Learnoflix vs Expertnaire (Which Affiliate Brand is BEST?)

Last updated on January 30th, 2023 at 09:13 pm

Before you make a choice on Learnoflix vs Expertnaire, the best part of starting an online business in affiliate marketing or as an affiliate marketer is having the opportunity to make money by promoting solution products and services without having to create or own them.

That means that the vendor provides after-sales support once you have successfully generated a sales conversion from the product or service. What a relief, right?

Learnoflix vs Expertnaire

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need:

  • a huge capital to launch an online business
  • to create or own a product
  • a physical location to get started

In this article, we will be helping you determine the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria, how to make money online in Nigeria without a website and start generating 6 figures from your side hustle.

This giant affiliate marketing website in Nigeria will avail us of the opportunity that we never had with Clickbank and other affiliate programs.

These best affiliate marketing programs is no other than Learnoflix and Expertnaire. Perhaps you might have heard or read about these affiliate websites.

We will reveal the biggest secret to becoming rich in Nigeria by taking a deeper dive into Learnoflix and Expertnaire review.

While Expertnaire coverage is mostly Nigeria and a few West African countries, Learnoflix on the other hand provides products and services for both local and international audiences.

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Learnoflix Vs Expertnaire: What is the Difference

The difference between Learnoflix and Expertnaire is that Learnoflix is both an affiliate marketing platform and an online school where students can acquire high demand skills, Expertnaire is simply an affiliate marketing platform.

Learnoflix affiliate has fewer digital products compared to Expertnaire, however, Learnoflix has the option to get paid in Dollars and with no limitation as to when to request a payout.

Expertnaire on the other hand is more popular, has top-rated digital products with industry experts as vendors, affiliate payout are every Friday and automatic.

For the most part, I recommend Expertnaire as it has more products to promote and pays more commission, however, if you want to earn in dollars from Nigeria, I recommend Learnoflix which also provides a seamless affiliate dashboard.

Without much ado, let’s check out the full function-to-function comparison of Learnoflix Vs Expernaire.

Features Learnoflix Expertnaire Best Choice
Member Registration Paid Paid Both
Demographics International Nigerian & West Africa Learnoflix
Payment Method PayPal & local currency Local Currency Learnoflix
Affiliate Payout Upon Request Automatic/Weekly
Products and Courses 8 50+ Expertnaire
Design & Intuitiveness Very Good Excellent Expertnaire
Customer Support Multiple Multiple Both
Communities Multiple Multiple Both
Affiliates Account Setup Automatic Manual Learnoflix
Affiliate Referral commission 40% Learnoflix
Affiliates Training Program 7 fig program 72ig Program
Affiliate Training program Commission 40% 50% Expertnaire
Best Way To Join Via 7 fig program Via 72ig program
Join As a Member Click here Click here
Join As Pro Member Click here Click here


What is Learnoflix and Expertnaire?

Learnoflix is an affiliate marketing platform and online school where trainees acquire high demand skills in affiliate marketing as well as register to promote solution-based products.

Learnoflix homepage

Learnoflix was established on 19th April 2020 to be exact, by young entrepreneurs of which Sam Harvard is one of the co-founders. The company currently boast over 3,500 active members globally.

Learnoflix is legit and not a scam. You can make money as an affiliate marketer with Learnoflix. The best part of it is that you will be trained to how to become successful with affiliate marketing even as a beginner.

Also, on Learnoflix, you have 4 juicy ways to earn money online – via affiliates referral program, students referral program, as a course vendor, and course sales.

Expertnaire homepage

Just as Learnoflix, Expertnaire is also an affiliate marketing website where you can make money online promoting products that you do not create. It was founded by Toyin Omotoso and avails Nigeria of the mind-blowing opportunity to become financially independent.

On Expertnaire, you have 3 ways you can make money – through an affiliates referral program, as a course vendor, and course sales).

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Learnoflix Vs Expertnaire: Offers to Affiliate Marketers

The fastest and easiest way to launch your online business or earn extra income is through Affiliate Marketing.

Learnoflix gives you the opportunity to:

  • learn affiliate  marketing
  • learn social media marketing like a pro
  • get paid on autopilot
  • earn in any currency of your choice
  • network with other smart and successful affiliate marketers

Expertnaire offers you the juicy opportunity to:

  • promote high ticket products and earn 6 figures
  • learn how to succeed as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria
  • smile to the bank every Friday
  • gain financial freedom


How Does Learnoflix and Expertnaire Work?

Learnoflix allows anyone globally to learn from industry experts and make money as an affiliate.

Also, Learnoflix courses are wholly on-demand and self-paced. You can start the course on your own time as there is no deadline to complete the courses.

Once you complete your enrollment for a course, you will gain access to it by clicking on the course link sent to you as a confirmation email (you MUST be logged into your Learnoflix account).

And as a course creator or an expert in a specific field, you can become a vendor which grants you the opportunity to list and host, promote as well sell your digital products on Learnoflix. As a non-vendor, you can register as an affiliate and earn passive online through Learnoflix.

On the other hand, Expertnaire functions just like any other affiliate marketing program you have signed up with before or heard about.

You recommend a product or a course on Expertnaire like the hot-selling 72-hour income generator program which allows you to earn 50% commission while the product or course costs just N50,000.

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What Kinds of Products are Listed on Learnoflix and Expertnaire?

Learnoflix vendors host, promote sell digital products. These could be courses, information-based products, webinars, and guides.

These products can be discovered under categories on the affiliate website which include Digital Products, Photography & Cinematography, Sales & Marketing, Graphics Designs, Money, and Personal Development.

This implies that you can explore and promote products from Learnoflix affiliates to students of all kinds and make money. There’s no limit as to how much you can earn from Learnoflix.

Hot Products and Courses on Expertnaire Affiliate Program include;

  • Sales and Marketing course by Toyin Omotoso – N18,000 with 50% commission.
  • 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint + Implementation Program B – N50,000 with 50% commission
  • Instagram Growth Hack – N50,000 with 50% commission
  • Earn Six Figures Weekly From Home As a Virtual Assistant – N30,000 with 30% commission
  • Passive Income Cash – N29,999 with 50% commission
  • Freelancer Success Guide – N 25,000 with 50% commission
  • The Study In Canada Masterclass Training – N25,000 with 0% commission
  • Marketing Intelligence – N15,000 with 40% commission


What is the Best Learnoflix Alternative?

Expertnaire is the best alternative to Learnoflix as its affiliates do not need to invest in VPN or change the IP address to use it. Also, Learnoflix is the best alternative and choice for affiliate marketers in Nigeria who do not want to partner with Expertnaire.

It is really interesting to see how each of these affiliate platforms can earn you extra income in Nigeria.


How to Signup for Learnoflix and Expertnaire

Membership on both platforms is paid. You will have to register and get a paid membership to have access to promote affiliate products.

Learnoflix registration

There is no age or gender restriction in becoming a paid member of these affiliate programs. You can start making money right now as far as you are about to drive sales through your product affiliate links

However, to get paid using certain payment methods requires you to be compliant with their policies. For instance, to earn in dollars via PayPal, you will have to be at least 18years of age.

➡ To sign up on Expertnaire, kindly register on the website to become a member.

➡ To sign up on Learnoflix, kindly register on the website to become a member.




Perhaps, this article has demonstrated that anyone can make money online and even earn dollars working in Nigeria.

With Affiliate marketing, you can earn 6 figures from the comfort of your home and live the life you have always dreamed of.

Learnoflix and Expertnaire offer you the opportunity to promote products you never created and get paid for doing so.

Just like in every successful business, you need to take action and be ready to learn the ropes if you desire to achieve financial freedom.

Lastly, both Learnoflix and Expertnaire have a community that supports and help beginners to succeed.

I am confident that if you follow through with the Learnoflix vs Expertnaire review, you can become the biggest personality in the affiliate marketing industry.

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