How to Find Out Whom I Sent a Friend Request on Tiktok

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Are you looking for a way to identify who you have sent a friend request to on TikTok?

This can easily be achieved if the person in question has set their account to private. This allows other TikTok users to join their list of followers without prior permission.

How to Find Out Whom I Sent a Friend Request on Tiktok

We are probably talking about a private account if you are trying to find out to whom you sent a friend request on TikTok.

When a person has a public account, anyone can follow them by default without requiring their approval.

Note that this won’t work with a private account.


How to find out who you sent a friend request to on TikTok

Follow the steps below:

  • Access the TikTok app on your mobile device and properly log in.
  • Navigate to the profile option at the bottom right and select it.
  • Next, your TikTok profile page will show up. Select the hamburger icon (…) in the upper-right area to enter the account settings.
  • Then, select “Privacy and Safety” from the list of options.
  • Tap the Who can View My Profile option.
  • Then, select the friend request option to access the list of your TikTok requests.

You can identify who you have sent friend requests to via this list. You can cancel these requests as well.

Rather than individually accessing who you have sent requests to one after the other, utilize the search box to identify a specific user.

Other alternative methods you can use to see who you sent friend requests to on TikTok include:


Visit your friend’s profile

Similar to Facebook, TikTok thrives on mutual friendship. You are more likely to send friend requests to someone who shares a friend on your list.

Thus, you can easily see who you have sent a friend request to by accessing that friend’s TikTok profile.

Simply navigate to your friend’s TikTok profile and check their followers and list of followers.

As you scroll through the list, you may likely find a “Requested” option beside a few usernames. These are follow requests you may have sent.


Check Your Content

Another simple method you can use to access your TikTok follow request is by accessing your liked content.

This works because the users you may have sent follow requests to may be fans of your content.

Thus, navigate to the likes section of your content and check for users who have the “Requested” option next to their usernames.

As you do this, you can easily see who you have sent follow requests to.


How To Fix TikTok Follow Request Not Showing

If you are encountering a TikTok Follow Request Not Showing issue, you can try the fixes below:


Clear TikTok App Cache

An effective method you can try is clearing the TikTok app cache on your smartphone.

The cache can get cluttered with unnecessary files and bugs, which can negatively impact the app’s functionality.

It is not difficult to fix this. You simply have to access your app settings and clear the cache.

Here’s how:

  • Navigate to your device’s “settings.”
  • Next, tap on “Apps” from the list of options.
  • Then, tap General.
  • You will see a list of apps. Navigate down and select TikTok.
  • Next, select “Clear cache” (or “Offload App” for iOS devices.)

This should get rid of junk files and eliminate bugs and glitches from the TikTok app.

The app should work without hitches. Navigate to the “Follow Requests” section.


Report a Problem on TikTok

If clearing the cache doesn’t work, the next step is to report the issue to TikTok support for a lasting fix.

This involves navigating to TikTok Support, explaining the issue you are encountering, and sending a snapshot for clarity.

After a few hours, the TikTok team will look into the issue and contact you with a fix. This is a straightforward method for solving your issues on the platform.

Here’s how:

  • Launch the TikTok app on your smartphone and sign in to the account where you are encountering the challenge.
  • Next, select the “Me” button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Your profile page will come up. Select the hamburger button “…” and then tap “Settings and Privacy” from the list of options.
  • Next, navigate to the “Support” section and tap “Report a Problem.”
  • The “Feedback and Help” tab will come up. Next, select “Follow/Like/Comment.”
  • Then, tap “Follow” and then “Others.”
  • Now, select “Still have a problem.” With this, you can explain your problem and even upload snapshots of the problem.
  • Ensure you describe your issue in clear terms using “Tell us your feedback.” You have the option to upload screenshots.
  • Lastly, select the “Report’ option.
  • Your request will be handled within two days and a fix will be offered to you.


Why Finding Follow Requests on TikTok Is Crucial

Finding follow requests on TikTok is highly important for a number of reasons, particularly if you are a content creator.

Here are some of them:


Monitor Your Audience

By seeing your follow request on TikTok, you can get an idea of who has access to your content.

This way, you can manage your audience and control who shares your content, particularly if your account is set to private.


Privacy and Security

If your TikTok account is private, you can better safeguard it.

By seeing your follow requests, you can restrict the wrong audience from seeing your TikTok videos.

This is crucial if your content is targeted at a certain demographic or if you want to limit the way your content is shared.


Nurture your followers

Seeing your follow request on TikTok helps you nurture your followership, allowing you to tailor your content to their interests.

Over time, your TikTok content will be rich with whatever your audience enjoys and engages with.


Build a positive community

The goal of TikTok is to create an engaged community. By regularly checking your follow requests, you add value to the community through quality content.

This way, you can cultivate connections and interactions. This can improve your own experience on the platform and foster a pleasant atmosphere.


Personalize your content

By properly managing your TikTok follow request, it will help personalize your content to adapt to your audience’s interests.

Because of this, you can make changes to your content style and fit it with the trends on the platform.


Find Out Whom I Sent a Friend Request on TikTok FAQ


Is there a way to see when you become friends with someone on TikTok?

Even though you can find out who’s on your follow list and whether a user is your mutual friend, TikTok won’t offer details when someone becomes your friend on the platform.


Do friends and followers mean the same thing on TikTok?

No. They are different. Users have to send you a request before becoming your “friend” on the platform.

They can also be on your followers list, meaning that you can follow them and vice versa.

However, followers can access your posts without your approval, even if you do not follow them.

Friends are part of your network, while followers are not.


Can I unsend a TikTok message?

The answer is “no”.

TikTok does not allow you to unsend messages yet. You can always delete the message, although you won’t get rid of it from the recipient’s end.


Can you send a message to a TikTok user when they are not following you?

Yes. You need to be on each other’s followers list to chat. Whether for private or public profiles, the rules remain the same.

You can prevent them from messaging you on TikTok by unfollowing them or deleting them from your list of followers.


What is the easiest way to accept friend requests on TikTok?

  • Navigate to your profile page.
  • Select the followers tab to access your followers requests.
  • Once you have done that, a list of people who have sent you a follow request will show up.  You are free to reject or accept their requests.


I have unfollowed someone on TikTok. What will happen to my message?

When you unfollow someone, you won’t see the Message option on their profile anymore. This means you can’t message them anymore.

Unfollowing someone won’t get rid of comments they have added to your content, videos you have engaged with, or the ones you have saved.


Does deleting my TikTok account affect my messages?

Yes. Once your TikTok account is deleted, your account data and videos will be eliminated from the app. This consists of the messages other users have sent you.

Thus, after deleting your account, other users won’t be able to access your message


How do I get rid of TikTok messages?

Here’s how to delete messages:

Navigate to your inbox on the platform.

Press and hold the chat (if you are using an Android smartphone) or tap left on the message on an iOS device.

Next, select “Delete,” and you have finalized.



In this article, we provided answers to this question “How to Find Out Whom I Sent a Friend Request on Tiktok?”. We have delivered a step-by-step solution to identifying who sent a friend request to your account on the platform.

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