How to See What My Girlfriend Likes on TikTok

Last updated on October 6th, 2022 at 08:21 am

Does your girlfriend regularly watch videos on TikTok?

Do you have strong suspicions that she is flirting or, worse still, cheating with other men using TikTok?

See What My Girlfriend Likes on TikTok

Do you want to see what your girlfriend likes on TikTok?

You are not alone if you think your girlfriend uses TikTok to engage with other men and set up arrangements with them.

Although it may turn out to be a figment of your imagination, there are valid reasons you may harbor these thoughts, and it’s good to find out for sure. 

This guide will address the possibility of seeing what your girlfriend likes on TikTok.  


Can I See What my girlfriend Likes on TikTok?

Now here’s the all-important question that has been splattered across the net. 

The ability to see your girlfriend’s liked videos on TikTok will help you spy on their favorite content on the platform.

With that kind of information, you are one step closer to finding out if your girlfriend is cheating via TikTok.

Or, inversely, you can have fun with that content; it’s not a bad idea if it’s engaging and appealing. 

However, accessing someone’s liked video on TikTok is never easy. It can be really complicated, and it requires a lot of work to get that content. 

What’s the reason for this?

This is due to the fact that lots of users are very mindful that revealing information like “liked videos” is inimical, and anybody with ill-intent can visit their profile to spy on them or steal their data.

So to forestall this eventuality, many users have hidden or disabled this “see liked videos” feature.

But if you are still bent on finding out how to see your girlfriend’s liked videos on TikTok, don’t fret. The steps below will guide you in finding that information.

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Follow these instructions to see your girlfriend’s liked videos on TikTok. 

  • Open the TikTok app and navigate to the “Me” tab. 
  • Access the gear tab and select the three dots button (…) on the upper right of the app. 
  • Next, tap on the Privacy option. 
  •  Finally, you have to select “who can view your liked videos” to enable and use the feature.  


Has the “Who Can View Your Liked videos” Feature Been Removed by TikTok?

Many users who are new to the TikTok platform have complained about their inability to use the “who can view your liked videos” feature.

Either it’s unable to function, or it has been removed from their dashboard. 

What is the reason for this?


TikTok is Stepping Up to Become More Privacy-conscious

In 2020, TikTok was banned in India. This has caused a serious drop in the user base.

After this happened, TikTok began putting in place measures to become more privacy compliant and strengthen the security of their user data.

At one point, the mistrust of TikTok’s handling of user data got so bad that even the US threatened to ban the platform. 

For this reason, TikTok has moved to implement policies that will give users more control over their data.

For instance, the removal of “Who can view your Liked videos” in the dashboard is a strategic move by TikTok to protect their user data and prevent data theft. 


What is the Possibility of Users Seeing “Others Liked Videos on TikTok”?

Regrettably, we would like to state that if you have previously used the “who can view your liked video” feature, the likelihood of using it again is slim.

Expect new features to be introduced on the platform soon enough. 


Are There Any Other Options Available See What Your Girlfriend Likes on Tiktok?

The “who can see your liked videos” feature was recently removed from the platform. Both new and older users can’t access that feature at the moment because of this. 

But not to worry. If you suspect your girlfriend is cheating on you using TikTok. Here are six other ways to find out.


Ways to Find Out if Your Girlfriend is Cheating Using TikTok


She Always Behaves Like She is Covering Up Something

Did you notice that your girlfriend has suddenly changed the password of her mobile phone?

Has she become more protective of using it? Does she invest a lot of time in TikTok beyond watching funny and interesting videos?

Have you heard her laugh loudly and chuckle when chatting on the platform?

Cheating girlfriends always have noticeable behaviours, regardless of whether they are offline or on the internet. Although some of these attitudes may not necessarily point to cheating, the likelihood is high. 

The fact is that these behaviors associated with cheating may not be as obvious as keeping late nights or having the smell of another man’s perfume.

This is why her phone is your most credible piece of evidence at the moment. 


She is Active on TikTok, But When You Are Not Watching

Your girlfriend’s phone habits can reveal plenty of information about her commitments to your relationship. First, TikTok is an addictive platform.

You may want to access it to read your texts; the next thing is you are watching videos for two hours before you even realize it. 

You shouldn’t have anything to fear if your girlfriend continues to swipe through videos non-stop, especially when you peek at her phone’s screen.

But if she cheats, she will draw back or wince when you glance in her direction. 

Another sign is if she hastily tries to hide her smartphone when you get up at midnight or dawn and see her scrolling through TikTok.


She Frequently Engages with a Particular TikTok User

A good TikTok feature that works in your favor is that you can view comments on any user’s post without them following you.

Even if it’s impossible to check who has viewed their content, if it is a public account, you can always check the user interaction or engagement. 

If your girlfriend posts intriguing and riveting videos, she will likely receive plenty of comments and engagements from random users – male or female.

However, if the same guy keeps appearing in her comment section, leaving a love emoji on content, and creating duets together, you should be suspicious. 

Keep your eyes open for intimate interactions on your girlfriend’s TikTok. For instance, private jokes from male users that you aren’t aware of. 


She Acts Like She’s Single on Her TikTok Profile

Unless you and your girlfriend have agreed that the activities in her content are merely “acting”, constantly portraying herself as single on TikTok is a red flag. Here’s why. 

If she publicly claims to be single or alludes to that by openly flirting with any guy, or cracks jokes about life as a single person, then she may be cheating.

She is deliberately promoting the idea that she is ready to mingle and wants to hook up with someone else. 

Some guys don’t mind having an amorous relationship with people who have commitments. Thus, stating she is single boosts the odds of someone else sending her a “DM”.


Go Through Her Phone

Her phone holds an ocean of secrets. If you are lucky enough to find it unlocked, you can go through her phone.

It is a great way of eliminating all doubts, assumptions and uncertainty.

If you are an active TikTok user, then there’s no need to direct you to where to check when you access her account.

But if the reverse is the case, you have to go through her message first.

Find her favorite chats and browse for texts with heart smileys, adult pictures etc. 


Use the TikTok Spy App

A good alternative to trying to get her phone code while she’s not around is setting up a functional spy app.

With that, you can monitor your girlfriend’s activity on TikTok from the instant she logs in until she signs out. 

Please note that using spyware to monitor your girlfriend can invade her privacy, which might be borderline criminal in many countries.

Thus, if you want to risk the consequences, then go ahead and do it. 


See What My Girlfriend Likes on TikTok FAQs


How do you increase your visibility on TikTok?

Similar to other social media websites around, the most effective way to increase your visibility on TikTok is by crafting great content as well as engaging and interacting with your followers.

Create your profile with a catchy name and then capitalize on viral challenges, trending hashtags, and song clips. 


Can you identify someone on TikTok without them finding out?

TikTok users can now get notified each time their pages get visited, or their content receives views if the user enables the visitor log feature, especially if their account is private.

However, if the user disables this feature or her account is public, you can access her content without their knowledge. 


Can someone check who accessed their TikTok?

Can someone check how many times you have accessed their TikTok? TikTok does not have a feature that lets you find out who accessed your content.

While TikTok will enable you to know the number of times your content has been watched, it won’t disclose the identity of the users or accounts that accessed it. 




This article has explained how to see what your girlfriend likes on TikTok.

It also went a step further to give you tips to know if your girlfriend is cheating on TikTok.

Ensure you share this article with your loved ones and friends; it may be of help to somebody. 


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