100 Best Black Friday Instagram Caption

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This article revolves around the best Black Friday Instagram captions and ways to add them to your marketing campaign to drive customer attention and boost sales. 

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Black Friday Instagram Caption

After reading this content, you should have learned:

  • Black Friday Instagram captions, clever Black Friday quotes & Slogan and email subjects.
  • Strategies on how to effectively tailor them to get results for your business. 

Let’s explore effective Black Friday Instagram quotes for your Instagram captions.

This will give you lots of fun short texts to run your Instagram marketing campaign with. 

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Black Friday Quotes and Catchphrases

Black Friday is a yearly shopping festival where customers and bargain hunters enjoy mouthwatering deals, and sellers grow their sales.

It is not unusual to find shoppers pitching tents, queuing outside the store, or struggling for a $35 voucher. 

To eliminate the possibility of this happening, many customers have resorted to online shopping.

It is super convenient and hassle-free. 

As you explore these Black Friday quotes, you will realize that a few of them point to the hassles involved in offline shopping and encourage online shopping. 

As an eCommerce retailer, you can always leverage these quotes for your marketing campaign.

Add them to your Instagram caption on Black Friday to delight and grab the attention of prospective buyers. 


Black Friday Funny Quotes

  • “Whoever claimed that happiness cannot be bought with cash obviously had no idea where and how to shop.” (Derek Bo)
  • What do Holiday turkey and Black Friday customers have in common? They are conversant with what it feels like to be packed and rolled up.
  • “My workout is shopping around”
  • “I love to have my money in a clear view… draped in my closet (Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City).
  • Everything you want is always available. (Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic)
  • “I dislike last-minute shopping because it rarely succeeds” (Cat Deeley).
  • “I’ve gone through my entire life shopping and still cannot find anything to wear” (Sally Poplin).
  • “Yesterday, I was window shopping! I got four windows (Tommy Cooper).
  • “Treat yourself” (Tom and Donna, Parks and Recreation).
  • “Enjoyment does not come from money, but in shopping” (Marilyn Monroe).
  • “If shopping doesn’t bring you happiness, because you are in the wrong store.”
  • “If men did enjoy shopping, they would call it research” (Cynthia Nelms, Consumer Behavior: Women and Shopping).
  • “Cinderella is clear evidence that a fresh pair of heels can transform your life.”
  • “Hardly anything comes back to haunt us as much as things we fail to buy…”
  • “Sadness is for ordinary ladies. Pretty women go shopping (Oscar Wilde).
  • Although I could stop shopping, I don’t readily give up.
  • “Life is fragile. Buy new sneakers.”
  • “There aren’t that many stockings.”
  • “Grab this now! Tomorrow could be lost forever.”
  • “If you really like it. Buy it now.  Or else, somebody else will.”
  • “I deliberately slammed myself against the wall at home to mimic the Black Friday experience before placing an online order” (Kumail Nanjiani).
  • I love to make online purchases since they seem like gifts to me when they show up.
  • “Most enjoyable online experience? Shopping online. because it’s improper to enter a store wearing pajamas, no bra, and holding a glass of champagne.
  • “Let me take you shopping, and nobody will get hurt.”
  • “I love to shop. There’s always a little portion of magic found in buying new things” (Rebecca Bloom, Girl Anatomy: A Novel).
  • “You children better treasure the Xmas gifts your mum gave you since she had to do indescribable things on Black Friday to find them.”
  • “Let’s buy stuff online as we watch the BF casualty figures on the news.”
  • “I’m only an early afternoon person on Black Friday.”
  • Does hot coffee on a Black Friday morning taste better to you or is it just me?
  • “Ethical shopping may inspire people, transform lives, and have a stronger impact across the world” (Molly Stillman).


How to Use Black Friday Quotes as Instagram Captions

To make Black Friday quotes work as Instagram captions, you need a lot of creativity and clever thinking. 

Many quotes today have been overused and have lost their distinctiveness. And it may not be appealing enough. 

For instance, the popular quote “Keep Calm and Carry On” originated from a 1939 inspirational poster by the British Government.

Today, it has been widely imitated in popular culture; countless knock-offs, memes and reposts are littered online. 

Nowadays, the tagline “Keep calm and…” is now viewed as boring, uninteresting, cliché and uncool.

It would be nice to regard these Black Friday quotes as the bedrock of your campaign message.

While some may not be totally workable in their present state, you can always tailor them to form a meaningful communication tool to rally your prospective and existing customers. 

Let’s exemplify the point by using one of the quotes above — “My workout is shopping around.”

Pause and ponder about it for some time. What’s the best way to channel it into your marketing campaign?

What type of eCommerce store will get the best value from it?

What comes to mind is exercise, sports and recreation.

Likewise, the Black Friday Quote will be valuable for an online retailer that supplies exercise and fitness equipment. 

So the next course of action is to rewrite it. Perhaps something similar. 

Hello! Is shopping your best workout? Not true? Don’t stress about it. Many people seek real cardio. If you need gym wear, vitamin supplements or gear, then you have reached the perfect place! Enjoy a discount of 35% on the site with free delivery.

Now let’s look at great Black Friday phrases. 


Clever Black Friday Buzzwords and Catchphrases

Here are some Black Friday catchphrases & buzzwords:

  • “Black Friday clothing special offer. Buy 1 set, enjoy 50% OFF the moment!”
  • “Black Friday exciting deals inside! starts @ -25%!
  • “[store name] awesome Black Friday discount. Grab them today!
  • “Rush now! [store or brand name] exciting discount that starts at -15%!”
  • “Enjoy the thrill of Black Friday. Enjoy 40% off the WHOLE Collection!
  • “Super Black Fri-yay! Enjoy great offers and more.
  • “TGI(Black)F! Browse for [items] at the lowest prices. Plus Free Shipping!
  • “Get our top quality suitcases at a 28% discount. Just valid for today.”
  • “Black Friday discount—20% OFF ALL STOCK ’til 10:00 p.m.!”
  • “45% Off Black Friday Special offer + FREE Delivery.”
  • “Black Friday Notification! The discounts you’ve been hoping for are now live.
  • “The Black Friday SALE has started. Save 70% or more.
  • “Black Friday Offer—ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩—Gotta grab them all.”
  • “Are you willing to get our pre-Black Friday promo?”
  • “Black Friday is simply the best version of Friday.”
  • “Don’t get trapped in an offline Black Friday queue. Browse our free delivery and discounts.
  • “No worry, no big packs. Get  your Black Friday goodies with us.”
  • “Black Friday special offers… Your sweetest part of Christmas time will soon start!”
  • “Not a Black Friday special sale? Browse  our stuff from the warmth of your home.”
  • “Black Friday promo begins today.”
  • “38% off all products.* Happy Holidays!”
  • “Roses are red, violets are blue, if you’re searching for jewelry, we’ve got an exciting promo for you.”
  • “Why pay the complete cost when every item is available at cheaper rates?”
  • “Black Friday discount for anyone who really likes [product you sell].”
  • “Buy today ‘s product before the offer expires.”
  • “? Black Friday Notification ?. All our products are 35% OFF.
  • “After Smoked Turkey, it’s time to scoop up this special discount!”
  • “Black Friday troops… prepare for the Saturday sale…”
  • “Hate being stampeded by the clearance items? We understand. Quickly browse our website and start saving 35% when you check out.
  • “35% off & Free Shipping— We are doing this because of Black Friday ”
  • “Divine Black Friday! Is it just me or are all products cheap !?…”
  • “Father Christmas couldn’t meet everyone. Today he satisfies children’s and grown-ups’ desires at our retail shop.”
  • “Customer, please respond  ? ! This week brings discounts! At the checkout, use “BFPP” to enjoy 34% discounts.
  • “Show Gratitude (and enjoy an added 30% Discount!)”
  • “Yes, the goodies are finally here: Our latest supplies and biggest Black Friday special offers!”
  • “Been kinky or not, grab your early Holiday gifts with our Black Friday deals.”
  • “Searching for the right start to the Holiday season?  Grab your gifts today and enjoy 57% off!
  • “The biggest Black Friday deals for now. Enjoy your super selections while discounts are still on.
  • “Explore our Black Friday offers. There is still a lot of time… A wonderful Weekend…”
  • “Anything you’re going to buy now will be 35% more expensive tomorrow. So act fast and grab the hottest discounts immediately!
  • “Can’t wait until Xmas to start receiving a few souvenirs? Grab our Black Friday discount today to pamper yourself.
  • “We genuinely think that giving brings everyone joy. Thus, we are giving away FREE delivery on all of our [brand] items and 40% off the whole selection. 
  • “Don’t ignore this amazing offer. Explore our massive discount offer on [product name/category]!”
  • “55% Off!? Plus Free Delivery? Only on  Black Friday!”
  • “The Doorbusters Season is nearing its end. Get your discounts while they’re still available.
  • “Friday only marks the start… Christmas Sales bring in new goodies and discounts.

These catchphrases are a great motivational source for generating awesome messages for your sales campaign.

Similar to quotes, you can utilize them for your Black Friday Instagram captions.

An interesting thing is that you can use these Black Friday quotes, catchphrases or buzzwords interchangeably. The main objective of Black Friday phrases is to capture the attention of shoppers.


How to Use Black Friday Phrases as Instagram Captions

Let’s analyze the structure of Black Friday phrases. 

Studies have shown that eleven terms are highly popular during the Black Friday shopping event. They imply or make reference to the idea of “saving” and “Bargain”.

They include:

  • “Discounts”
  • “Black Friday”
  • “Buy”
  • “Low cost”
  • “Free”
  • “Special Offer”
  • “Price Slash”
  • “Today”
  • “This instant”
  • “Free Shipping”
  • “Grab”


Memorable Black Friday Instagram Caption

  • “Early Black Friday Sale Begins Today. Get  Discounts of 70% or more.
  • Black Friday Kickoff Festival: Buy Much and Save More!
  • “Wild Black Friday sale is available. Greetings from the store!”
  • “5 days Black Friday and enjoy a price slash of 20-80%!”
  • Black Friday Cyber Monday officially begins today: 35% discount on products from the entire website!
  • “45% Discount. Plus free delivery. Starts Today.
  • SALE BEGINS NOW! 50% Off!”
  • Looking for a Massive sale? Visit our store today. 
  • “Discover the perfect Black Friday offers at [store name].”
  • “SUPER price cuts will soon end. Buy now.
  • “Prepared for a Black Friday Bonanza.  Massive savings in our store.
  • “Like to grab special discounts this year?”
  • “All or nothing… Ready?”
  • “Pssst! This Black Friday, enter and enjoy 42% discount.
  • “You won’t discover bigger discounts elsewhere…”
  • “Close to the end! 40% savings, act fast!
  • “3-2-1… The Black Friday discount is now available! 55 % OFF.”
  • “Our entire collection is nearly sold out. Enjoy your special discounts right away!


Strategies on How to use Instagram Captions for your Marketing Campaign

Below are some of the best strategies on how to use Instagram caption marketing campaigns purposes.


Provide More Context to Your Audience

While a picture is equivalent to 1,000 words, there is still a need to use captions to provide context or insight.

Particularly if the visual content you are posting on your Instagram page is a branded one, you will have to use some captions to give an explanation of the idea you wish to express. 

Essentially, your caption has to:

  • Give more information about the photo you shared on your page. 
  • Add a call to action. 
  • Highlight the relevance of the picture. 

But essentially, it has to be done in a manner that is straightforward and concise. 


Be Sure to Keep Your Captions Short and to the Point

Instagram captions have a limit of over 2,000 characters. This can be around 300 to 500 words. But there is no need for your caption to be that lengthy. 

Lengthier captions can intimidate your readers.

This is why we recommend shorter captions as they will help your followers grasp your marketing message, including the CTA. 

Furthermore, as we have seen in the example above, short captions are simpler to write and fun to read. 


Add Hashtags, Emojis & Slang 

Don’t hesitate to communicate with your followers in the language they understand.

Instagram is a lively social media site; always consider this when using it for marketing purposes.

So add emojis, acronyms (AFAIK, AMA, BAE, FTW) and don’t forget to include Instagram hashtags. 


Improve Engagement

Whenever a follower “likes” your picture, it could be that he finds the picture appealing or nice.

But as a business, you want more than just an admiration for the content, you want an action either in form of a purchase or signup.

To achieve this, you will need audience engagement. 

You can improve your engagement by replying to comments, creatively using captions, posing fun questions or quizzes, uploading video content and leveraging analytics and metrics to add value to your overall marketing strategy. 


Instagram Black Friday Caption FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions on Instagram Black Friday quotes and captions.


How can I create a great Instagram caption?

  • Always add a call to action or include a question. 
  • Ensure your captions add value to your followers.
  • Humanize your captions. 
  • Add emojis, acronyms and hashtags.
  • Keep your captions brief and simple. 


How do I promote my brand on Instagram?

  • Ensure your profile picture is of great quality. 
  • Write a professional Instagram bio
  • Always pay attention to audience engagement 
  • Generate an appealing copy or caption.
  • Upload interesting visual content. 




In this article, we explored over 100 Best Black Friday Instagram captions.

Black Friday is the busiest shopping festival in the United States and across the world. It is a season when online stores will compete for customers’ attention. 

The best strategy to create awareness for your products and services is through a blend of pictures and words.

This draws your customers’ attention to the value of your offers and nudges them to take action. 


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