7 Best AI Writing Software Free & Paid (Write 10x Faster)

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Content creation is more difficult in the digital age. It is hard to find the time and energy to write content that can move the needle with so much competition. At this point, AI writing software becomes relevant.

There are many advantages to using AI writing assistant tools. They never get sick or go for coffee breaks.

AI Writing Software

In this article, we’ll look at some of the main features you can immediately benefit from when using writing software tools, as well as recommend which one is best suited to your needs.

Sound great? Let’s get started.

How Do AI Writing Software Work?

Artificial Intelligence is the combination of machine learning and natural language processing to create a neural network.

By examining multiple samples of human-written text and then letting it experiment on its own, the artificial intelligence will teach itself what makes for compelling reading.

I was able to write like a robot after practising for a long time. It took years of practice, but I now have an artificial intelligence writing robot that writes like a real human.


What is the Best AI Writing Software?

Having the best AI writing software in your repository as a blogger, content writer, marketer or author can save you 70% of your writing time. Below are the best AI writing tools that you should consider today:


1. Jasper.ai

I chose Jasper.ai as the best overall AI writing assistant because it has the most features and is the market leader.

With over 50 AI content generation templates to choose from, and continually adding new use cases, the team at Jasper.ai is sure to help you get the content you need to succeed.

=> Jasper.ai Free Trial: Claim 5-Days Exclusive Access [+ 10,000 Words Credit]


Jasper Ai Templates

  • Blog posts: They are a great way to start a new blog or to share an interesting story. If you have the time, you can even write entire blog posts from scratch with minimal inputs. You can also generate outlines for blog posts, intro and conclusion paragraphs, body text, and blog post ideas.
  • Email: Use this template to create an amazing email subject line, body text and personalized cold email message.
  • Marketing Copy: These include the AIDA framework, the PAS framework and the BAB framework, as well as a headline generator and subheadline generator.
  • Sentence Expander: You can use the sentence expander to make your writing sound more like someone else’s. You can improve your content by using the sentence expander to replace common words and phrases with synonyms. You can also use the sentence expander to generate new sentences and paragraphs.
  • Facebook Ad Generator: Headline, Description and Primary Text
  • Google Ad Generator: Includes headline and description for your ads.
  • Google My Business Listings: You can get a free business listing for your business with Google My Business. The free listing includes photos, location information, hours, directions, and a link to your website.
  • Amazon Listing and Product Description: Amazon product description and product features generators
  • YouTube Video Description: These are tools that help you write better video descriptions, video titles and video topics.
  • Meta Title and Meta Description Generators
  • Press Release: Create press release titles and introductions
  • Quora Answer: Question and Answer Generator

It’s possible to create entire phrases, paragraphs or documents based on your subject matter and tone of voice with the help of the artificial intelligence-powered tool called “Jasper”.

With mastery, you can create a 2,500-word blog post in less than 15 minutes. This how amazing Jasper is.

The content-creation space has a new game-changing player in the form of Jasper. The amount of time it takes to create content is greatly reduced.

Features of Jasper AI Writing Software

Below are the great features of Jasper that make it stand out from the competition:

  • Ability to generate complete blog posts with the Boss Mode AI
  • Long-form writing feature to generate 1000+ word articles
  • Multilingual: over 25 languages available to users
  • Have an SEO tool (Surfer SEO) integrated
  • Intuitive interface
  • Amazing customer support

=> Try Jasper for Free (Get 10,000+ bonus credit with this link).


Jasper Pricing

  • The starter is $29/month
  • Pro plan is $109/month
  • Boss mode is $119/month.

=> Get Started with Jasper for Free

Alternatives to Jasper AI Writing Software


2. ClosersCopy

Closerscopy is a copywriting software that helps you write with artificial intelligence.

It is one of the best AI writing tools out there that you can use to create SEO optimized blogpost and sales pages.

With a dedicated team who are readily available to help you succeed, you can be sure to maximize all of the features that Closercopy has got.

If you’re a content writer, blogger, Ghostwriter, author or agency, you should consider trying Closercopy.

=> Create Your ClosersCopy Today


Features of Closerscopy AI Writing Software

  • It has an amazing framework that allows you to create a full blog post with a single click
  • The longform features help users create over 1500+ word content
  • Rewrite, improve and expand features that add great value to your content
  • Great user experience
  • Able to invite and manage team members
  • Ready designed template for easy use
  • Amazing customer support team
  • Supports 120+ languages


Closercopy Pricing

  • Starter is $29.99/month
  • Professional is $49.99/month
  • Unlimited is $79.99/month

=> Get Started with ClosersCopy Today



3. Outranking.io

Outranking.io is an artificial intelligence tool that can be used for optimizing and analyzing content for better search engine results ranking.

It has a lot of features that can be used to research and find relevant keywords, phrases, and queries, as well as offer step-by-step directions for optimizing content based on users search

If you want to forecast your content’s performance, you may use Instant SEO Scoring. It is possible to develop and improve your content prior to publication.

If you want to improve your rankings, you can use outranking to determine how high you rank for any competitor searches and use the findings to make adjustments.

Outranking.io has a lot of capabilities, and I will go through each one in-depth to make sure you get the most out of this tool.

Outranking is an all-in-one software that delivers actionable insights and guidelines to assist anyone in creating SEO content and carrying our deep content research.

In order to increase organic traffic, it does research, produces, and improves its content. It is the ideal option for anyone who is looking to improve their rankings on the internet.


Features of Outranking.io AI Writing Software

  • Easy integration with other platforms including Grammarly, WordPress and Google Docs
  • Allows Team Management
  • Able to evaluate SEO score of your content
  • They provide writing and optimization instructions for users
  • Carryout SERP analysis
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Offers live chat support


Outranking.io Pricing

  • Base: $29/month
  • Yearly: $299/year

 => Get Started with Outranking.io for Free



4. Writesonic

You will be able to generate high-quality website copy and marketing text with just a few clicks thanks to Writesonic.

You can use this feature to create engaging product descriptions and marketing headlines.

In a matter of seconds, you can use it to make dozens of variations of the same ad on both Facebook and Google.

Features of Writesonic AI Writing Software

Below are the great features of Writesonic that make it stand out from the competition:

  • Ability to generate unique, quality content on any topic you can think of in a split of seconds
  • Create engaging content for digital advertising, landing pages, email, blog post, product description etc.
  • Built-in grammar checker
  • Ability to rephrase and expand content
  • Support over 24 languages.

=> Try Writesonic Today (get unlimited time free trial worth 10 credits).

Writesonic Pricing

  • Free Trial: $0
  • Basic: $15/month
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Startup: $95/month
  • Agency: $195/month

=> Get Unlimited Free Trial with Writesonic Today 


5. WordAi

Wordai uses Artificial Intelligence to rewrite original articles through word spinning.

While generating a different spin on the article, this software program understands what each sentence means as well as how words connect with each other, allowing it to retain the original meaning.

Features of WordAi Writing Software

  • Excellent AI article spinner.
  • The new content is indistinguishable from a human writer by being dynamically paraphrased
  • Produces quality and unique blog article titles
  • Automatically check and correct grammatical and spelling errors in the content
  • Ability to spin articles in bulk
  • Supports multiple languages including English, French, Spanish and Italian

=> Try WordAi (3-day free trial)

WordAi Pricing

  • Monthly plan: $57 per month
  • Yearly Plan: $27 per month (billed annually)


6. ProWritingAid

It is possible to avoid the pain of writing awkward sentences with the help of Pro Writing Aid.

While learning from your personal style will give you better and better results each time you use it, it also identifies unwanted elements in your text like redundant or vague language.

Features of ProWritingAid Writing Software

  • Ability to deliver 1000s of grammar, spelling and readability enhancement in real-time as you generate content free of errors
  • With the aid of its contextual thesaurus features enable you to find the right words for your content
  • Supports integration with other software such as MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, Final Draft etc
  • It has In-app suggestions, explainer videos, quizzes that help you build your writing skills
  • Displays readability, sentence variations with the help of its data visualization feature.

=> Try ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid Pricing

  • Monthly Subscription: $20 per month
  • Yearly Subscription: $79 ($6.58 a month, 67% saving)
  • Lifetime: $399 (One-time payment, Includes all updates)


7. Grammarly

It’s a good idea to use a tool to avoid the grammar errors that can happen.

If you’re looking for suggestions on how to improve the quality of your writing, you’ll find them in its advanced artificial intelligence-based grammar, spelling and punctuation checker.

A very handy feature when creating long-form content is the plagiarism checking tool that is offered by Grammarly.

To make sure every sentence flows smoothly before you publish it, you can easily integrate it with the most popular word processors as well as the website.

Features of Grammarly Writing Software

  • Its AI-enhanced grammar, punctuation and spelling checker
  • Supports integration with other software such as WordPress sites, Microsoft Word and Google Docs
  • Style and Tone checkers
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Readability metrics
  • Sentence structure and word usage suggestions

=> Try Grammarly


Grammarly Pricing

  • Free: $0
  • Premium: $12/month
  • Business: $12.5/member/month


Is AI-Based Writing Good for Content Creators?

With the help of AI-based writing, you can compose blog posts, ads, landing pages, marketing copy, product descriptions and other written work.

AI programs are not just used to write your articles, but they also have the ability to read, edit, and proofread what you write.

Therefore, they are a great tool for content creators of all skill levels.


Can Artificial Intelligence Really Write Original Content?

Artificial intelligence is capable of creating content that is indistinguishable from human-created content.

Artificial intelligence programs are trained to read large amounts of content written by humans and become experts in their field through high-speed repetitive learning.

Typically they leverage the neural network system to execute every task.


Our Final Thought – Best Ai Writing Software

To really appreciate the capabilities of AI writing assistants, go out and try them for yourself.

The majority of the above AI writing software offers either free trials or a money-back guarantee. You can test them out before you buy by using the free trial.

You can try the service for 7 days, and if you’re not satisfied with it, you’ll get your money back.

You can start with Jasper.ai or ClosersCopy to begin to generate unique content for your business or client.


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