Suspended TikTok Account (Here’s Why & How to FIX It!)

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If you are looking for an easy way to fix a suspended TikTok account, you are on the right page.

In this article, we have highlighted some solutions for you.

Suspended TikTok Account

You have invested huge amounts of energy and time in growing your TikTok account, and it has begun to gain popularity and engagement.

One day, you can sign in to see a notification that “your account has been suspended by TikTok.”

The major causes of account suspension are a violation of TikTok policy and an error by TikTok.

Account suspension can be very annoying and vexing.

If you experience this, an easy fix is submitting an appeal to TikTok to restore your account.

TikTok suspension is of two types: permanent and temporary. 


Reasons Your TikTok Account Was Suspended

Before we delve further, let me state that I know exactly how you feel.

My Facebook account was suspended permanently (although my TikTok wasn’t). So, I know how upset you are now. 

It is particularly disheartening for users who have spent endless hours creating content and improving their accounts.

Here are the possible reasons why your account has been suspended by TikTok:


Violation of Community Guidelines

One of the most common reasons why your TikTok account has been suspended could be because you have violated its community guidelines

Community guidelines are policies formulated by TikTok to regulate its users’ activities in a bid to create a community that fosters innovation, originality, diversity, openness, equality and safety.

These guidelines assist TikTok in actualizing this strategic aim. 

Thus, whenever your activities breach these guidelines, TikTok may hit your account with a suspension.

However, the disciplinary measure will correspond with your offense. 

For instance, your account may be shadow banned or have restricted content visibility. In the most extreme cases, you may face account suspension.

Here are some categories of offensive activities that may lead to account suspension:

  • Videos that advocate or endorse terrorism 
  • Glorifying criminal or domestic violence in videos. 
  • Showing off firearms in your videos.
  • Generating and marketing drugs
  • Promoting content that portrays cruelty to animals, like butchering and torture.
  • Promoting bigotry, racism, and hateful rhetoric against political officials, political groups, cultural/tribal or ethnic groups, religious organizations etc.
  • Creating videos that portray harassment and bullying. 
  • Videos of gender violence and abuse of minors.
  • Sexually explicit content. 
  • You were below the mandatory age limit when setting up a TikTok account. 


Platform-Related Issues

The second reason for your TikTok account suspension is that you may have created content that the TikTok algorithm considered potentially harmful to your audience.

Even if it is not a deliberate action, you most likely have recorded something while taping your video that breaches the TikTok community guidelines. 

Thus, we suggest that you carefully review your video prior to uploading it and confirm that it adheres to TikTok policies.


What Happens After Violating TikTok Community Guidelines?

When TikTok discovers that you have breached its community guidelines (another user flags your account or TikTok algorithm spots your offensive content), its content moderator will analyze your video. 

It will consider which community guidelines your content has breached.

It will check for the gravity and regularity of the offense before issuing disciplinary measures. Your punishment will match the gravity and regularity of the violation. 

For instance, if you are below 13 years of age, your account will be permanently suspended.

If your content encourages criminal behavior, endorses self-harm, portrays unlawful activities, or promotes hate speech and bigotry, your account may face a permanent ban. 



As we have stated earlier, your account may have been suspended in error.

The TikTok algorithm might inaccurately audit your video and penalize your account. If this is the case with your account, ensure you file a report and explain the situation to them. 


Types of TikTok Account Suspension

Below are the types of TikTok account suspension:

  • Permanent 
  • Temporary. 

If your account has been suspended temporarily, it will be clearly stated by TikTok, and after a while, your account will be restored. 

Permanent suspension implies an indefinite ban on your TikTok account. TikTok permanently suspends the accounts of users who frequently breach community guidelines.

Temporary account suspensions may be lifted after a day, week or month. TikTok can also block you from uploading videos as a punishment. This can last from three to seven days.

TikTok may also impose a shadowban on your account. You can remove TikTok shadowban by following best practices.


What does TikTok Shadowban Mean?

Shadowban is a covert restriction placed on your account by TikTok to restrict your content visibility. This will block your videos from getting views from the For You Page or tags. 

Shadowban will drastically lower your video engagement.

TikTok will shadowban your account if it discovers that you are trying to manipulate hashtags to boost your content reach or if your videos feature harmful activities like extreme sports or pranks, violence etc.

Your account can also be hit by a shadowban if you are using bots to automate your activities on TikTok or accessing the platform with VPNs.


How to Fix a Suspended TikTok Account

If you find that your account suspension is too harsh or unjustifiable, you need to submit an appeal.

This is the easiest way to fix a suspended TikTok account. Here’s how:


Submit an Appeal to Fix Your Suspended TikTok Account

As we stated earlier, the best course of action if you think your account has been wrongfully suspended or the disciplinary action is too harsh is to submit an appeal to TikTok.

This will get them to unsuspend your account. 

Here are some strategies for submitting an appeal to TikTok to reverse the suspension. 


Submit an Appeal via the TikTok Feedback Form

To submit an appeal using the TikTok feedback form, follow the steps below:

  • Access TikTok using the mobile app.
  • You will receive a notification stating that your account has been suspended. Select “Appeal.”
  • Alternatively, open the Feedback form here.
  • Complete the form. Input your private data. This includes your TikTok username, email address and reasons you believe your account suspension should be lifted. Ensure you attach screenshots to corroborate your statements. 
  • Tap “Submit” to send in your appeal.

Next, allow some time for the TikTok team to look into the issue and provide a response. 

If your account has been suspended temporarily, it can be reinstated after a week of submitting an appeal. 

Another way to submit an appeal is through the suspension notice in your inbox. All you have to do is select the “Appeal” option to start the process. 

Before making an appeal, ensure you did not breach any of TikTok’s community guidelines.

Exercise patience because the process may be time-consuming and last some days or months. If you can’t wait, you can start afresh by signing up for a new account on TikTok.


Click “Report a Problem”

Another strategy is to submit your appeal by selecting the “Report a Problem” option.

It is effective in fixing the suspension or shadowban of TikTok accounts. Here’s how:

  • Launch the TikTok app on your phone.
  • Select the “Profile” option in the lower right corner. 
  • Select the three horizontal line icon in the upper right corner. 
  • Tap “Settings and Privacy” from the menu listing. 
  • Navigate to and tap “Report a Problem” below “Support.” 
  • In the upper right section, select the edit option.
  • Select the pencil button in the upper right corner. 
  • Input your feedback; it may be important to add a video or screenshot. 
  • Select the “Submit” option in the lower area. 

Before hitting “submit,” make sure you carefully draft your appeal.

Explain the full specifics of the issue with your account and the negative impact the suspension has had on your life.

Expect a response from the TikTok support team within 2 to 4 days.


Submit Your Appeal via Email

Another method is to draft your appeal and send it via email to the valid addresses of TikTok support.

Ensure you provide a detailed explanation together with your username, date of suspension and reason why your suspension should be rescinded. 

Add pictures and files to corroborate your claim.

Deliver the email, sit tight and expect a response. The TikTok team is known for their quick replies. 

Below are some key email addresses that you can send your appeal:


How to Fix Suspended TikTok Account FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on TikTok account suspension.


How long does a TikTok account suspension last?

TikTok may impose a limit on your account’s activity.

This may last from 3 days to a week. When this happens, you won’t be able to upload videos, send messages or grow your content engagement. 


My TikTok account has been suspended. What’s next?

Your TikTok account is suspended because your content contravenes their community guidelines.

After signing into your account, you will see a notification alerting you of changes to your account. The next course of action is to submit an appeal.


How can I contact TikTok?

Send an email to:



If your content has breached TikTok community guidelines, your account may be suspended. This article explores ways you can fix a suspended TikTok account. 

One of the major fixes is to submit an appeal, which will prompt TikTok to lift the suspension. You can send an email to the TikTok support team or use the feedback form.

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