Top 21 Best Content Writing Tools To Create Better Content

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 07:37 pm

The best content writing tool for a content writer is what sandpaper is to a carpenter. 

Content Writing tools can be very effective for streamlining and optimizing your content creation efforts.

Best Content Writing Tools

Today, people surf the internet to consume content that is unique, and entertaining, tells a story, solves a problem, and inspires experiences.

Hence, brands, bloggers, marketers and content writers are consistently investing efforts in creating valuable content that the readers are happy to consume.

And to present the best version of your content, you need the right content writing tools.

Content writing tools are software and platform designed to help to improve content creation processes.

These tools not only save you time but also enhance your content for a better search engine ranking.

With these content writing tools, you can easily become a better content writer. 

The best part of it is that most of these content writing tools are free to use. You don’t need thousands of dollars to have access to them.

In this article, we will be sharing the best content writing tools that we have used over the years to create valuable content that rank on page #1 of Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Let’s take a deeper dive.


Who Needs Content Writing Tools?

Content writing tools are for:

  • Business owners
  • Content writers
  • Blogger
  • Copywriters
  • Online Marketers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Researchers
  • Editors
  • Students

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Why do You Need Content Writing Tools?

Below are the reasons that you need content writing tools as a writer.


1. Time-Saving

Content writing tools help you maximize the proper and efficient use of the time factor. You should not be spending so much time anymore on content creation after this reading. This is because you would be equipped with the right tools to be effective and fast at it. 

2. Increase in Readability

You might have no idea how hard it is for your audience to read or understand the message you are trying to pass via your content. But with these tools, you can detect readability statistics that will help show you how your audience might view your paragraphs. 


3. New Content Ideas

You can always run out of ideas temporarily. But with these tools, you can have a system in place that will always fetch you new content ideas to create better content. 


4. Better Graphics and Visuals

Graphic designs specifically meant for content creation can be very simple to get. With these tools, you do not need a graphic designer to get you visual content. 

Top 21 Content Writing Tools for Content Creators

The following are the best content writing tools to create better content for your business and client.


1. Grammarly

Word processors have failed to get to the level of Grammarly. You might be quite inquisitive as to what level that is.

Grammarly has a very high rate of intelligence that fixes errors per text entered.

Most times with Grammarly about 150 plus errors are being fixed per text, phrase, clause, sentence and even paragraph.

Microsoft Word as a typing software does not have this much professional inclusion. 

Grammarly also helps text optimization, finding better synonyms for words heading towards providing more clarity to the reader. It is so professional they have products for almost every kind of writing you might want to engage.

The good news is you can integrate Grammarly into your Microsoft today as an add-in. If you choose not to write in your browser.

As one of the best content writing tools, it has a keyboard for iOS and Android devices to enhance your writing anywhere on your device.

In addition to that Grammarly has a browser extension to check all your content writing on any and every website you engage.

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2. Hemingway Editor

Every person who has been in the business of content writing for a reasonable number of years would admit to knowing Hemingway.

This content creation tool is a very popular online editing tool known as a text editing system that is convenient.

It works like a spell checker but one that is very styled. Hemingway however, would make sure your content keeps the readers focused. 

Hemingway as a text editing tool would highlight phrases and sentences that can be very complex.

With Hemingway you can get suggestions that will eliminate adverbs that are excessively used. Also, it recognizes passive voice constructions and highlights them for you as a content writer to transform into active voice mode.

In a nutshell, Hemingway works to increase clarity in every writing. 

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3. Canva

With Canva you can generate and edit designs based on already ready designs available. Canva is a smooth drag and drop feature software that is very convenient for content writing and creation.

It has a lot of images, icons, fonts, etc. They are very much accessible and can be used on their pro version.

However, for the free version of Canva, you can be quite limited.

But Canva still is very profitable as they have an increasing database of content that is continually growing to meet content design requirements. 

Canva also helps with the custom dimension of any design you choose to go after. Just in case you are making designs exactly for an Instagram post, story etc.

It deserves to be among our list of best content writing tools to create better content. 


4. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

You do not always have to brainstorm blog topic ideas, or content writing topic ideas with the availability of the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator.

HubSpot tool generally allows content writers to insert at least three keywords relative to whatever they wish to write.

The tool generates a very lengthy list of possible subjects that will direct the content writer on what to engage. It will give a list of topics and titles that can be used independently or in unison. 

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5. Calmly Writer

This content writing aid tool offers a very beautiful cloud-saving feature. The tool in general focuses on removing all possible distractions while writing content.

Calmly Writer is a very good alternative to a lot of commonly used word text processors like Microsoft word, etc.

It is very simple and keeps the writer focused on the writing, which focuses solely on the paragraph being edited to avoid distractions. 

Consider using the interface today. 


6. Evernote

Here is a great content writing tool, with the ability to let content writers gather and sort processed information in no time.

Evernote is a very ideal tool that allows writers to note a list of all they need.

With Evernote, you can manage deadlines while being permitted to share your content with clients.

All devices with internet access can easily integrate with content stored in Evernote and this makes the materials more accessible. In addition, Evernote content can be shared on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  

Evernote is worth giving a trial today.

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7. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Usually, writers complain that they get tired or worn out with generating very fantastic headlines that are very catchy.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is exactly the right prescription for that problem. With this tool, you can get a lot of ideas for your headings, highlights, etc.

All you have to do is visit the platform, enter the idea you want to write on, etc.

Portent’s content idea generator will provide a lot of great titles to complement. Although, most of the ideas generated are often very simple.

But Portent’s content Idea generator is very inspiring and as such deserves to be among the top 21 content writing tools to create better content. 

8. Copyscape

Plagiarism does not favour content creation. Copyscape is an anti-plagiarism tool.

The tool is very useful in checking duplicate content, or finding out where copies of your work are being published.

Copyscape is free and is a very good plagiarism checker. 

To use copy scape, just enter the URL of any post and you would get the results instantly. 

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9. Ilys

With this very important tool writers who frequently experience what is termed writer’s block can set a count target.

Ilys is a very useful tool that enables the writer to start typing on the void of a black screen, only seeing the last character entered.

However, a progress bar would be at the top of the screen showing how far they could be from reaching the agreed target. 

Ilys is very useful when drafting important articles and not very sure where to start. 

After writing, to the agreed number of words they can halt the process and go back to reading all that they wrote and edit accordingly. 


10. Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the top content writing tools to create engaging content.

Being a website dedicated to the sharing of copyright-free photography. With Unsplash you can be sure to acquire professional HD pictures that are very ideal.

The platform offers high-resolution materials and they can be very useful to every content writer today.


11. Google Trends

Google Trend is a very useful tool and it is available for all content creators and writers who have intentions of getting quality traffic relative to the high volume searched keywords.

It is a very important tool that tracks keywords in google searches.

With this tool, all users can compare keywords to monitor which has higher search volumes. The tool helps to analyze when to increase or decrease efforts for any keyword. 

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12. Headline Analyzer

Most often the headline of every article or content is the first and only chance to attract users to read the rest of your content.

To increase your chances, consider using the headline analyzer today.

The Headline Analyzer is a free tool that scores your headline choices and rates its ability to draw traffic, social shares, etc. It also rates the SEO Value of your headline. 

13. StackEdit

Most times content is created on platforms such as WordPress, google docs or word with the intention of copying out later, the format changes during the copying process.

StackEdit is a tool that helps with keeping the original formatting of the content.

The tool is available with so many amazing layouts and themes. Also inclusive is a spell checker supporting a lot of languages.

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14. UniCheck

Formerly known as Unplag, Unicheck is a great tool to avoid self-plagiarism. It is software that helps to keep your works original, scanning all submitted files across a web index that is real-time.

However, it was specifically meant for educators and students but it can also help content writers greatly to write better content.

For every duplication found after the scan, the tool would highlight and generate a report with links pointing to sources. 

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15. CoSchedule

This is a very simple tool that is very beneficial to twitter lovers. If your intention is to put great content on Twitter from your blog.

Coschedule click-to-tweet is a very useful plugin that turns some of your posts into tweetable content that can be shared by your followers.

Quite simple but very engaging and useful

16. Ahrefs

If your content is not ranking on search engines, you can easily get discouraged.

However, Ahrefs is a platform that can boost your writing SEO suggestions and implementations.

If you properly utilize Ahrefs as a beneficial SEO kit you can be sure of google first page rankings in no time. 

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17. The Dangerous Writing App

The dangerous writing app is exactly what it is. Dangerous.

A user would choose the timeframe or, the number of words he wishes to write, and there is a timer to regulate.

For example, a writer wants to write 400 words but along the journey of writing stops for more than 5 seconds, everything will be lost forever.

So this tool helps you to keep writing and thinking. It really helps the writer’s mind to be in a state where it keeps processing information.

18. GrammarBase

GrammarBase is a grammar checker that does not require signing up. It is very much free and the way to use it is by typing in the content you wish to check the grammar for and it would just underline all the mistakes available.

It also checks for mistakes that are obscure, etc.

Also, it has a suggestion provider available to tutor the user on how to solve errors.

GrammarBase is one of the best content writing tools to create better content as a copywriter. 

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19. Content Ideator

One tool that can display up to 80 plus pages of topics relative to a noun or phrase you input as a writer.

With Content Ideator you can be sure to generate a lot of attractive and meaningful titles.

It also would give you ideas on what to write about in the near future. If you are seeking ideas for your content, Content Ideator is one of the best tools out there to try out. 

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20. Ubersuggest

Keyword research is very key in content creation. With the increasing values attached to the number of writers out there.

To have your content distinguished by search engines for high engagement you need to be in sync with the best keywords.

Of course relative to what you want to write about. With Ubersuggest you have a world of worthy content ideas to write about.


21. Quora

The question is why Quora? 

Quora is a Q&A website or platform. It is a great tool to create better content, and this is because if you do not know what your audience is asking for, you won’t be able to respond to their questions professionally and adequately.

With Quora, you can use the search results to see pop-ups of suggestions that will match your ideas etc.

You can further combine those pop-up results to create headings and subheadings etc. 



You can have content on the most searched topics, with valuable information you can find out there. But if it’s poorly written, your audience won’t give you a second chance, that’s if they find it anyway.

The best way to hook your target audience and gain their trust is to create content with a value that is well-written.

To date, there are no content writing tools that are able to equate the versatility of a human. However, content writing tools offer great value in the content creation process.


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