How to Check Instagram Username Availability

There are over 1.3 billion users of Instagram as announced by Instagram some months back.

Each of these 1.3 billion users has a unique username, each different from the others. This is meant to ensure that every user on the platform has a unique identity.

The problem with the mode of operation where every user has to own a username that is different from any other username on the platform is the fact prospective username for new users may not be available.

Check Instagram Username Availability

It is therefore possible for you to decide on a username you wish to use only to get the “Sorry, the username is not available” notification.

For a normal individual who seeks to open a normal Instagram account, this might not be a problem.

However, for a business brand that has been registered, the idea of getting a different name from what had been proposed will not be a welcomed one.

This makes it super important to check the availability of the username you wish to use on Instagram before going ahead to register a brand under the name especially when you plan on using Instagram as a platform for your business.

How do you check the availability of a username on Instagram?

Read through this article to get the answer to this question as the way to check the availability of that username will be explored.


Instagram Username Checker

Instagram Username Checker by Primegate Digital is a free online tool that allows you to check whether an Instagram username is available for sign-up or not.

To verify Instagram username availability, enter the proposed username or name in the given box and tap on the Check button.


How to Check Instagram Username Availability

  • Open Instagram Username Checker by Primegate Digital on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Enter the username whose availability you want to confirm.
  • Next, tap on the check button.
  • Finally, you will see whether the Instagram username is available or not.


Other Ways to Check Instagram Username Availability

You can confirm if the username availability directly on Instagram by attempting to create your username.

Let’s examine this in detail.


How to Check Instagram Username Availability by Creating Username

The official way of confirming the availability of the username you wish to use on Instagram is to create one and submit it.

If it is available, you will be permitted to continue with the registration.

However, if it is not available, you will get the “Sorry, the username is not available” notification.

Below are the steps you can take to confirm the availability of the name you want to go for on Instagram.

  1. Using your favourite web browser go to or press the Instagram application if you have it downloaded and installed on your device.
  2. You should be led to a sign-in page where you will be requested to fill in the details you wish to sign in. It can be your phone number or email address.
  3. Fill in any of the details you are comfortable with using and wait for the verification code that will be sent to any of the means of contact that you use.
  4. In the space provided, enter the verification code sent to you.
  5. Enter your name as requested.
  6. Provide a strong password. It is best to go for an alphanumeric password.
  7. Select your date of birth.
  8. You will get a suggestion of a username to use. Simply ignore it if you already have the one you intend to use and enter the username of your choice.
  9. If the username is available, you will be allowed to go to the next step and complete your registration, if it is not, you will be informed that the username is not available.


What to Conder When Creating an Instagram Usernames

Before you decide on using a particular username and need to confirm if it is available, the following are things you should note.


Consistency of Usernames Across Different Social Networks

If you intend to build a business brand, then, you have to maintain a consistent username across your different social media accounts.

This way, anyone can confirm the validity of your brand by checking for the brand on another social network.

This will equally serve to increase your visibility as people will be able to relate to the same username in a different social network.


The Uniqueness of Your Username

When you want to settle for a username, go for a name that makes your brand unique.

It is best to settle for a username that reflects your brand; having a username that is informative about what you do makes you stand out from others and make your brand relatable.

For instance, seeing a username like Raefoodie or E3grafix gives an insight into what the brands do.


The Don’ts of Username Creation

The following things are things you should not do when creating or choosing a username.

  1. Do not choose a username with a character combination that would appear junky.
  2. Limit the use of underscores to at most two. Excessive usage of underscores reduces the professionality of your username.
  3. It is not ideal to choose usernames that are long and full of words that cannot be remembered. Go for short and memorable usernames instead.


Primegate Digital Instagram Username Generator

If you do not want to go through the rigours of choosing a username only to be told that the name is not available when you register the name, then, you can have the name-checked beforehand.

This is where the Instagram Availability Checker tools come in.

It is a free tool that allows you to check for the availability of the Instagram username you wish to use.

You can operate some of them directly from our website.


Check Instagram Username Availability FAQs


How long should an Instagram username be?

The maximum number of characters that are permitted on Instagram is 30.

Your username must constitute only letters, numbers, underscores and periods.

Note that you cannot include symbols and punctuation marks in your username and you are not allowed to use periods at the end of the username, though you can do so in the middle or at the beginning of the username.


Should your Instagram username be your name?

There is no rule that states that your Instagram username must be your name.

You can use the combination of your full name to create your username if that is your brand nonetheless.

However, it is not a necessity or a thing that is obligatory.


How can I make my username available on Instagram?

If you were told a username that you own a trade mark to is not available on Instagram, you can appeal to Instagram with the proof of your trade mark and they would be able to help you get your brand username.

The other options are to try and manipulate the username by adding underscores, location, niche, the article “The” and any other thing that will make the username unique from the already existing one.




Opening an Instagram account can be exciting not until you are told that the username you have fantasized about or even built a brand with on other social networks cannot be used because it is unavailable.

You can use Instagram Username Availability checker tools to confirm the availability of your desired Instagram username before opening your Instagram account.

If the username of your choice is not available, you can manipulate the name to make it unique or accept the suggestions provided by Instagram if that is fine by you.


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