25 Best Instagram Audit Tools to Profile Your Account

Last updated on January 30th, 2023 at 08:59 pm

The challenge most times has been to create and maintain an Instagram account that is very clean and optimized. With the inclusion of bots and other factors that demerit the standardization of Instagram accounts, an audit every now and then would suffice.

Running an Instagram Audit will help you analyze your existing strategy and scale it to improve performance. The Instagram audit tool makes it easier to achieve this easily.

Instagram Audit Tools to profile Your Account


25 Best Instagram Audit Tools to Profile Your Account

The following are the best Instagram audit tools to audit your profile.


1. Social Bakers Pro

Are you an influencer? This Instagram audit tool remains one of the best for Instagram auditing presently. This is because it is very robust and offers a lot of useful features.

One of such features is the ability to create audiences that are peculiar to individuals. Some other major features of the platform is an analysis tool that is often used to assist production of contents, and analyzing performance.

Installed within the Instagram audit tool Social bakers pro is a marketing tool that is very useful to influencers. The pro plan for the platform costs about $200 for 10 profiles billed yearly. A very amazing pricing rate for the features it offers. 

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2. Iconsquare

A free Instagram audit tool that continues to rate and audit your profile based on some very intelligent metrics. Iconsquare is a very professional tool that has overtime continued to prove useful to Instagram users.

The Instagram audit tool is very ideal for Instagram users as it offers a free scan that points users in the right direction regarding where to begin the most  basic of your profile/account optimizations.

3. Hype Auditor

The Hype auditor is one of the very best Instagram audit tools to audit your profiles. This audit tool is available to any Instagram user with an account possessing more than a thousand followers.

Hype Auditor tool requires the user to buy tokens in order to get access to their scan.

This has often been preferred to purchasing a full service. The token usually cost about $2 each.

Hype Audit tool would give you a decent report of the ranks of your accounts, alongside the count of followers. The tool would also highlight possible bad followers or accounts you should be wary of. A lot of analytics are available within the tool and as such it is one of the best Instagram audit tools available out there.

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4. Minter.io

The platform or audit tool is a very simple to use tool with a very attractive analytics scanner. Minter.io is also very dedicated to performing analytics for Instagram accounts and hashtags as well. However, they are not restricted to just Instagram.

They also perform Facebook analytics as well as Twitter. If you have interests in being up to the date with the Instagram hashtags market, this is your audit tool to utilize.

5. Social Insider

The social insider is an Instagram audit tool that is very useful for auditing profiles thoroughly. However, they are extremely focused on analytics that are very comparative. The tool would seek your top competitors or offer you the option to choose or highlight them yourself.

The Instagram Audit tool would then compare whatever intelligence they can gather about your competitors with your available data. However, you can also find and generate other reports for relevant subjects or points. Such as, specific user engagements, etc. 

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6. Webstagram

With Webstagram you can scan the posts and profiles of individual users, also seeing relevant information from their profiles. The audit tool is a very simple one and does not require any particular authorization to function.

With Webstagram you can specifically scan hashtags as well, seeing recent relative posts and users that are engaging the hashtag, etc. 

7. Pixlee

Pixlee is one of the 25 best Instagram audit tools to audit your profile presently. The platform helps the user to monitor not just performance but also monitor statistics relative to hashtags. The platform critically tracks changes and gives reports relative to the specific notable changes. 

8. Socilaity.io

The platform or audit as popularly called is one of the best audit tools for Instagram. This is because it is an all in social base with a section that is strictly for publication as well. Sociality.io is very well equipped with some extra features such as:

  • A calendar that functions effectively
  • A comment section that displays all comments
  • A section for social listening and analytics monitoring
  • An analysis specifically for competitors. 

However, the platform is paid for, but all services are executive. 

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9. SoTrender

Sotrender stands out as being very productive, having a lot of positive reviews, etc. The audit tool has a very organized analytics report system. It can also be considered an analytics platform that is on a corporate level with a lot of executive functionalities.

The audit has a very helpful support system that can help with the timely execution of agendas relative to Instagram profile auditing. 

10. Snoop Report

Although the tool or app continues to use the profile of Snoop Dogg to give some examples, they have no affiliation with the artist. The audit tool does a very good job when it comes to giving an analytical report on several competitors.

However, the audit tool does not show information that is not publicly made available. Snoop report is a very good tool to use especially for Instagram profile auditing.

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11. SmartMetrics

The audit tools remains one of the best Instagram audit tools to audit your profile. SmartMetrics is a very professional Instagram audit tool that performs very direct and precise Instagram analytics for users.

The tool specializes in the measurement of demographics, engagement rates, age, geography  and even competitive analytics.  The web app will check and update the user hourly if the need be. However, the audit tool is paid for, but quite cheap at a rate of $9 per month, etc. 


12. Crowd Babble

Crowd Babble is a very standard tool that you will actually love to use to get your Instagram profile audited. The tool allows you to not just audit but also stores the reports as a benchmark. That benchmark will be used to compare to the next analytics report.

This system will help you understand your analytics properly and also help you note down the differences in reports and what sponsors growth or not. However, the platform is not free, but worth investing in.

13. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma still remains one of the best  Instagram audit tools for profile auditing. The tool operates on a large scale, offering a very comfortable analytics feature. The audit tool also offers a unified inbox, a publication platform and even a response tracking feature to work with.

Fanpage Karma is very user friendly. The tool is worth it and very effective for every instagram user.

14. Trendhero

Trendhero is one of the best platforms to search, find and note fake Instagram accounts and followers. With this platform you can audit several influencer accounts to find real influencers to work with and patronize if the need be.

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15. TalkWalker

The tool is quite pricey but has everything any Instagram auditor would need to perform a clean audit. Talkwalker has a lot of features that are especially suited for companies, and enterprises.

The tool has features that you probably won’t find on any other platform. Some of these features include; facial recognition and a very advanced social listening tool.

In addition to their unique features, TalkWalker offers a very unique data presentation visual that is just unique to the platform. You cannot find it anywhere. 

16. Locowise

Locowise is specifically aimed at agencies as it is a tool that is used for reporting based on performance assessment and measurement. It is generally used to measure and monitor reports which are then generated for the user.

Their pricing however at the time of this publication starts at $495 for 20 profiles. 

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17. Quintly

Quintly offers very advanced features such as optimization, benchmarking and even social media tracking. It is one of the 25 best Instagram audit tools to audit your profile.

However, Quietly does not just cover Instagram but other social networks as well. The platform is quite pricey and recommended for organizations or large businesses. 


18. Keyhole

Keyhole is very beneficial to users especially in the area of optimization. With the tool any user can track  and keep notes on hashtags and relevant keywords.

However, that is very much dependent on the plan purchased. Keyhole offers a $79 per month pricing for their standard plan, which is very okay compared to the features accessible. 

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19. Phlanx

Phlanx is not a very expensive one. However, it offers very ideal features and services that are very beneficial to your Instagram profiling and/or marketing.

The platform offers expensive features such as an engagement calculator and an auditor specifically meant for Instagram. With this tool you can calculate and note the effectiveness of your Instagram account. 


20. Intutel

Intutel has within itself a major deep search monitor. This monitor mentions after profoundly searching for keywords, hashtags and even mentions. However, it is not a free platform to engage, but relatively cheap as well. 


21. Union Metrics

The tool actually does one good thing for Instagram users. It offers a free account checkup. The tool would definitely have to perform an analysis and provide the best answers regarding the best times to engage your audience.

In addition to that, the platform would provide you with the best hashtags to use, etc. Union Metrics is one of the best Instagram audit tools to audit your profile. Highly recommended. 

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22. SquareLovin

Mostly engaged by users who are after a platform that offers some noise filtering. SquareLovin is a brand that is well known for offering the most advanced solutions for visual marketing, social commerce and Instagram analytics as well.

They overtime became one of the best Instagram audit tools because they offer a very detailed analytical tool dedicated to providing analysis monthly. SquareLovin is also very easy to use and very easy to relate with.


23. Hootsuite

Although being a scheduling tool, Hootsuite is a tool that is used to also monitor and check the analytics on how a post is performing as well as respond to comments etc.  Hootsuite provides a lot of useful features that can help promote your Instagram profile as well as prepare it for any necessary Audit that you may wish to engage in.

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24. Instagram Insight via Creator Studio

With Instagram insights made available via the creator studio you can monitor your audience and activity. Although the platform does not offer an exclusive audit feature. However,  It offers a lot more flexibility that enhances your profile visibility.

25. The Influencer Marketing Hub Free Tool

This is more like an extra tool that has a very necessary feature needed for every Instagram audit. The Influencer Marketing Hub free tool after a partnership with the Hype Auditor offers a fake followers check.

With the tool you can check how many fake followers an Instagram account has. The tool would carry out this operation with certain factors running over its algorithm such as relevant avatars and ratio of followers vs those following etc. 




The above 25 best Instagram audit tools to audit your profile are very standard and recommended. However a lot of them are quite pricey.

It would be very smart to select and work with one that meets your requirements as well as your specific budget.

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