Can People See Your Favorites on TikTok?

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The favorite feature is one of the newest introduced by TikTok recently.

However, people can see your favorite folder on TikTok because it is a public feature.

Can People See Your Favorites on TikTok

An effective way to hide your favorites from people is to set your account to “private,” thus limiting access to only those who are on your follow list.

One of the biggest benefits of the favorite feature is that it categorizes the video you like, keeping it apart from other videos.

This simplifies the process of finding the video you seek. It also saves you time because if you have saved lots of video clips, it might be difficult to sort them manually.

Let’s do an in-depth analysis of whether others can find your favorite videos on TikTok.


Are TikTok Favorites Private?

Yes. Your favorite videos on the platform are only viewable by you. This means they are private.

The default setup is when your favorite video is set to “private,” limiting access to other users.

It is virtually impossible to update your privacy options to allow people to access your saved videos on TikTok.

This implies that they will forever be private and hidden from others.

In every way possible, your favorite videos will be yours alone to explore.

Anytime you hit the “add to my favorite” option after watching an interesting video you enjoy, other users won’t know you have saved it.


Are TikTok Collections Private?

Yes, the collections in the favorite folder can’t be accessed by other users but you alone.

It is a private feature, meaning others can’t have a look at it.

The default setup is TikTok hides your collections from other users, so they remain only accessible to you.

Your collections can’t even be updated to “public” even if you wish for others to access them.

This is due to the fact that TikTok is now taking privacy seriously.

When you save a video in the collections folder, other users won’t be able to access it.

Thus, feel free to add as many videos as you like to the folder.


How can I See my Favorites on TikTok?

If you want to access your video in the Favorite folder, you have to navigate to your TikTok profile and next select the bookmark icon (shaped like a rectangle) beside the “Edit profile” button to finalize the process.

You will be directed to your Favorites section after you have selected the bookmark option in the app’s interface.

Then, you can access all your favorite videos that you may have saved when viewing them via FYP or the “Following page.”

This favorite category is not visible to other people, even when they browse your profile page.

It is accessible to you. Whenever they access your profile page, they will only find the Follow or the Following option.

However, they won’t see the “favourite category” to access your saved TikTok videos.


Why is the Favorite feature important on TikTok?

The Favorite feature is super important for tailoring your TikTok experience.

Whenever you see a video that entertains you or makes you laugh, TikTok will try to recommend similar content that you may like.

However, you may be apprehensive that others may find your TikTok favorite videos, particularly if it seems inappropriate for other users to watch.


How to Hide Favorites on TikTok

If you wish to hide your favorite TikTok videos, you can set your account to “private,” particularly if you are scared that people will see it.

Although TikTok videos are only viewable to you, you can implement strategies that will further bolster your favorite video’s privacy.

While there is no “official” method to do this, we will show you ways to keep them concealed indirectly.


Set Your Account to Private

To update the privacy of your account, do the following:

  • Select Profile in the lower right.
  • Select the hamburger icon (3-line button) in the upper right.
  • Select Settings and Privacy.
  • Navigate to privacy.
  • Toggle the Private Account option on or off.


Remove Videos From Favourites

An effective method of hiding your TikTok favorite videos is by removing them.

If you are afraid that your account may have been breached and someone might have found your favorite video, or you are concerned that someone close to you may have accessed your videos and watched them, just hit the “remove” button to delete the video from the folder.

Here’s how to do this.

Navigate to the favorite videos section by heading to your TikTok profile page and selecting the bookmark icon beside the “Edit profile” button to finalize the process.

Next, select All Favorites, which should lead you to your favorite videos. At this stage, select the share option, and tap Remove from favorites.


Add Videos To A Collection You Don’t Think They’d Click On

If you want to prevent people from seeing your favorite videos, an easy thing to do is to save them in a collection that you believe no one will bother to check or access.

It is very easy to do this.

Access your TikTok profile and select the rectangle bookmark option beside the “Edit profile” button to finalize the process.

Now, select “Add New Collection” and insert a name for the collection. Tap the videos you wish to save in this collection and select Done.

The videos you have saved will be part of the new collection, and if it has a boring name that won’t intrigue people to click on or if you set up other collections and move this one to the end, people will less likely to select it.


Is there an official way to hide Favorite videos?

As we have stated earlier, there is no official way to keep your favorite videos hidden.

By default, your TikTok favorite videos are private, so they can only be viewable to you anyways.

Thus, there’s absolutely no need to hide them since they have restricted access by virtue of being private.

Just leave it the way it is, and no one will be able to access your favorites.


Can Someone See If You Favorited Their TikTok

No, it is not possible for someone to know that you have added their video to your favorite collection.

So TikTok won’t notify the video’s creator that you have favorited it.

This is primarily to safeguard the privacy of users, as sharing information about anyone’s favorite video with third parties is regarded as a “privacy breach.”

As mentioned earlier, TikTok won’t send notifications to anyone if you save their video to your collections and vice versa.

So, you can go ahead and favorite as many videos as you want without worrying about others finding out. TikTok takes privacy very seriously and will try to prevent people from knowing whether anyone has favorited their content.

If this weren’t the case, it would have caused a lot of discomfort within the TikTok space, and users wouldn’t feel at ease knowing that others are being notified about their preferences and activities.


Can I make my TikTok Favorites private?

No, there’s no official method to set your favorite videos to private.

They are already private by default, implying that no one else will be able to access your favorite videos on TikTok.

Thus, it would be superfluous to put in place measures that would bolster their privacy as they are only accessible to you alone.

However, if you wish to update your account privacy, you can set it to private.

To do this, select the profile button on the lower right.

Select the 3-line (hamburger icon) in the upper right, select Settings and Privacy, navigate to privacy and toggle off the privacy option.


Can People See Your Favorites on TikTok FAQs


Can other users see my saved TikToks?

No, they can neither see nor access it. They won’t even be notified even if you save their video.

However, TikTok can provide you with information about the number of times your videos have been saved.

The identity of the person who has saved your video won’t be made available.


Can you see on TikTok who saved your video?

No, TikTok won’t let you see the users who saved your content.


What’s the favorite feature on TikTok?

TikTok’s favorite feature allows you to save the content you enjoy and simply access it whenever you need to watch it again.

It is among the most popular features on the platform.




TikTok is one of the biggest social media channels for watching content that aligns with your interests and preferences.

With TikTok, you can easily create and upload content for other users who will either “like” or add videos to your favorite collection.

However, some users prefer to keep some sections of their profiles hidden from others.

This is why TikTok has launched tools to ensure you can limit access to certain sections of your profile, keeping them away from the eyes of your friends and other users.

Now, in this article, we have answered the question: “can people see your favorites on tiktok?” amongst others.


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