How to See Who I Am Following on Facebook

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The world has become a global village, with social media platforms such as Facebook helping to bridge the distance gap and connect individuals from various parts of the world.

Thanks to Facebook, we’re able to connect with family, friends, and even acquaintances.

See Who I Am Following

While navigating through this global village via the Facebook app, it is commonplace to sometimes wonder, “How can I see who I am following on Facebook?”

Unravelling this is very easy, easier than you might have thought, and in this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to help you find and meticulously manage your Facebook following list.


Why You Need to Know Who You’re Following On Facebook.

Before we get right into it, below are some reasons why you should know who you’re following on Facebook:

Privacy and Security: For your security in the online space, you must constantly review and manage your following list to ensure that the wrong person’s so not have access to your information.

Content Control: A good knowledge of your followers helps you in curating your news feed. You get to receive posts and updates from pages and people that you’re interested in and unfollow those that you’re no longer interested in.

Network Management: Knowledge of your followers is also very important when it comes to managing your social network online.

Engagement: When you know your followers, you will be better able to engage with content that you’re interested in. This way, you will stay connected with updates from family, friends, acquaintances, and pages that you follow.

Profile Representation: A contributing factor to your online identity is your followers. It’s a reflection of your association and genuine interests and as such, knowing who you’re following ensures that your online presence is a reflection of your interests.

Generally, a good understanding of your Facebook following list helps you in tailoring your experience, safeguarding your privacy, and maintaining a relevant and meaningful online presence.

Now, let’s get right into it.


How to See Whom I Am Following on Facebook

To enable you to find answers to the above question, we’ve provided some simple steps.

The steps to be followed are a little bit different if you’re using a desktop or if you’re using a phone, but the difference is negligible.

These are some of the steps to be followed:


Access Your Facebook Profile:

The first thing you want to do is to access your profile by logging into your account on Facebook.

To access your profile:

  1. Open your preferred web browser.
  2. Fill in your login details.
  3. Next, log in to your Facebook account.
  4. Next, navigate to your profile.
  5. Tap your name or your profile picture in the top left corner. This will enable you to access your profile.


Exploring Your Following List:

Now that you have accessed your profile, it’s time to locate your following list.

Find your following list:

After you have accessed your profile by clicking on your profile picture:

  1. Check for the “Friends” tab there and click on it.
  2. This will direct you to a page where you’ll see your friends.
  3. Towards the top of the page, tap the “Following” tab. This will help you view the list of pages and people that you are following.

If you are using the desktop version, you’ll find the “Following” tab next to the “Friends” tab directly on your profile page.


Filtering and Sorting Your Friends List:

If you’re ever curious about a particular person, that is, if you want to know if you’re following a specific individual, you can use the Search Bar. To do this:

Find the search bar towards the top of your friend’s list and type the particular name of the person you are curious about.

On the Facebook app, you are even allowed to filter your friend list using categories such as “Mutual friends” or “Recent interactions”. This makes it even easier to locate specific people.


Managing Your Following List

Now that you’re well informed and can find out who you are following on Facebook, it is also important that you know how to unfollow someone in case you find someone who you would not want to keep following anymore.

To achieve this:


Step 1: Locate the individual:

Find the person you’d like to unfollow. To do this, you can either search for their profile or you can check on your own Facebook feed.


Step 2: Visit Their Profile:

Once you’ve found the individual, visit their profile by clicking on their profile picture or name.


Step 3: Unfollow:

Check their profile for the “Following” button (if you are already following the individual, it might say “Follow”).


Step 4: Select Unfollow

Open the menu by selecting “Following” (or “Follow”).

From the menu, tap “Unfollow”: Doing this will hinder their updates and posts from showing in your News Feed while you remain friends with them.

However, if you’d like to unfriend them totally, you could choose “Unfriend” instead.

After unfollowing the individual, if you’d like to review your followers to make sure the change has been effected.

Tap the “Followers” tab and this will show you those who are following you on Facebook.


How to Adjust Friends List Visibility:

While you might not desire to unfollow some individuals, you might not want the public to know that you’re following them. Hence, you would need to adjust the visibility of your friend’s list. To do this:

  1. Spot the “Who can see your friends list?” option.
  2. Select your preferred audience from the provided options (Custom, Public, Only Me, Friends, etc.)


Control Follower Settings

Now that you’ve successfully hidden your friend’s list, you can take more control of your account by controlling follower settings. This will help you put a restriction on those who can follow you on Facebook.

To do this:

  1. Go to the “Privacy” section and click “Public posts.”
  2. Make adjustments to the “Who Can Follow Me” setting to suit your preferences (Only Me, Friends, Public).
  3. Save Changes: After you have made the necessary changes, ensure that you save the changes made.


See Who I Am Following on Facebook FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions related to finding out who you are following on Facebook:


How do I unfollow bulk on Facebook?

If you carry out an analysis of your Facebook account and realize that you are no longer interested in a number of the pages you’ve been following, you might get tempted to just keep following them when you consider how long it would take you to unfollow them one by one.

Why if I told you that it doesn’t have to be such a Herculean task?

It is very possible and very easy to mass unfollow all the Facebook pages you originally followed.

Although Facebook does not have an option that would allow you to do this, you can use some third-party Chrome extensions to get this done and among the many options, the most suitable is Browserflow.

With it, you’ll be able to mass unfollow Facebook pages without having to sacrifice other time-demanding activities.


How do I see who is following my Facebook page on the app?

If you own a business and have a Facebook page for it, it might interest you to know those that you have been able to reach via your page.

Knowing this enables you to keep track of your reach and helps you in making better plans for your business.

To check for insights on your followers:

  1. Go to the Facebook search bar and type in your name.
  2. The page(s) you manage will also be displayed. Click the one you would like to switch to.
  3. The page will then open up. When it does, click the profile picture
  4. There is a “Manage” option that you’ll find at the top of the page.
  5. Next click “See more insights” and then scroll downward to “Followers”.

With the above steps, you’ll be able to track your page’s growth down to the specific individuals that started or stopped following your page.


How can I see who I’m following on Facebook?

To see who you are following, go to your profile, select the “Friends” tab, and switch to the “Following” tab.

Can I see a list of all the people and pages I follow on Facebook?

It is very possible to do this. Just go to your profile, click on the “Friends” tab, and switch to the “Following” tab. This will display all the pages and people you’re following on Facebook.


Is there a way to unfollow someone on Facebook?

Followership on Facebook is not for eternity. You can decide to follow or unfollow a particular individual by going to their page or profile and clicking on the “Following” tab.

You can then click “Unfollow”. This stops you from seeing their updates in your news feed.


How often should I check my following list on Facebook?

Checking your following list periodically is good practice as it ensures that your news feed is a reflection of your current interests.

The frequency of this, however, is wholly dependent on you.


How do I follow a page or person on Facebook?

Following a person or page is done by going to their page or profile and clicking on the “Follow” button.

Once this has been done, their posts will start appearing in your news feed.



We’ve come to the end of this post and I do hope that you were able to learn and apply what you learned. Knowing who you’re following enables you to filter your news feed and it is a very easy process.

Simply access your account, click the “Friends” tab, and find the “Following” tab towards the top of the page.

Click it and you’ll be able to view the list of people and pages you are following. If you are using the desktop version, you’ll find the “Following” tab next to the “Friends” tab directly on your profile page.

There you have it. Now that you know how to discover who you are following on Facebook, you are better able to effectively curate your digital connections.

Being in control of your account enables you to secure your privacy even on a public platform like Facebook. You’re able to manage your list and determine who can follow you and who can see certain information about you.

Now, it’s time to explore and tailor your online experience to reflect the genuine interests and relationships that mean the most to you in the dynamic world of social media. Have fun exploring.

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