10 Digital Marketing Tips for Insurance Companies

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 06:02 pm

digital marketing strategies for insurance

Today, digital marketing strategies for insurance companies and agents come with different challenges.

However, digital marketing has become a valuable tool for insurance companies.

Besides, the opportunities that insurance agencies are enjoying from digital marketing outweigh the challenges.

Also, it is important for insurance agencies to deploy a practical approach to digital marketing that follow best practices, avoid negativity and reaps the benefits.

Your digital assets are a channel for you to connect with your target audiences.

From targeted online advertising, customer service, engagement, and effective content marketing, to delivering content that meets your community is the most effective form of digital marketing for insurance companies.

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How to do digital marketing

Success Digital Marketing Tips For Insurance Companies

There are diverse ways to use digital marketing for your insurance agency or as an insurance agent.

Below are some of the digital marketing strategies to promote insurance companies:


#1. Create Brand Identity


Brand identity for insurance companies

How your target audience perceives your brand is very key in building trust.

Hence, one of the best ways to leverage digital marketing for insurance companies is by creating a brand identity that resonates with your target audience.

Be it in the form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) or hosting seasonal cultural events for team members, setting the tone of your brand with the use of digital marketing could set you apart from the competition and be a great stepping stone to business success.


#2. A High Converting Website

If you are an insurance company with the goal to go online, and you do not have a well-designed website for your brand, you are definitely leaving a lot on the table. Your Insurance company website plays a significant part in your digital marketing strategy.

With a well-optimized SEO website, you can attract new customers as well as interact with existing ones.

Therefore, it is a great place for your existing customers to get user information and also connect with your brand. Also, you can integrate a chatbot on the website to strike interaction and on-time responses to inquiries from new and existing clients.

#3. Content Is King

One of the most successful digital marketing strategies for insurance companies is quality content. Content marketing plays a vital role in insurance marketing to drive a successful digital marketing campaign.

Beyond just creating a promotional campaign, it is essential to create contents that are informative and able to educate your potential and existing customers on how best to protect their valuables.

Perhaps with your company’s CSR activities as mentioned above, you can smarty exhibit exemplary insurance digital marketing strategies in the industry.

For instance, as a digital-savvy insurance company, you could run a social media marketing campaign that demystifies common insurance myths.

This way, you create value that attracts potential customers to your brand and positions you as an authority in the insurance industry.


#4. Invest in SEO


SEO digital marketing strategies for insurance

To interact with your brand, policyholders should be able to find you online easily.

Over 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, hence, you need to invest the effort to find a spot at the top of the first search engine results page—can you remember the last time you went to the third page of a search result?

If you want to rank your website on the first page of Google, or similar search engines, you need to invest time and budget in search engine optimization (SEO).

Today, there are over 200 ever-updating ranking factors, but in general, your

  • pages need to have optimized title tags as well as meta descriptions
  • the website needs to have SSL (be secured; HTTPS vs. HTTP)
  • the website needs to be optimized for mobile
  • web pages need to have schema markup
  • content needs to be of high quality
  • website loading speed needs to be fast
  • websites need quality and high DA backlinks
  • images need to be optimized.

#5. Create a Blog

As an insurance company that wants to scale with digital marketing, you need a blog. Beyond generating traffic to your website, blogs also help to build trust and show authority in the industry.

This can offer your insurance company global visibility. 

Blog posts also help potential and existing customers during the product research session. According to Martech Today, the average individual consumes about 13 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision.

Here are a few insurance blog topic ideas to get started:

  • Do I Need Insurance Coverage Before I buy a car?
  • Different Types of Insurance
  • Your Insurance Cheat Sheet
  • What are the 5 Parts of the Insurance Policy?
  • Top 10 Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have
  • Biggest Misconceptions About [Life/Auto/Liability/Etc.] Insurance
  • Factors You Didn’t Know That Affect Your Life Insurance Coverage
  • You Need Liability Insurance If You’re In These Professions.
  • How to Find the Best Auto Insurance
  • How Much [Health/Auto/Liability/Etc.] Insurance Do You Need?
  • What to consider before choosing an Insurance Company
  • 10 Tips for Keeping Insurance Rates Low

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#6. The New And The Old Structure

Beyond playing a significant role in generating quality leads for your brand, digital marketing also help expand your business customer base, providing a platform to engage and retain existing customers.

While new clients may come to you through your digital marketing campaigns, social proof from current customers can help in building trust.

Hence, it is important to ensure that there balance between the existing marketing strategy and the digital marketing approach.


#7. Digital Marketing Tips For Insurance Companies: Transparency Is The Key


Transparency for insurance

Today, insurance companies are seen as “monsters in disguise.” However, this may not be the reality for every industry, transparency can be an effective digital marketing strategy for insurance companies.

With utmost transparency, your clients are bound to have confidence in you and most especially when you provide relevant information that guides them in making informed decisions.

Transparency as an insurance agency or agent translates to how your position the brand on social media.

Having a good social media marketing strategy and PR for your insurance company can be an added advantage. 


#8. What’s The Marketing Plan?

Formulating and designing effective digital marketing plans is the driver of any insurance company.

Before you go fully digital, it is essential that you have a well-thought-out plan for your insurance company.

Digital marketing is not isolated to the parent insurance company alone but is fully integrated. 

Different strategies of digital marketing for insurance agents have over time shown to be a smart and effective approach. Hence, you must encourage all of your agents to take advantage of digital marketing.

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#9. Online To Physical Events

Online to physical is an effective digital marketing strategy for insurance companies.

With the use of digital marketing, your leads get first-hand information on your physical event coming soon.

For instance, if you are supporting a cancer awareness campaign with free insurance for cancer patients, you can upload these details on your social media pages.

Perhaps, your customers are unable to attend the event, but that alone has given them what you stand for as a brand in the insurance industry.


#10. Nurture Leads To Conversion


Insurance lead nurturing

The benefits of digital marketing to insurance companies go beyond generating leads and educating your customers.

But also a relevant tool to nurture your leads and inspire leads to sales conversion.

Deploy your digital marketing approach in nurturing your leads.

Perhaps, creating a warm welcome email marketing campaign, insights into the insurance plan they have opt-in for, and wishing happy birthday, can help in birthing a great customer experience with your online presence.

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Where to Begin Your Insurance Marketing Plan

Firstly, start with a comprehensive digital competitive analysis.

A competitive analysis will discover what insurance marketing opportunities your competitors are already leveraging on and what is needed to outsmart them in the search engine result pages and grow your insurance company.

Having the best digital competitive analyses will offer you a road map to knowing the best digital platform that is relevant to your insurance company.

Lastly, stop spending your resources on ineffective marketing strategies and begin to attract key policyholders. If you need help, kindly contact us today.

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