Does Facebook Listen to You Through Your Phone (No, BUT…!)

Last updated on February 5th, 2023 at 08:56 am

Facebook has a lot of brilliant features that would make anyone think that it could be listening or trying to use their information against them.

It’s very normal to have this thought come to your mind.

Does Facebook Listen to You Through Your Phone

Well, the answer is No.

Facebook cannot listen to you unless you permit them to do so.

Let’s get into activities that automatically enable Facebook to listen to you through your phone.


Activities that Make Facebook Listen to You

There are a few things you and I do that Facebook uses. They include:


1. Your Facebook Profile

By filling in your location, work, and so on, the sole aim of Facebook when you provide this information is to connect you with people who have similar profiles to yours.


2. What You Like

What you like, that is when you click thumbs up, would make other people who liked the same thing get connected to you, and also other related posts would get connected to you.


3. What You Share and What You Post

I am sure you don’t go through Facebook without eventually posting. This information can be used to connect you to other amazing things as well.


4. The Ads You Approve and Disapprove

The best part of approving something is that you get more stuff that is similar to it.


5. The Groups You Engage in

It’s not possible to like something and not engage with people who do as well. So, by engaging in some groups, you would get linked to the opportunities shared on that platform as well.

Below are different questions around the topic of Facebook having access to your phone:


Can Facebook Listen to Me Through My Phone?

Facebook is a social media community and the things you see in your account are the result of what other people who are connected to you shared and what your profile says.

Facebook cannot listen to you; your chat is usually end-to-end encrypted and the conversation can’t be accessed by anyone except by those who have one of the keys.

So, Facebook keeps all your chat saved. This also includes all the calls you make. The calls you make can’t be shared with those outside the call group.

The reason you may be reading this article may be because your chat with your friend has now become the news everywhere, this may be because someone related to you has the password or login to your Facebook account.


What if Facebook Can Listen to Me When I Enable My Phone’s Microphone?

There have been rumors that suggest that Facebook read people’s chats and has no respect for people’s privacy. This has been confirmed to be false.

Alongside the first line of the rumors is the suggestion that the microphone can be accessed by Facebook, meaning that one’s message can be heard when the microphone is enabled.

This as well has been proven to be false. While you read on, you will find out why and how it is not possible for the rumors to be accurate.

The only situation that can warrant your message to be leaked when using the microphone is when a third party has your key as stated earlier, and this has nothing to do with Facebook. It could be that your account was hacked.

This is one of the reasons why Facebook advises that everyone shouldn’t ignore the importance of keeping his or her password far from any third party, irrespective of how close or how much you trust them. Entrust your password to yourself only.

Just in case you found out that your Facebook page or message seems to be manipulated, then make sure to report the situation to Facebook at once.

You could be asked to change your password as this is the main key to enter your account and how most hackers have access to one’s account.

So once again, Facebook can never listen to you through any of the tools for chatting which is attached to Facebook.


How is it That Facebook Can’t Read People’s Chat?

You may be wondering how possible it is for you to make use of the Facebook platform, yet, its operators do not have any access to your chat.

Apart from operating a network with end-to-end encrypted messages, Facebook has a policy of maintaining people’s privacy and ensuring their information is kept secured and prevented from getting leaked to an outside source.

This is how Facebook as a social community has earned her rank among the top ten social media apps among the over hundred social media apps in the world; because it keeps to her policy.

A very possible means of having pieces of your information leaked is if you logged into your Facebook account through someone else’s device or through a device that has been corrupted with a virus, thereby giving access to your account to a potential hacker.

In addition, operating an end-to-end encrypted message system means that messages sent or received from a sender are transferred in the form of an algorithm.

The algorithm of your message can only be accessed by the Facebook main body that is if there is a situation that warrants the need for using the key to check a specific person’s message.

This is only on special occasions, for instance, in a situation whereby a person who violates the law had his or her phone call history checked even without his or her permission.


How Do I Stop Facebook Listening to My Phone?

In case you still feel threatened by the idea of your messages being read and your call being listened to, there are some cool features present in messenger to provide extra security for your chats.

All you have to do to make it work is to enable it on your account through your setting. This includes;


End-to-End Encryption

It is not hard to set or enable this security mode on your phone. How do you enable end-to-end encryption?

  • You click on Setting
  • Then you click on Privacy and Safety
  • You would find the end-to-end encryption option among the options available, click on it and click on alert.


Secret Conversation

You can use the go to Secret Conversation. This way, it’s only the person you activate this with that it works for.

Now, how do you enable this security mode? Follow the steps below

  • When in the chat room of the person you want to speak secret with, as shown below.
  • Click on the icon which is shown in the image.
  • The GO TO SECRET CONVERSATION is among the options here. Once you click it, it becomes activated.

These are the basic methods to add extra security to your chat flow. This is usually not on default. So, you should apply it now to your account since you have learned about it.


Does Facebook Listen to You Through Your Phone FAQs


Is Facebook listening to me? Why does an ad appear after talking about things?

The ads you see that pop out after you speak about a topic are because in your profile there is a relation there.

Also the friends you are connected with may have an interest in those ads and so you would be on the list of the targeted audience for such ads.


Is Facebook listening to me through my phone’s microphone?

The fact that Facebook asks for your permission before you could use your microphone feature is the same way they would ask if they need information through your Microphone.

Facebook can’t listen to you. However, once your key is gotten by a third party, then, it’s very possible to have your Microphone sharing your message with a third party.


How do I stop Facebook from accessing the microphone on my iPhone?

To deny Facebook access to your iPhone’s microphone:

  • Go to Settings on your mobile device.
  • Move to the Apps option.
  • Tap on Facebook.
  • From the Permission options, disable the Microphone by toggling it off.


Are messages on messenger end-to-end encrypted?

Yes, it is. It is made just so that you the sender and the receiver won’t have a third-party having access to your chat, except that if it bothers you, you can have your timer on so that your message can delete after 24 hours.


How do I stop Facebook listening to my phone?

Facebook does not listen to your phone. However, you can enhance your message security if that will make you feel safer.

There are two ways to accomplish this; first, enable your end-to-end encryption, and also. You can set your chat to be in a secret conversation whereby no one else can access your chat.




Facebook has been one of the top ten social media which has been in existence since 2004.

This is because Facebook has always kept to its policy and has never acted outside them. It’s high time you do stuff freely with your social media account.

Share your thoughts, your ideas, and do not limit yourself with the mentality that your message privacy can be truncated.

Well, in case you are still in doubt, then, do not hesitate to add extra features to your Facebook account like setting up a timer so that your messages are erased after 24 hours or enabling the end-to-end message encryption feature.

This would help to maintain the safety of your information from any outside source.

Most importantly, do not forget that your password should be kept by you and just you.

Facebook is more interested in helping us to relate with more people from different parts of the world with ease.

Moreover, people who once had close relationships but moved to a different location because of different reasons can speak with each other without having to visit the post office or having to buy a letter.

This has been the most awesome transformation of the twenty-first century.


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