How to Post Relationship Status on Facebook News Feed

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Beginning a new phase with a partner can be exciting, and you may feel the need to share the news with your friends and family on Facebook.

It could also be that you just got out of a relationship or got divorced, etc.; either way, relationship statuses evolve.

How to Post Relationship Status on Facebook News Feed

At any time, you can update your Facebook family about your most recent relationship status.

You can publish on your Facebook news feed by following the steps highlighted below:

  • Launch Facebook on your mobile device.
  • Open the main menu in the app.
  • Locate events from the menu.
  • Select Add.
  • Enter the event to be “Relationship Status.”.
  • Publish the event on your news feed.


Other ways to share your relationship status with your Facebook community will be discussed in depth in this article.

So, if you’re contemplating sharing your romantic journey with your online community, this blog post is your roadmap.

From updating your status to crafting the perfect post, read through to navigate the steps to gracefully share your relationship status on the Facebook News Feed and explore other alternatives to making your relationship public on Facebook.


How to Post Relationship Status on Facebook News Feed

The different ways to make your relationship status on Facebook are discussed below:


1. Update Relationship Status

To update your relationship status on Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account using your preferred web browser or the Facebook mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the “More” section. You will find the “More” option on the left side of your Facebook homepage or profile. This may be hidden behind the “See More” link.
  • Scroll under the “Explore” section, and click on “Relationship.”
  1. Select “Add your relationship status.”
  2. A pop-up window will appear. Choose your relationship status from the options provided, such as “in a relationship,” “engaged,” or “married.”
  3. After choosing your relationship status, you will be prompted to select the person you are in a relationship with. Begin typing their name, and Facebook will provide suggestions. Click on the correct profile to tag your partner.
  • Adjust the privacy settings for your relationship status update. You can choose to make it public, visible to friends only, or customize the audience.
  • Once you’ve selected your relationship status, tagged your partner, and set your privacy preferences, click on the “Save Changes” button.
  1. After saving the changes, you may have the option to post a status update to your news feed. This is optional, and you can choose to skip this step if you prefer.
  2. Go to your profile or news feed to verify that your relationship status has been updated and is visible according to your privacy settings.


2. Create a Relationship Status Post

Another way you can share information about your relationship status is by making a relationship status post on your Facebook wall.

Here is how to get this done:

  1. Go to your Facebook news feed or your profile.
  2. In the “What’s on your mind?” section, click and select “Feeling/Activity.”
  • Choose “Celebrating” and then “Feeling.”
  1. From the dropdown, select your relationship status.
  2. Add a caption or message expressing your feelings.


3. Photo Post

Pictures speak a thousand words. You can inform your friends on Facebook of your most recent relationship status by sharing a photo of yourself with your partner on Facebook.

This can be a couple photo or a picture that holds sentimental value. To do this:

  1. Click on “Photo/Video” in the “Create Post” section.
  2. Upload the photo.
  • Add a caption that gives the intended update.
  1. You can tag your partner if they are on Facebook.
  2. Select “Post” when you are done.


4. Celebrate Relationship Milestones

You can also write a post sharing and celebrate different milestones like anniversaries, special dates, etc. on your Facebook news feed.

You should add the significance of the milestone and any plans or reflections.

This is a good way to inform your social media friends on Facebook of the recent developments in your relationship.


5. Life Event Update

The “Life Event” feature can be used to share your relationship status change on Facebook. To do so,

  1. Click on “Life Event” when creating a post.
  2. Select “Family & Relationships.”
  • Choose the type of relationship event, e.g., “Started a Relationship.”


6. Check-in together

When you and your partner are at a special location, check in together. This can be a shared experience that showcases your relationship on Facebook.


7. Relationship Status Widget

Another feature you can explore to make your relationship public is the Relationship Status widget.

You can use the feature to display your partner’s name and a link to their profile on your profile.

Other things you can do to update your Facebook community on your relationship status include:

  1. Profile Picture Update: Change your profile or cover photo to one that includes your partner or symbolizes your relationship.
  2. Tag Your Partner: If your partner is on Facebook, tag them in your posts to link to their profile.



  1. Custom Privacy Settings: Adjust the privacy settings for each post or update to control who can see your relationship status information.
  2. Engage with Comments: Respond to comments on your posts to engage with well-wishers and friends who congratulate you.

Remember to be mindful of your partner’s comfort level with sharing on social media, and choose the methods that align with both of your preferences.


Post Relationship Status on Facebook News Feed FAQs


How do you make your relationship status show up on your Facebook timeline?

Merely going to your Facebook page and changing your relationship status will not make your current relationship status reflect in your news feed and timeline.

Nothing appears on your timeline or in your feed if you alter your relationship status to single, divorced, or delete it.

Anyone with access to your relationship status can view it on your timeline and in Feed if you modify it to “In a relationship.”

If you have a problem with this being public, you can limit the number of people who can view it by adjusting your privacy settings.


Why doesn’t my relationship status show up on the Facebook news feed?

Your relationship status might not be showing on Facebook News Feed due to privacy settings.

Check your profile settings to ensure that your relationship status is set to be visible to the audience you want.

Additionally, if you recently changed your status, it might be pending approval from the person you’re in a relationship with.

Double-check your activity log to see if the change is recorded. If the issue persists, there could be a technical glitch, and you may want to try logging out and logging back in or contacting Facebook support for assistance.


Should you put your relationship status on Facebook?

The decision to share one’s relationship status on Facebook is a personal choice, and individuals have different reasons for doing so or for choosing to keep their relationship status private.

Some people can decide not to share their relationship status on social media because they would rather keep their personal lives private.

They place a high value on keeping their online and offline lives separate.

Others view disclosing their relationship status as a means of commemorating significant anniversaries or life events.

It can be used to show devotion and happiness or just to maintain relationships with friends and family.


How do you announce a relationship on Facebook?

Announcing a relationship on Facebook is a personal choice, and the way you choose to do it can depend on your comfort level, the nature of your relationship, and your preferences.

You can either:

  • Go to your profile, click on “More” > “Relationship,” add your relationship status, and choose the person you’re in a relationship with.
  • Or, go to your News Feed, select “What’s on your mind?” and type a post about your relationship. Add a photo or tag your partner if you want.
  • Consider adding photos that capture moments from your relationship. This can add a personal touch to your announcement.


Does relationship status show up on news feed?

Depending on your privacy settings, when you change your relationship status on Facebook, it can show up in the news feeds of your friends.

Facebook gives you the ability to choose who can view updates you make to your relationship status.

Usually, you have a selection of options, like:

  • Public: It’s visible to everyone, both on and off Facebook.
  • Friends: It’s just visible to your friends.
  • Me alone: It’s confidential, and only you can see it.
  • Custom: You can tailor the audience depending on certain friends or lists.


If the audience is set to “public” or “friends,” then the people in the chosen audience’s news feeds are likely to see the relationship status change.

If you select “Only Me,” others won’t be able to see the change on their news feeds.

Remember that Facebook may adjust its features and privacy settings at any time, so it’s a good idea to confirm the options available before making any changes.


When should you announce your relationship on social media sites like Facebook?

There is no standard time for announcing your relationship on Facebook.

Whenever you feel most comfortable doing so, you can go ahead and relate your relationship status to your Facebook family.

Just make sure you do not feel pressured to do so by anyone or the social media craze to be seen and validated.



Sharing important occasions, like changing your relationship status on Facebook, has become a digital ritual for most people.

You can easily announce your relationship status on your Facebook News Feed, change your relationship status on Facebook and make it public, share posts and pictures of you and your partner and tag them, etc.

You can choose to make a loud announcement, a quiet acknowledgment, or a joyful celebration.

Keep in mind that your online love story is a blank canvas that you may use to illustrate your journey.

Therefore, share your love journey completely of your volition without any form of pressure to do so. And only share pieces of the journey that you are comfortable sharing, and only in ways that you are comfortable with.

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