What Does NFS Mean on Instagram | How to Use it

If you’re very conversant with Instagram, you might have come across the acronym ”NFS.”

The social media space is unique and different online communities at one point or the other generated slang and acronyms that have become so popular.

On Instagram, the list of slang is endless with different variation that means different things.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram
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If you’re wondering what the acronym NFS means on Instagram, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, you will find out what NFS mean on Instagram and how to use it in your Instagram content.

Sounds great? Let’s get started.

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What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Business Page

NFS is one of the most popular Instagram slang today. It has a different variation that means different things.

In the business space of Instagram, NFS stands for “Not For Sale”. It is mostly used by businesses on Instagram for certain products or items that are exclusively not for sales.

Hence, if you’re a business owner or a buyer browsing a business page on Instagram and you come across such an acronym, you already know what it stands for.


What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Gaming Page

”Need for Speed” is another meaning of NFS on Instagram, and it’s commonly used in the gaming space.

Perhaps, if someone is discussing with you a particular car racing game on Instagram and ever uses NFS, it means that he is talking about speed.


What Does NFS Mean on Instagram DM

Another variation of the NFS acronym which is mostly used in Instagram DMs is “No funny sh*t.”  

It is used by Instagrammers during chats in DMs.

When the person is bored of the discussion they are having or wants to signal you to end the jokes, they use NFS.

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Other Meaning of NFS on Instagram

If you’re wondering what the acronym NFS means on Instagram, the answer is simple. The acronym stands for “No Filter Sunday.”

It’s a hashtag used by Instagrammers when they post photos without using filters, especially on Sundays.

NFS could also stand for “Not Following Specified”. On Instagram, this means that you are following someone, but they are not following you back.

These are some of the meanings of NFS on Instagram commonly used today.


Origin of NFS on Instagram

NFS started out as an acronym for “Not For Sale.” But since then, it has gained so many variations of its usage on Instagram.

It was used by advertisers to alert potential customers that certain products are out of shelve or cannot be ordered.

Then other variations of NFS such as Need for Speed, No Filter Sunday, Not Following Specified and No funny sh*t sufficed.




Certain acronyms on Instagram can really be confusing especially when it has different variations of their meaning.

With this article, I have been able to answer your question, “what does NFS mean on Instagram.”

Have fun on Instagram.


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