Recover TextNow Account (With & Without Email!!)

Last updated on February 11th, 2023 at 08:43 pm

While registering and signing into your TextNow account, you had to use your email among other contact info.

Also, you have had to log into your account with your email over and over again.

Recover TextNow Account

Now that you have to recover your TextNow account and you do not have access to your email details for whatever reason, you are not sure of the possibility of this recovery without your email.

I have good news for you; it’s possible to recover your TextNow account without making use of the email you registered your account with.

To answer the question of “How” that brought you to this article, below are suggested ways to have access and recover your account without using your email:

  • You can recover your TextNow account using your Facebook account.
  • You can make use of your Apple ID if you are using an iOS device to recover your Textnow account.
  • Your TextNow account can be recovered using your phone number.
  • You can contact the customer care service of TextNow for account recovery.

You might be wondering how the different means of recovering your TextNow account without using your email suggested above can work.

That’s what you will be discovering as you go through this post.

Given how crazy phone bills can be, having access to the TextNow platform and making use of the phone number provided by TextNow for your calls and texts can be very timely and cost-effective.

To have the access to this platform restricted because you do not have access to the email needed to open the account can be very frustrating.

Well, the good thing is that you can still have access to your TextNow account without making use of your email.

So, let’s explore the options that are available, shall we?


How to Recover TextNow Account Without Email


Recover TextNow Account Using Facebook

TextNow allows you to log into your account using your Facebook details. Doing this is very simple. Just follow the stepwise procedure provided below.

  • Go to the official TextNow website.
  • On the Login page, instead of entering your email details and password and proceeding to the login tab, scroll down, and beneath the “Forgot Password?” question, you will find other options you can use to log in. One of these is the “Continue with Facebook” tab.
  • Select the Facebook option, then, enter your details as prompted.
  • With this, you can access your account using your Facebook account instead of your email.


Recover TextNow Using Apple ID

Another method through which you can access your TextNow account in place of your email is by making use of your Apple ID.

If you use an iOS device, then, with your Apple ID, you can effectively launch your TextNow account.

Here is how:

  • The first thing to do is to launch the TextNow login page by visiting the official TextNow website.
  • Instead of entering your email details and password, scroll down the page, and from the options available, select “Continue with Apple”.
  • This will automatically take you to your TextNow account as your ID details are already automated on the device. However, if you are prompted to enter your Apple Identification details, do so.


Recover TextNow Account Using Phone Number

Yes, your phone number can also be another means to access your TextNow account. The steps below will serve as a guide for this process.

  • Visit the TextNow website.
  • Choose the Phone number column instead to use to log in.
  • Enter the Phone number in the space provided and press the Login button.
  • You will be sent a notification code via a message and you will be prompted to input the code sent to you.
  • After putting in the code, you will be granted access to the TextNow platform which you can carry out any activity of your choice.


Recover TextNow Account by Contacting Customer Care

The TextNow customer care service is active for most of the day. You can always reach out to them and complain. You will get help on what to do should in case the options of a phone number, Apple ID, or Facebook account are not feasible for you.


Recovery of TextNow Email

If the reason why you can not access your TextNow account is that you have lost the details to the email you use in logging into your account, you can just opt to recover your email details instead.

This would save you the need to make use of your Apple ID if you have one or your Facebook account just in case you do not remember the login details again.

You will no longer need to reach out to TextNow customer care.

Here are the steps to recover your TextNow login password if you do not remember it anymore:

  • Go to the TextNow login site by entering into your web browser.
  • Locate the “Log In” button and press the button. This will direct you to the login page.
  • Under the spaces allocated for the email and the password needed to log into the account, you will find the “Forgot Password?” tab, click on the tab.
  • Enter the email address of the account.
  • Then, request to be sent a link so you can reset the password to the account. To do this click on the “Send Reset Link” tab.
  • Go to your mail inbox to locate the mail from TextNow that has the reset link.
  • Tap on the link and proceed to change your password to something strong, preferably alphanumeric at the same time, something memorable.
  • Afterward, press the “Reset Password” tab to complete the change of password.
  • Wait for some time, then, head over to your TextNow login page and enter your email and the new password. You should be able to access your account now.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you log into TextNow with a phone number?

Yes, you can log into the TextNow account using a phone number.

Just go to the TextNow login page and enter the phone number in the space reserved for the phone number and press the “Log In” tab.

A verification code will be sent to you as a text. Enter the code to access your TextNow account.


Is it possible to recover TextNow without email?

You can log into your TextNow account using other means of contact like your Facebook account or your Apple ID. So, without your email, you can still recover your TextNow account. All you have to do is to choose which of the contact means to use and fill in the necessary details.

You can reach out to the customer care service of TextNow and explain the situation to them. They will guide you through how to have access to your account without email.


Does TextNow show your email address?

Your email address and other details are not made available to the public by TextNow. You don’t have anything to worry about.


How can I get my TextNow account back?

Follow the steps below to get back your TextNow account.

  • Launch the TextNow app if you are using a mobile device. You can visit the TextNow login website if you are using a web browser instead.
  • Select the “Log In” tab and enter your email and password if you have the details handy. If not, proceed to select to use either the Facebook login option or preferably, that of Apple ID if you have an iOS device.
  • You will be directed to your inbox where you can continue sending and receiving messages with your TextNow account.


Can I recover a TextNow number?

Recovering a TextNow number is quite easy. All you have to do is log into your TextNow account and locate the “Account” section and choose “Number Recovery” from the options made available.

You will be given instructions to follow to recover your TextNow number.

Note that you will have to confirm your identity by providing personal details to recover your TextNow number.




If you find yourself in a situation where you have lost access to your TextNow email details, especially your password, you don’t need to fret about it.

Recovering your TextNow account is very possible without the use of your email.

On the login page of the TextNow platform, you will find other means to log into your TextNow account that you can explore.

If you have an iOS device, the Apple ID is a simple way out. You can select to use that to access your account instead.

Another option is making use of your Facebook account details to access your TextNow account. Simply select the Facebook option and provide the right info as prompted.

Contacting the TextNow customer care service to explain the current situation of things is another way to go about this.

You will be filled in on what you can do. You can also make use of your phone number to access your TextNow account.

At the end of the day, if you feel any of these options are stressful, you can get your email details by clicking on “Forgot Password?”. 

Reset your password with the reset link that will be sent to you. You can use the new details to access your account.


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