit its visibility, you might not be able to access their posts until they approve your requests.



In this article, we explore ways in which you can see who views your Facebook Story who are not friends.

We also analyzed steps involved in downloading and changing the privacy status of your Facebook Stories.


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