9 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness (Ultimate Guide)

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As a startup or already established brand, you consistently seek ways to increase brand awareness. The most successful brands today understand the important role that brand awareness plays.

Harnessing the power of brand awareness can keep your business ahead of your competitors and attract your target audience.

ways to increase brand awareness

There are diverse creative strategies to drive brand awareness. In this blog post, you will discover the best ways to increase your brand awareness as a business or personal brand.

Without much ado, let’s take a deeper dive.


What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is simply the level of recognition your target audience has towards your products, services and business as a whole. Building brand awareness is very important as it will help you:

a. clearly state your business values, mission, vision and purpose to your target audience

b. create a connection between the company and the general public.

c. give your business a good offline and online presence

d. build a strong bond and trust between your customers and the brand

e. give your brand a voice of its own.


It firms a very strong connection between your business and it also creates room for your audience to voice their feelings about your business. This will make it easier for you to know what you aren’t right, and quickly adjust.

These singular activities create room for growth which is very important. You should always measure your brand awareness, this is the best way to know if your strategies are working.

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How to Measure Brand Awareness Campaign Performance

There are 2 ways to measure brand awareness campaigns:

1. Qualitative Measuring

This involves setting up Google alerts to access the visibility of your brand online. This also enhances social media listening and monitoring with social media management tools.

Running brand awareness surveys to get honest feedback from your audience is also one of the benefits of using qualitative measuring.


2. Quantitative Measuring

  • Direct traffic assessment from Google and other search engines
  • You can easily know the number of visitors, bounce rates etc.
  • Easy access to user engagement including the number of likes, shares, comments on social platforms etc.


Why is Brand Awareness Necessary?

The act of taking brand awareness seriously creates a good and lasting connection with your audience.

Brand awareness also goes a long way to enhance

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Brand recognition and visibility
  • Credibility

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9 Creative Ways To Increase Brand Awareness

1. Being Consistent in Voice and Image

We just cannot talk about brand Awareness without consistency. Consistently putting the brand in the faces of your audience can greatly increase revenue by up to 25%.

It’s not just about the brand awareness but also how consistent you are in the process of driving the awareness. 

You should not be that business owner that purposely changes his brand image more than a thousand times, to the extent of getting people confused.

The aim of brand awareness is to still make your brand recognizable to your target audience even in 10 years to come.

Coca-Cola is a good example of a consistent brand whose name and logo hasn’t changed for years now. The brand has been consistent over the years and still reaping the benefit.

Are you aware that 95% of the world’s population recognizes the Coca-Cola logo? Oh yes.

Now, asides from the logo sticking to a particular brand voice also matters. Every channel your brand communicates on must have a unique voice. And that voice should be the trademark of your brand.


2. Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

As a business owner, satisfying the needs of your customers should be a priority. Make them feel important and listen to their voices as well as complaints.

You wouldn’t want to imagine the damage that one bad customer experience can bring to your business.

Let’s tell ourselves the truth, customers deserve to be treated right. They won’t stop at you, the business owner, they’ll as well likely tell their friends about it. And just like that, you might find yourself at your lowest.

To avoid this kind of experience, always go the extra mile to listen to your customers and give them the best experience. This should be among your business ethics, take it more seriously than ever.

If you know you didn’t get it right with a customer, try to fix the mistake. Give something out or give a huge discount to keep your business relationship with the clients.  This is one of the best ways to keep them glued to your brand.

Did you know that having unsatisfied customers is risky in this internet age? One bad comment and your business are at risk.

Let’s not focus on the negativity, on the other hand, customers that are pleased with your products and services will always drop positive comments thereby enhancing brand awareness. Not just on the internet, but offline as well. 

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3. Use The Right Channels to Advertise

You might be doing your advert well, you might be getting everything right, but then you might not also be using the right Channels.

Be intentional about the channels you use. For instance, on Twitter, up to 76% appreciate brands more when their tweet is being responded to. This doesn’t still imply that you should only invest in Twitter advertising.

Every advertising channel out there has a unique channel and you should take your time to choose the channel your ideal customers spend the most time on.

The most important thing is to do research and know the channel you have a larger population of your target audience. This way, your products and services will be made known to your audience.

You can do this yourself with a tool Known as GrowthBar or you can as well hire a good branding agency.


4. Offline Campaigns

The world is digital. But this doesn’t stop you from creating brand awareness outside the online platforms. Do away with the mentality that nothing outside the online hustle and marketing matters.

Invest in offline marketing Campaigns, they include direct mail, billboards, posters, brochures, handouts and other really good tactics that can help you increase your brand awareness.

This is the mistake most businesses make, asides living in a digital world the traditional medium of advertising shouldn’t be completely forgotten. It still remains a powerful way of increasing brand Awareness.

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5. Engage Your Audience with Video Content

We all know that it’s not easy to stand out when there’s so much competition in the digital market.

Video marketing is getting known because it’s 100 percent captivating if you’re doing it right.

It also creates an avenue for business owners or companies to interact and engage with customers in amazing ways that texts and images just can’t compete with.

Research has it that uploading videos on your landing page can boost conversions by a whopping percentage. People just love watching videos, and you should really think of creating more video content.

It’s a way of increasing brand awareness.


6. LinkedIn Publishing

Having a LinkedIn account and also being active on the app is such a great way to increase brand awareness and visibility. Now, all LinkedIn users can publish posts directly with the aid of the publishing tool.

If your posts really get enough attention, they can pop up on the newsfeed of many users as well as on Google and other search engine result pages.

As a bonus, having posts added to your LinkedIn account also establishes you as a thoughtful business person. Do well to promote your posts after Publishing.

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7. Unique Personality

One very sure way to increase brand awareness is by giving your brand an outstanding and distinct identity. Your brand should stand out and be different from the other brands.

In whichever way you choose to create your brand Awareness, be intentional about doing something different and distinct.

For instance, if you work in an industry where a bit of comedy is allowed, being good at it can make your brand really memorable and always in the minds of the audience.

Embrace the idea of always trying something new. You might not get it right at first, but learn to try out new ideas.


8. Consider Starting a Podcast

Podcasts are increasingly getting popular every day because they help people stay on the trend of things, get industry insights quickly and easily, and also learn from experts in the process of listening to experts and more.

You could also think of owning your own podcast to interview experts in the industry, develop relationships with peers and also grow brand credibility and Awareness at the time.

The truth about using podcasts as a brand awareness strategy is that it is way easier and more effective in a niche that doesn’t have many podcasts already, so you can give yourself a name overnight.

You can also contact and get in touch with outstanding podcast hosts that’ll love to welcome you to their show.

Use it as an opportunity to increase your brand visibility. Being a guest speaker on a popular podcast with an incredibly large audience is such a grand way to enhance brand awareness.

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9. Partake in Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is one of the very best ways to increase brand awareness. You must be asking why?. It involves showing ads to users that visited your site but then left without converting.

Remarketing goes a long way to place your ads across the sites your customers might likely visit.

Let’s say, for instance, you visited a website (an online shop) maybe just to take a quick look at a few products/items you had in mind. Then you exited the website.

But then, you kept seeing ads for the items on virtually almost every other site. Now that’s remarketing. Those ads are simply telling you to go back to the online shop you exited to buy.

Remarketing campaigns go a long way to tell the public that your brand is large and is very much capable of producing all these advertisements across the internet. And you also get to increase your conversion rates.



Brand awareness is a topic that just cannot be overlooked in the business world. Because it enhances communication, saves time through automation, improves data analysis, and most importantly a good brand awareness just makes it impossible for your business to be forgotten.

It’s high time you get the brand awareness process right and inculcate these ways to increase brand visibility into your diverse businesses and be more intentional about it. 

Acquiring knowledge is one thing and applying the knowledge is even more important. We hope you implement the ways to increase brand awareness that we have shared in this blog post.

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