How to Find Email Address From Instagram (FAST and Easy!)

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Sending emails is a good way to relate with someone on a professional basis.

It can be for business or you reaching to send a message across to a person for other purposes.

How to Find Email Address From Instagram

To send an email to a person, you need to have an email address and you need the email address of the person.

You may wish to send an email to a user or brand on Instagram and you are wondering how to access the email of the Instagram account.

Do not worry, this guide will have that sorted out for you.

Here, you will be discovering different ways to get the email address of the Instagram user you wish to send an email.

This will cover those users who do not have their email addresses publicly displayed on Instagram.

Are you ready to learn how to find an email address from Instagram? Then, read through this guide.


How to Find Someone’s Email Address From Instagram

Any of the suggested ways below should help you find an email address from Instagram.


1. Instagram Email Finder

One of the best ways to check is by using the free Instagram email finder by Primegate digital. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Instagram Email Finder by Primegate Digital on your device.
  • Enter the Instagram username of the person whose email address you want to find.
  • Next, tap on the Check button and it will display the email address linked with their Instagram account.

Note: This will only show if the Instagram user has an email address linked to their account.


2. The Email  Button

Instagram provides a special column for email addresses in the profile of every account.

Each user has the option of putting their email address for public access if they wish to do so.

If the account you wish to get their email address is a business account or an influencer, the likelihood that you will find their email address in their Instagram profile is high.

This is because business people or influencers are interested in being visible and reachable on the platform.

To access the email address from the email button, do the following.

  1. Open your Instagram application.
  2. Enter the username of the account you want to reach via email.
  3. Launch the profile of the account.
  4. Beneath the bio section of the account, you will find the email button in the same line as the Following and Message buttons.
  5. Press the email button and you should find the email address of the brand or user.

Note: You can only access the email button if you are navigating through Instagram using the application.

You will not find the email button if you are using the web-based Instagram version.


Other Ways to Find Email Address of an Instagram User


Google Search

With Google, you can access certain details about a person one of which can be their contact information.

So, making use of the Google search tool can help you find the email of the Instagram user you wish to get to via email.

You can enter the name of the user and attach an email address or contact to the name and search for it on Google.

You can get different results like getting the email directly if there is any social space where the email has been made available.

This can come as a referral to other social networks from Google where you can get access to their email.

Try searching for the username of the account and see if you will find the name of the user of the account if you do not know the name of the person whose email address you are looking for.


Website of the User

There are Instagram users who are a brand and own a website.

This applies to organizations and business accounts as well.

Going to their website might give you access to their email address as you may find an About section that has the email address of the brand.

On some websites, you may not find an email address but a contact form instead.

With that, you can still send a message across to the brand officially as you would with an email.



LinkedIn is a very good platform to find the email address of the Instagram user you are searching for.

You have to find the name of the user by searching their profile on Instagram to see if their name is provided there.

Sometimes, the username of an account on Instagram is a combination of the name of the user.

If it is an organization, the username displayed will be featured the same way on LinkedIn as it is on Instagram if the brand is in tune with building consistency across different social platforms.

So, if you own an account on LinkedIn, launch the account.

Enter the name of the Instagram user and check for the presence of the user on LinkedIn.

Should you find the user, you have to connect with the person to be able to access their LinkedIn profile.

When you do, open their profile and scroll to the contact info column.

You are likely to find the email address of the person or organization there.



Facebook will be an easier space to search and find the email address of an Instagram user, especially a business brand.

Get the name of the account from Instagram and check Facebook to see if the name has an account registered on Facebook.

If it does, then, go to the profile page of the account.

Find the contact section and you may find the email address of the brand.

You can check through some of the posts in the account to see if there are any that have an email through which you can reach the person/brand.


Other Social Networks

You can surf other social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter etc. and search if the Instagram account whose email address you need has a presence on them using the username or the name of the person from their Instagram profile.

If they do, you can check through their profile on these platforms to see if their email address is enlisted on them.


Ask The User

A simpler way of doing this will be to ask the owner of the account directly.

It will be best if you were connected to the person on Instagram.

So, if you are not, do so by following the account.

You can then reach out to the account via message and politely ask for the email address of the user stating what you need it for.

If all else fails, you can send the content of your message directly to the user using the message feature which you will find on your profile page beneath the bio section of your profile, close to the email button.


App for Finding Someone Email Address from Instagram

One of the free apps to find someone’s email address from Instagram is the Instagram email finder by Primegate Digital.

This free tool allows you to search for someone’s email linked to their account.

To use any of these apps to check for the email address of an Instagram account, you need the username of the account.


How to Find Email Address From Instagram FAQs


How can you find someone’s email on Instagram?

You can try different ways to get the email address of an Instagram user.

You can go to the email button that is found on the profile page of the account and check if the email is there.

Other options include; checking other social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. with a corresponding name to that of the Instagram account.

You can do a reverse check for the email of the Instagram user on Google and you can simply send a DM to the account asking for their email address.

You can directly just employ the use of email finder tools to do the job for you.


Will a user on Instagram be notified if I checked their profile for their email address?

There is no special notification that is sent to a user after you go through their profile.

So, the answer is “no”.




If you get the email address of a user on Instagram, you shouldn’t flood the email of the person with too many messages as they can be regarded as SPAM and this will not serve you well.

If getting the email address of the user seems impossible, maybe it is best that you do not go the email route.

You can try messaging instead.


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