Clubhouse Marketing: How Businesses Can Benefit From it

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 07:36 pm

You can fire up your business’ web visibility, engagements, and conversions with the Clubhouse marketing tactics.

And here’s how…

Clubhouse marketing

Quality conversations can magnetize powerful benefits to your business’ marketing campaigns. We are now in the age of awareness. People are desperate to leverage the right pieces of information.

And that’s why we have Clubhouse.

Product managers of Neil Patel, Google, Hubspot, SpaceX, and several other brands are leveraging the power of the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse is the next bang in marketing – and you shouldn’t get there late. One of the reasons folk can die to get into some Clubhouse spaces is that there is always maximal delivery of actionable value.

You know, it’s interesting when you get to listen to those topping the game of your industry; how they run their programs to generate massive revenue and every necessary detail you might be looking for.

Having said that, we would be honest and tell you that Clubhouse marketing is not a joke or something you can just wake up and organize ad hoc.

If you don’t approach Clubhouse marketing the right way, you’ll only be wondering what those acing it—making millions of dollars—are doing, and you might dabble into trial and error.

But could you please give a bright lovely smile? We will walk you through it.

That’s the reason for this post. We are here to give you the best and most practical approach to Clubhouse marketing; and how your business can benefit from it.

The first step to get started is to download the Clubhouse App and sign up.


What Exactly is Clubhouse?

This question might sound ridiculous to those who are already familiar with or have even used the Clubhouse several times, but we need to explain it to those who have little idea of what it is all about.

This is necessary so we all can be on the same page.

Clubhouse, established in March last year, is a mobile app that is only available for iPhone users. The founders created it to facilitate and make discussion easier among different people.

It is audio software. So you will see the faces of neither the participants nor the panelists. However, everyone always puts their pictures on their AVI. 

In other words, just see Clubhouse as a Twitter Space or podcast for iPhone users.

You can also see it as an audio-only panel session or roundtable discussion.

Now, it’s important to note: the fact that you have an iPhone doesn’t mean you can join any Clubhouse room. Someone from the room has to invite you via a link – that was to ensure privacy.

Moreover, folks have always been jumping on Clubhouse sessions because it can only be Live – you cannot record it. Thus, anybody who missed a session has missed it for life.

Now that you know what Clubhouse is all about, shall we examine how the marketing department of your business can leverage it?

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A Few Things to Know About Clubhouse Before You Start

Now that you have downloaded the Clubhouse app on your iPhone, there are a few things you’ll need to note.

First, you’ll need to set up your profile. Here, you’ll need to work on your bio. Your bio is so important for people to know what you do and your place of expertise.

In our opinion, you don’t need to write something lengthy. Just make sure that it’s punchy and straight to the point.

Secondly, you will have to customize your feed. When you just open your new Clubhouse app, you’ll see some rooms in the hallway. These rooms are not the usual invite-only rooms.

You can join the ones that pick your interest. If you major in Artificial Intelligence and you’re following room pharmacology, you might soon get disinterested in the whole app.

Therefore, customizing your Timeline to your personality and business is a stepping stone to getting started on the Clubhouse.

One more thing before we dive into the core of our discussion:

Don’t be salesy in Clubhouse rooms, the admins might have to kick you out. Instead, go with the mindset of creating value and contributing brilliant views.

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5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Clubhouse

You might have read everything above and ask, “What are the realistic ways I can use the Clubhouse to market my business?”

That is the purpose of this content. Here are a few of those ways:

Clubhouse room

1. Gain Insights About Contemporary Problems

What technical problem are you facing in any of your teams? You can create a Clubhouse room to address that concern.

Invite experts to brainstorm. They always say that a problem shared is a problem solved.

Gather experts to share their brains with everyone.

Most times, everyone is facing that novel problem but no one wants to make the first move. It’s a plus to your marketing strategy if you can bring people together to discuss such.

First, your business will gain more clarity on whatever has been giving you problems or where you have not put in the best. Sometimes, these insights can save you months or abortive in-house sleepless nights.

Secondly, you have become a source of clarity to others. This is quite necessary if you are thinking of becoming an authority in your niche.

Grant Cardon Dashboard

For instance, Grant Cardone organized a Clubhouse room, at a time, where he shared actionable steps to 10x your business, income, and life.

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2. Expand Your Network

The cliché that your network is your net worth is true. The Clubhouse is such an amazing ground for you to spread the wings of your network.

A single Clubhouse room can make you come across those who will turn your career around.

One thing is sure: experts are always the panelists in Clubhouse rooms.


Robert Kiyosaki Clubhouse

Robert Kiyosaki Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad organized a Clubhouse room on “How we generated up to $100M in business on Clubhouse in less than 6 months”.

He also invited top industry stakeholders and experts.

Anyone in that room has an opportunity to meet these stakeholders. If you have been looking for a mentor or mentee, explore Clubhouse marketing.

As a business, you need Clubhouse marketing to expand your reach and make more B2B partners who would be helpful to your ventures.

Who knows, you might also meet great investors. That always happens in startup Clubhouse rooms.

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3. Branding and Industrial Authority

The way you brand your business is a determinant of how far your marketing outreaches will be successful. And one of the ingredients for that end is gaining industrial authority.

Why do folks in the cryptocurrency industry always listen to Ivan on Tech, Elon Musk, and Hardcore Crypto?

The answer is simple: these people have built industrial authority. Their names ring bells and their opinions are worth millions of dollars.

That is what authority can do to your business. But it can only happen through efficient branding.

Paystack has been heralding a few Clubhouse sessions. Little by little, it has been enhancing its branding and stakeholders have been regarding them as an authority in the Nigerian FinTech space.

Surfer SEO, Jeff Bulas, Neil Patel, and Hubspot are not left behind. They organized mind-blowing SEO sessions a few months ago and these have made everyone see them as the top gamers.

The more your business creates groundbreaking Clubhouse sessions, the more you will grow your authority in the industry.

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4. Pitch or Sell Your Products

If you’re a blossoming startup seeking opportunities to exit, you should be on the lookout for Clubhouse sessions.

The reason is simple: there are a lot of potential investors in Clubhouse rooms.

However, please don’t come to rooms with an excessive urge to pitch. That’s not the right mindset.

When you come to Clubhouse rooms, you should be ready to dish value and address the subject matter in such an impressive way. That’s how to magnetize attention.

Clubhouse session

Having said that, you can proceed to present your product or startup and how investing in it will be the wisest decision any investor at that time can ever make.

On the other hand, Clubhouse sessions are a way to sell your service and grow your following on Clubhouse. There were a lot of Clubhouse sessions with some Nigerian Merger & Acquisition lawyers and some of them confessed that it generated a lot of clients for them.

At the moment, any business that is not active in the Clubhouse is missing out on some million dollars.

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5. Getting Feedback For Your Products

You won’t know what you’re doing well or wrongly if you only keep producing without getting replies from your customers.

As an intelligent business owner, you can use Clubhouse to gather feedback for your services or products.

Mind you, it’s quite improper to just open a room titled “Product Feedback of XYZ” and you’ll expect people to leave whatever they’re doing and join.

No, it doesn’t work that way.

First, you’ll have to couch a punchy topic around what your product is solving; then share the invite link with your customers.

During the conversation, you can chip in and ask them what they feel about your product concerning the mentioned problems.

Their responses will become your data.

With that honest data, your product team can go back to the drawing board and come back with more user-centric products.

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Sales are dynamic and tactical, that’s the reason you need to leverage the modern ways to market your products and services. One of those ways is the Clubhouse.

At present, the Clubhouse boasts more than 10 million weekly active users. Mind you, an average user of the Clubhouse has $1k and above – that type of audience can afford whatever you’re selling.

Your business can generate high-paying clients or customers from Clubhouse sessions.

Bringing together the best brains in your industry gives you the most brilliant perspectives on contemporary issues. Little by little, you’ll also be an authority to reckon with.

That’s the more reason you should be the front-liners of big Clubhouse rooms. 

With everything we have discussed, can you see that now is the best time for your business to take advantage of Clubhouse marketing?

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