The 15 Best Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 06:07 pm

Effective online marketing and sales strategies can increase business revenue. According to Oberlo, more than 63% of purchases happen online. Meaning that the online marketplace is where the larger percentage of people are looking for you.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of businesses online that are not generating results. Although they are online, they are not making maximal sales.

online marketing

So where is the missing point? It’s simple – online marketing and sales strategy.

Having an online marketing strategy for your business positions you ahead of the competition. It makes your business easily found online by customers.

Also, it is the best way to build trust and credibility with prospective customers. 

Perhaps you are here because you are looking for result-driven strategies to multiply your sales, you are in the right place. We will show you practical online marketing strategies to increase your sales revenue.

The strategies here are not some weak, random, or generic things you will see online. We, at Primegate Digital, have implemented a lot of these strategies and they have worked for us.

They have boosted our clientele and sales.

This content will be an exhaustive and holistic guide. We will show you what works and what doesn’t. By the time you have read this, you would have learned actionable out-of-the-box steps to skyrocket your sales.

Are you ready to know the 15 best online marketing strategies to increase sales revenue? Let’s get into it.


Top Best 15 Online Marketing Strategies That Actually Works


1. Cold Mails

This is an efficient marketing strategy that works for big businesses like Lead Pal and Birchbox. Cold emails are the main secret that most people are not aware of.

It is a stellar avenue to pitch a potential investor, wholesale buyer, or high-paying client. It has a conversion rate of 15%-25%.

You might want to ask, “What does cold mail mean?” These emails are unsolicited mail that you send to someone you didn’t know from Adam. The essence of it is to sell yourself fast and sharp.

You need to carry out recipient research before you send a cold email because you’ll need that in the first line of your mail; to familiarize yourself. Checking your recipient’s LinkedIn feed is a great place to draw inspiration.

Here is a brief overview of how to write a cold mail:

  • Enter an email subject that encapsulates your desire
  • Write a personalized first-line
  • Go strength to your point
  • Enumerate why the recipient should work with you now
  • Put an irresistible CTA

Bear in mind that an ideal cold mail shouldn’t be beyond 105 words.

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2. Give Freebies

Freebies are your products, digital or physical, that you give to people without charging a dime. More like what Santa does, but this is now for marketing.

Psychologists have confirmed that an average human being likes free things; no matter how rich they may be. Or would you reject a free buck of dollars too?

Experienced online marketers know that you shouldn’t be salesy every time. Giving people a free bite of what you do will leave them with an amazing experience that they will want to enjoy again – and there you make your money.

Freebies are the typical example of, “what goes around comes around.”

A good case study to solidify that is the popular American multinational company – Procter and Gamble. P&G has been in business for more than 180 years now, and one of its top powerful online marketing strategies is giving freebies. Now the company is worth $13 billion as of last year!

Could you now see that giving freebies is a strategy to increase sales revenue?

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online marketing with personalized experience

3. Personalize Your Clients’ Experiences

The reason most online marketers won’t sell is that they are using a one-size-fits-all approach for all their customers; which is wrong. Everyone loves it when you give them special attention.

These little things matter in online marketing. Studies showed that 91% of online shoppers buy from brands that give them specific offers and customized attention.

However, one problem that digital marketers face is a legal way to garner behavioral data from their target audience as the GDPR is strictly against the unscrupulous use of data.

But that is not a problem since 70% of millennials are willing to give their market behavioral data so far it will help their online shopping experiences.

Here are a few ways you can implement customer experience personalization:

  • Referring to the customer by name
  • A thoughtful handwritten note along with deliveries
  • Personalized birthday wishes
  • Sending weekly reports as Grammarly does

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4. Give An Option For Refund

There are a lot of sad delivery stories on social media; especially how people will other for something and get another one entirely. Similarly, buyers had shown displeasure about how some online marketers are no longer responsive when their goods are not up to expectation.

In that regard, the online sales and marketing strategy that most companies use is the refund option. It gives people security; they will feel safer shopping with your business.

According to our survey at Primegate Digital, 7 out of 10 average online buyers have the possibility of proceeding to buy your product or engage in your service if you promise a refund.

This online marketing strategy has generated huge sales revenue for AliExpress; a company worth $300 billion. 

Similarly, the popular 29-year-old Course Strategist called Abdul-Qawiyy Hammed uses this approach with a lot of his clients whom he promised to give $1500 if they consider consulting him a waste of time. Currently, he is worth more than $1M.


5. Testimonials and Reviews

Customer satisfaction is key to the development of every online business. Hence, you should always garner the reviews of your customers. Their words are powerful. To date, testimonials and reviews are sound online marketing strategies that increase sales revenue.

Vendasta carried out a marketing survey about what buyers feel about testimonials, where 88% of online buyers confessed that testimonials influence their purchasing decisions.

People don’t want to play by chance. An average human being wants to see a solid proof before engaging an online marketer. These proofs become more trusted when it is from diverse backgrounds.

We recommend that you put these reviews, testimonials, and recommendations on the landing page of your website. 7 out of 10 people who see that will likely proceed to buy what you offer.

However, the mischief that some online marketers make is to fabricate or pay people to lie and give them excellent reviews. Customers are not dumb, they know paid reviews when they see one; and they won’t buy.

So honesty is germane here. Let the quality of your product or service speak for itself.

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6. Engage Affiliate Marketers

Are you an online marketer looking for how to increase sales growth within a short period? You should consider engaging affiliate marketers as one of your online marketing strategies.

This is the way it works: Affiliate marketers are people who recommend products to others and get paid for them. Now, this is safer for you because you won’t pay affiliates when they drive people to your website; you only pay them when they convert.

If you also like to sell while you sleep, please engage affiliate marketers. They will run every necessary promotion and ad, all you have to do is to sit back and wait for results.

Isn’t that interesting?

This out-of-the-box marketing strategy is the backbone of various businesses like Nairabet and Palmpay.

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Influencer online and sales marketing strategies

7. Have Ambassadors In Strategic Places

A cryptocurrency app, Binance, penetrated the whole of Africa within a year and remains the most used crypto app to date! One of their core marketing strategies was having Ambassadors.

They had regional ambassadors. Not only that but there were also regional ambassadors on various esteemed Campuses. 

The work of these ambassadors is to use their influence, as iconic personalities, to make Binance popular. They hit the grassroots that even a young boy on the street would know Binance.

At present, Binance is worth $1.9 billion. This striking marketing strategy is what every online marketer should emulate and implement.


8. Referral Programs

Although this sounds cliché, referrals are still working wonders in the digital marketing industry; generating huge dollars!

This looks like affiliate marketing, but they have fundamental differences. Would you care to know?

Affiliates are outsiders whose main aim is to drive converting traffic and collect their pay. Whereas in referral programs, the users of your product refer those around them through a link or code; and they get fixed commissions as well.

If you want to triple your sales or make your business generate 7-figures, then you should be serious with referral programs. 

According to Forbes, 60% of top online marketers admit that referrals are their second-highest source of lead generation. People believe a product is better when someone around them recommends it. That will build your goodwill and patronage.


9. Run PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click campaigns remain one of the best online marketing strategies for increasing sales revenue. It is an inorganic ranking on search engines.

Pay-per-click ads that you see when you search for something online before it brings organic search results.

All you need to do is to niche down to some specific SEO keywords that you want people to contact you for with the Google Keyword Planner, and caption it with an irresistible copy.

According to Small Biz Genius, you get $2 for every $1 you invest into PPC; 200% ROI! No wonder an established gig startup like Fiverr would keep running PPC day-in-day-out.


10. Social Media Marketing

The secret of marketing is constant visibility. The more your target audience sees you, the more they’ll remember to buy from you or hire you.

Nowadays, the truth is that we all spend a sizable time scrolling Twitter, IG, or Tiktok. Social media platforms are such a lucrative ground to always interact with your customers.

When you are consistent with dishing out valuable content, you will skyrocket your sales growth as fast as possible. If you can’t find time to do this as a founder, hire an expert social media manager to help you; and you can get them here at Primegate Digital.

These marketing strategies have worked for big startups like Eden Life and Kuda Bank.


11. Email Marketing

Customer retention is one of the crucial aspects of marketing. And a beautiful way to endure that is through email. 

Email marketing is its strongest strategy of Cowrywise. In case you wonder why they pump a heavy amount of dollars into it, for every $1 they spend on email, they generate $38 back. That’s 3800% ROI!

Having said that, the results showed that email marketing generates more ROI than the combination of Twitter and Facebook marketing. Isn’t that shocking?

Whatever you offer to the digital community, having a creative and result-driven email marketing department will boost your sales revenue.

Start collecting the emails of your clients or customers. However, please make sure that you’re not salesy in your email content. Let value and empathy take 85%, while selling takes 15%. 

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customer support sales strategies

12. Efficient And Ethical Customer Support

Customers or clients only want what will ease them. If your product or service frustrates them, then they might have to wave goodbye; and not buy from you again.

Customers want someone they can run to if they need any clarification, and the response must be sharp. Hence, this makes it one of the most effective online marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

Imagine a Food startup where a customer didn’t receive his/her order between the agreed hours. If he tries to call support and it’s not efficient, he will show his displeasure on social media. That will damage your goodwill and, in the long run, discourage people from buying from you.

Therefore, you must put efficient customer support in place if you want to increase your online sales growth. Quite a lot of businesses have gone behind the stage because of this simple hack.


13. Run Targeted Ads

Ads are the heart of every online business. The more you run ads, the more your ROI is likely to keep increasing. Especially if you make targeted ad campaigns.

Targeted ads have more possibility of bringing more accurate customers than any other ad. It is specific and direct. 

Whatever online business you’re into, an efficient targeted ad will land you right in front of your customers who are willing to buy; that’s a multi-million online sales strategy.

For ads like this, you’ll need the behavioral data in the cookies of your customers to help. Not only that, setting accurate demographic data will help you to be more precise.

These ads will pop up on Facebook, YouTube, IG, and everywhere else that people will see them. This is the online marketing hack of BetNaija.


14. Content Marketing

Content is still king. In this regard, we mean Blog Content. One of the best online marketing strategies to increase your sales revenue is to have a functioning blog and website.

A website will address everything an average lead needs to know about your business; brand story, team members, FAQ, et cetera.

Moreover, having an SEO-optimized blog on your website will help you address your customers’ search intent and posit you as an authority.

Most small businesses couldn’t close some breathtaking deals because they have no web presence. 30% of people like to work with businesses that have websites.

Therefore, we recommend that you pump enough funds into your content marketing bad much as you can. If you need help, feel free to reach out to us; we have an efficient team.

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15. Your Product or Service Should Be The Best

You cannot build a castle in the air and expect it to stand. This is, by far, the last and most crucial marketing strategy that will determine whether or not you will sell well.

Are your services well-branded and bespoke? Are your goods first among equals?

The core of online marketing is knowing your onions and the technical aspects of your craft. If you have done your homework well, then it will be easier to market and increase your online sales revenue.

On this note, you’ll need to always be abreast of industry trends. We recommend also that you keep making research, or any way you’ll keep improving, as that would help the quality of what you offer.



Success in the present-day online marketing ecosystem is not by chance. It is dependent on how much a business is aware of excellent strategies that generate results.

As we have discussed so far in this content, there you have the best 15 online marketing strategies to increase your sales revenue and scale up to the next phase.

If you implement the strategies above, we are sure that your online sales will grow more than ten times faster.

However, there are a lot of administrative activities you’ll be engaged in as a founder or a big shareholder, and that might not give you the luxury of time to personally implement these strategies. Moreso, they all have technical fickle that might warrant an expert to handle them.

In that regard, reach out to us at Prime Gate Digital today and watch how our team will take the wheel of digital marketing to drive your business into global dominance.

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