NFS Mean on Instagram (What it Means & How to Use It!)

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If you’re conversant with Instagram, you might have come across the acronym ”NFS.”

The social media space is unique, and different online communities, at one point or another, have generated slang and acronyms that have become so popular.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

On Instagram, the list of slang is endless, with a different variation that means different things.

If you’re wondering what the acronym NFS means on Instagram, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, you will find out what NFS means on Instagram and how to use it in your Instagram content.

Sounds great? Let’s get started.

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What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Business Page

NFS is one of the most popular Instagram slang today. It has a different variation that means different things.

In the business space of Instagram, NFS stands for “Not For Sale.” Businesses mostly use it on Instagram for certain products or items that are exclusively not for sale.

Hence, if you’re a business owner or a buyer browsing a business page on Instagram and you come across such an acronym, you already know what it stands for.


What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Gaming Page

”Need for Speed” is another meaning of NFS on Instagram, and it’s commonly used in the gaming space.

Perhaps, if someone is discussing a particular car racing game on Instagram and ever uses NFS, it means he is talking about speed.


What Does NFS Mean on Instagram DM

Another variation of the NFS acronym, mostly used in Instagram DMs, is “No funny sh*t.”  

It is used by Instagrammers during chats in DMs.

If the person is bored with the discussion they are having or wants to signal to you to end the jokes, they use NFS.

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Other Meanings of NFS on Instagram

If you’re wondering what the acronym NFS means on Instagram, the answer is simple. The acronym stands for “No Filter Sunday.”

It’s a hashtag used by Instagrammers when they post photos without using filters, especially on Sundays.

NFS could also stand for “Not Following Specified.” On Instagram, this means that you are following someone, but they are not following you back.

These are some of the meanings of NFS on Instagram commonly used today.


Origin of NFS on Instagram

NFS started out as an acronym for “Not For Sale.” But since then, it has gained so many variations of its usage on Instagram.

It was used by advertisers to alert potential customers that certain products are off the shelf or cannot be ordered.

Then other variations of NFS such as Need for Speed, No Filter Sunday, Not Following Specified, and No funny sh*t sufficed.


Other Popular Instagram acronyms


DM: Direct Message

This is a personal interaction between the sender and the recipient. An Instagram user can “slide into” another user’s DM via private messages. The “DM” acronym is popularly used on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.


PM: Private Message

Most Instagram users use DM “Direct Messages” and PM “Private Message” interchangeably. If another user requests you to send a PM to them, they are basically saying that you switch from public conversation to private messaging.


AFAIK: As far as I know

This acronym is used during the exchange of facts or opinions. Some Instagram users when making a statement that they aren’t fully certain about. It alludes to the fact that the person isn’t an expert.


AKA: Also known as

Another popular acronym for describing people who practically have two names ( Dwayne Michael Carter, AKA Lil Wayne) or have a popular nickname ( Cristiano Ronaldo, AKA the GOAT)


AMA: Ask me anything

AMA is referred to as a group Q & A session on social media. Businesses, online personalities, brand promoters and anyone else can create an AMA session on the Instagram live stream.


ASAP: As soon as possible

For when you want something urgently done, at this instant.

BRB: Be right back

This is among the earliest acronyms on the internet. Its origin can be traced to the early 1990s. It is a remnant of the chat board era, but sometimes it is used on Instagram when suitable.


BTS: Behind the scenes

This differs from the popular K-pop band. This acronym can be employed to showcase a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your business.


BTW: By the way

This Instagram acronym is popularly used to provide additional details, dig at someone or go off-topic.


CMV: Change my view

You are expressing a viewpoint, but know that it may have some vulnerabilities. You are ready to have a rational conversation. This is the reason “CMV” is used.


DYK: Did you know

DYK is an acronym on Instagram that is used to convey fun facts to your followers. You can use it in your IG caption or add it to your hashtag. It can boost engagement and exposure.


ELI5: Explain (it to me) like I’m five

This acronym originates from Reddit. It is used on various social media platforms to seek simple clarification for a difficult topic or idea.


FBF: Flashback Friday

A great way to take your followers to the “good old days”.


FOMO: Fear of missing out

Not familiar with the acronym “FOMO”?

Then you are missing out on a lot.

It refers to the dread people feel when they think others are having fun in their absence.

There’s also a variant, “JOMO,” which stands for Joy of Missing Out.

FTW: For the win

This Instagram acronym is popularly used in a sarcastic way. Although others use it sincerely. It is a passionate proclamation for something to succeed or emerge victorious. There is also an antonym acronym, “FTL.” which stands for “For The Loss”).


FWIW: For what it’s worth

This Instagram acronym is popularly used to state an opinion politely and less aggressively. It implies that you aren’t criticizing them on purpose for sharing wrong information. Besides Instagram, it is frequently used on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Discord.


FYI: For your information

This Instagram acronym is used to share information. However, it is used in a sarcastic way.


H/T: Hat tip

At times it is used as HT. A hat tip is a digitized gesture that salutes the source of info or photo. It can even be used in place of “via” or “heard from.”


ICYMI: In case you missed it

An acronym used to promote news or content that you may not have noticed in the constant flow of social media.


IMO/IMHO: In my opinion / In my humble opinion

An acronym is used when someone is expressing their opinion, not a factual statement, about a topic. Some people believe the H means honest, while others argue it stands for humble.


IRL: In real life

IRL is employed to differentiate an event in the real world, not on Instagram, video games or online.


JSYK: Just so you know

This acronym is great for conveying important information.


Tips for Using Slang and Acronyms on Instagram

While it is essential that you familiarize yourself with Instagram acronyms and slang, there is no need to fill your Instagram posts with them at all times. Here are some tips for using slang and acronyms on Instagram:


Have a consistent brand voice

It doesn’t matter how many social media lingos you know, but ensure that you only use acronyms on Instagram if they suit your brand voice.

For B2B companies and brands that communicate in a professional tone, it may be more appropriate to use acronyms that are related to your business and exhibit competency.

If you are part of this category, it may look ridiculous to refer to your followers as “fam” or an event as “detty.”


Timing matters when using slang or acronyms on Instagram

Even for businesses with a much more relaxed or informal brand voice, it may not be best practice to use casual social media slang.

It is important that you thoroughly examine the situation and be conscious of the appropriate time to use acronyms on Instagram.

For example, a customer sending a message seeking urgent assistance or a complaint may take offense if you use too many acronyms.


Familiarize yourself with your audience’s favorite slang/acronym

Use social listening to be abreast of the types of acronyms used by your audience.

Ensure you use a good social media analytics tool to track key engagement metrics and the relevant conversational phrases and slang that make up each interaction.

This is a highly effective way of familiarizing yourself with common acronyms and better understanding your audience’s lingo.



Certain acronyms on Instagram can really be confusing, especially when they have different variations of their meaning.

With this article, I have answered your question, “what does NFS mean on Instagram.”

Have fun on Instagram.


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