If I Set My Tiktok Account to Private, Will Followers Still Able to Find Me?

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If you set your TikTok account to private, it will limit your content’s accessibility. Although your followers will still be able to locate your account and videos, they won’t be available to a wider audience.


If I Set My Tiktok Account to Private, Will Followers Still Able to Find Me

What Happens to My TikTok Followers When I Set My TikTok Account to Private?

Let’s explore this in full detail:


Old Followers

Those who are currently on your follower list will continue to access your videos and profile.  This will probably continue for as long as they remain your followers.

Thus, they will keep getting notifications about your updates and posts.


New Followers

For people who just hit the “follow” button on your account, they will have to send a follow request.

This is the scenario for a private TikTok account.  Once you get these requests, you have to either reject or accept them.

As soon as you accept them, they will be allowed access to your profile and content.



Private accounts on TikTok have limited discoverability. This is because they can’t be found in public search results.

So users who are on your follower list may find it difficult to locate your account via the TikTok app.


Privacy Settings

Private TikTok accounts have enhanced privacy controls, like the ability to limit comments on your content, limit who can interact with you, and do duets on your content.

You are allowed to make changes to your privacy settings any way you want.

Don’t forget that even if your account is private, it can be saved for offline viewing and shared beyond TikTok.

If you want to prioritize privacy, be wary of the kind of content you share or post.

With a private account, you have more leverage over who can view your videos and engage with your account.

This limits your account from being discovered by trolls and spammers.


If You Have a Private Account on TikTok can You Get on the For You Page

The short answer is “no.”

Private accounts on TikTok don’t get on the “For You” page since their discoverability is very limited.

The For You Page is a personalized feed of content tailored for a particular user via an algorithm.

Your followers can access your content directly via your profile or in the “Following” section.


How to See TikTok Private Account Videos without Following


Hit the Follow Button

The easiest way to see a private account is to hit the follow button.

Once they accept your request, you will have access to their videos.


Set up Another Account to Follow Them

If you have tried the first step and it doesn’t work, there’s a likelihood that your follow request has been rejected for personal reasons.

Thus, another solution is to set up a new account with a fictitious photo and name and send them a follow request


Using Third-Party Apps




uMobix is among the most effective solutions for viewing private TikTok accounts without following.

It allows you to see the person’s TikTok content as well as their social media activities.

All you have to do is set up an uMobix account and subscribe.

A link will be sent to the target mobile device, which will allow you to remotely control the device.

Then navigate to the uMobix dashboard, select their social media accounts, and opt for TikTok.

Through this method, you can view their TikTok content as well as their comments, whether it is a private or public account.

You can also access any social media account, including their call records and SMS messages.

Besides these, the platform can also be used to track location, which is particularly helpful for parents who are concerned with the location of their kids.






mSpy is a great app that shares similar functionalities with uMobix.

One of the requirements for setting it up is that you have to install it onto the target mobile device.

The app becomes invisible on the unsuspecting device, integrating without much hassle.

After that, you can access mSpy dashboard from your preferred device and view their TikTok account.

It lets you check out their content, comments and even media files on the phone.

In fact, this lets you access other social media platforms, their call records, and text messages.

There is even a GPS tracking feature to help you locate the target anytime, anywhere.




unnamed 1


You can set up this tool on any mobile device in no time. This lets you access their social media activities for your target, including private TikTok accounts.

You will also have complete access to information on your target mobile device.

This will enable you to find their media content and even the ones that they have yet to upload on TikTok.

The tool also has a location tracking feature as well as GPS history information.

You will also receive notifications about the latest pictures and videos uploaded to the platform.


Private vs Public Account on TikTok

TikTok allows users to set their account privacy settings to public or private.


Private Account

For private accounts, people have to send you a request to do the following:

  • Join your list of followers.
  • Access your content, bios, live, and likes.
  • Check your followers and list of followers.

Users will also be restricted from saving your videos or doing a duet with you.


Public account

Based on your preference, your content might become accessible and shared with people even beyond TikTok (whether they have signed up or not).

Everyone can:

  • Join or become a follower.
  • Access your content, likes, and bio.
  • Check out your list of followers.
  • Your content can be freely saved by everyone. Other users can also duet with your video. Your content might show up on news websites, blog articles, search engines, and the like.

Some important information you should be aware of, whether your TikTok account is private or public, includes:

  • TikTok usernames, names, and profile pictures will continue to be available to people even outside of TikTok.
  • Your account will be searchable on TikTok.
  • TikTok users can limit the way their posts are seen by manually adjusting their video settings. This will choose the audience that can only access your posts.
  • TikTok users can also limit those who can post comments on their comments as well as interact with them.


How to Turn off your private account on TikTok

Here’s how to turn off your TikTok private account and change it to public:

  • Launch your TikTok app.
  • Navigate to the bottom and select Profile.
  • Select the hamburger menu “☰” option in the upper corner.
  • Select Settings and Privacy.
  • Next, select Privacy.
  • Turn off your private account.


If my TikTok is Private, Can They See if I have Viewed their Profile?

True, your TikTok followers can find out if you viewed their profile, especially when they set up the profile view feature.

Even though TikTok got rid of the profile view feature months ago, news filtered last year that TikTok planned to implement the feature, although only for a few privilege users.

Earlier this year, users began seeing the feature on their accounts, although the mood wasn’t all jubilant.

Here’s how to turn on the profile view feature:

  • Launch TikTok.
  • Navigate to the “Profile” option.
  • Head to the upper-right section and select the footstep option.
  • Tap “Turn on.”


If I Set My Tiktok Account to Private, Will Followers Still Able to Find Me FAQ


Can my TikTok followers see my content if its private?

The fact is that once you post content on your TikTok private account, it will only be available to users on your list of followers.

However, some users may use a private TikTok account viewer to view your content without your knowledge.


My TikTok account is now private. What’s next?

Once you have set your account to private, you can limit other users from accessing your content or joining your list of followers.

This means that any user who isn’t on your follower list will be prevented from seeing your content, and you will have to accept or reject any follow request.


What are some easy ways to boost my TikTok views?

  • Ensure your content has hashtags.
  • Add trendy music to your content.
  • Organize your content in the form of multiple series.
  • Ensure your content aligns with TikTok trends
  • Understand your target audience.
  • Post your content at the most ideal time.
  • Make sure you promote your TikTok content on other platforms.
  • Use audience comments to create videos.


When should I post on TikTok to go viral?

Tuesday is the ideal day to upload your content to TikTok if you want more people to find it.

There is usually a massive drop in reach on Saturday, so don’t post on TikTok on that day of the week. Sunday and Wednesday are also poor choices.


What is the 3-second rule on TikTok?

The first three seconds are very pivotal in creating interesting content. If your audience only views your content for five seconds or less, it implies that your videos lack engagement.

Thus, you have to keep your audience interested in your content for the first 3 seconds and retain their interest.



This article answers the question, “If I Set My Tiktok Account to Private, Will Followers Still Be Able to Find Me?”. We also explore different topics related to a private TikTok account.

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