How to Find a Facebook Account by Phone Number

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So you are looking for this friend you shared an awesome memory with, but you figured out that the phone number you could use to contact that person is no longer available.

Maybe NIN stopped the number from being accessible, but you won’t mind connecting with that person through Facebook. Sadly, the username you know no longer matches her profile.

Find a Facebook Account by Phone Number

Now, how do you reconnect?

I want to begin by telling you that nothing is impossible, your friend isn’t far from reach, and with that phone number, you can get back to your friend.

Also, there might have been a lot of websites you checked, but they didn’t give you the result you wanted. Don’t worry anymore, just ensure you follow the steps I listed on this content and you will be back on chit-chat with that friend again.

Facebook keeps getting better every year and it is done this way to make it easier to reach your friend to be on your friend list.

I am sure you are aware that Facebook often asks for a phone number to attach to the account that you are creating.

Facebook has a lot of awesome features and one of them is the way to get your friend by inputting that phone number into the Facebook search bar. Once the search button is clicked, you will have your results ready.


What Is the Benefit of Using Number to Search Account

Upon reading this, you might feel that Facebook has compromised the security of your information.

But this is not the case, your friends would be thankful to Facebook for reaching you easily, and so would you.

This can be a fast means to get in touch with your client and get to know them for their interest and value. The benefits of using this method include:

  • For Business Purpose
  • For Getting Back in Touch With Lost Friends
  • For Easily Connecting With Service Providers
  • It Can Also Be a Way to Know if Someone Is a Deceiver.


For Business Purpose

We have come across this saying a lot of times, people come and people go, but with Facebook, people come, profiles stay and you reconnect again.

Also, the way business is evolving, it’s important to master the skill of communication through social media platforms.

For instance, you were at a party, and you baked cake in a standard way. The person who you were sitting next to is a total stranger and knows nothing about who you are. You tried starting a conversation but he showed no interest and kept his focus on his phone.

You can move on to asking him for his contact information since some people are more comfortable with sharing their contacts than their Facebook usernames.

With simply this information, you can easily add this stranger to your friend list; and learn more about him and what he thinks of cake.

With this action taken, you are no longer with a stranger but with a client-to-be. If you are satisfied with this benefit, you can go and check out, “How to find a Facebook account through phone number”. If not, then check out the next benefit with me.


For Getting Back in Touch With Lost Friends

There’s no way you won’t be happy to hear from a childhood friend, except the childhood friend gave you a lot of bad memories.

Facebook has designed the possibility to get back that friend no matter how far away they are. So, if all you have is a phone number, doubt no more as Facebook has decided to make that one piece of information be one way to getting back in touch with that friend.


For Easily Connecting With Service Providers

Do you know this person who is so good at his job, but happens to have left the neighborhood but for some reason, his number stopped going through, it would be risky asking a sweet-mouth novice to do the work for you.

Worry no more as Facebook has a solution.

I am saying that your neighbor is no longer far from you, simply take the steps in the section “How to find a Facebook account through phone number” and reconnect and get the service you want.


It Can Also Be a Way to Know if Someone Is a Deceiver.

I hate scammers, and you can find them in flesh and bone speaking innocently. There are people who claim to be what they are not, with Facebook, you can find out for sure who they are.

What I am saying here is you can do your investigation about that person before investing in them.

Check out their Facebook profile, how many friends do they have? Do the friends they have on Facebook seem questionable? Seek answers to this question using the phone number given to you.

I don’t know if you would agree with me, but it’s easier to know a scammer through Facebook than WhatsApp. Ensure you make use of this information. Input the number of that person on the Facebook search bar and get to see who they are.


How to Find a Facebook Account Through Phone Number

If you have read through the benefits, I am sure you would have found the benefit to not slow down, but go ahead and search for that friend number on Facebook.

  • You can do this by simply typing the number on the Facebook search bar,
  • You would then click on the search button,
  • Carefully look through your list, the name or the nick-names that happen to seem like the person’s name, and the image you find would guide you through knowing which of the search results your friend is.
  • You can also tweak the location of the friend you want to see would be. Then, the result would be reduced based on this, and you should find your friend.

If this doesn’t work, then you can search for that friend through the mutual friend you have with friends who are close to your friend.

Simply look through the list of mutual friends or ask a friend after him/her to get her profile and add her to your friend list.

This may not require a phone number, but if you didn’t see the phone number of the friend you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to check mutual friends or ask after the person through a friend who is close to that friend.

If this doesn’t work, then you can try syncing your contacts with Facebook;


How to Sync Your contacts to Facebook

Whenever you log in to your account to Facebook, Facebook will ask for permission to sync your contacts to your account to get those friends on your contacts that are not on your friend list to be among your Facebook friend suggestions.

This way, they can also be among your friends list.

Nevertheless, if you didn’t give Facebook this permission, you can change this by going to your settings on Facebook;

You will find the media and contact options. (Note: it’s often best to do this through the app except if you are searching through your PC)

Then you would find the option to upload your contacts to your Facebook account. After clicking this, your contacts will be completely synced to Facebook.


Other Apps for Using Phone Numbers to Get Access to Someone on Facebook

This additional information is for you if you haven’t been able to get the friend you are looking for on your search result, this app has been created to get social media user names to make it easier for you and your friends to connect.

The benefit of using this app is to make it easier for you to reach that friend even if your friend didn’t permit Facebook to make hi few m/her reachable through her phone number.

This app would do the work for you except that, you may be asked to pay a certain fee before this result is supplied to you.

Well if you are searching for a person for one of the benefits such as getting service providers, then you would definitely get your money.

Some of these apps include;

This app works almost the same way, simply open the app, look for reverse number lookup or phone, then you input the number into the input box and click on search to generate the result.

Each app is quite different in its search results but usually, gives almost everything you need to know about the contact. Some even show the location of the user of the contact.

If you are like me, I won’t explore beyond my security but simply get the user name and say thank you to the app.


Possible Reasons for Not Seeing Friends on Facebook Through Phone Number

So after searching with no positive result, you think something is broken on your Facebook app. Well no, nothing is broken. Sometimes, your friend doesn’t give Facebook permission for you to find them through their phone number. This can also be the same as your account as we speak.

When you deny Facebook this permission, there’s no doubt about it, no one would be able to reach you through this means.

Anyway, you can search for the email of the user and send them an Email, stating who you are and how you got to know the person.

Yes, there are a few challenges in making use of this method to reconnect as you may not know if the email was read.

However, you can make use of Mailchimps to follow up on the email. The app does give free trials. You can use this to monitor your friend’s response to that email.


Find a Facebook Account by Phone Number FAQs


Possible Reasons for Not Seeing Friends on Facebook Through Phone Number

Simply input your number into the login inbox and your password.

If you forgot your password, you can click forgot password and if your number is with you, an OTP would be sent to you which you would use to login into your Facebook account.


How Do I Find a Social Media Account with a Phone Number?

Depending on your social media account, never the less, Facebook and Instagram work the same way in using your phone number to get your social media account.

On Facebook, enter the number in the search bar and select the username that fits that of the person that you are looking for.

Also, there are some cool apps that can also provide this information for you such as Truthfinder, Spoeko and others.


How Do I Find My Old Facebook Account With My Phone Number?

It’s as simple as putting your phone number in the login input box of Facebook and inputting your password. If your accounts haven’t being hacked, you would see your account and you would be able to login.

But if you don’t remember your password, you can click forget password and Facebook would send and OTP to confirm that it is you.


How Can I Find Someone by Their Phone Number?

You can do this through the search bar on Facebook or through other apps, such as Spokeo, Whitepages and a few others.


Does Facebook Permit Search for Friends by Using Phone Number?

Yes, Facebook permits it.

You just might not be able to reach this person through their phone number if he/she didn’t make her phone number accessible.


Are There Other Means to Reconnect With Friends Through a Phone Number?

Yes, there is.

A few app makes this possible. You can as well use Google search on reverse phone lookup to get the username and confirmation of the identity that uses the phone number who you intend to search for.



In conclusion, Facebook has created a way for you to find that friend through a phone number.

Nothing is impossible. Your friend isn’t far from reach.

With that phone number, you can get to your friend and share the joy of friendship, and chit chat on new experiences and challenges. Don’t hesitate, make the search now.

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