How Can I See My Old Posts on Facebook Without Scrolling

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Many Facebook users check their Facebook profiles to check for their recent activities. This range of activities may include media and video uploads, likes, status updates and location check-ins.

So, how do you quickly find old posts on Facebook without scrolling and clicking ‘older post’ often? Surely, it is not through the usual profile view.

How Can I See My Old Posts On Facebook Without Scrolling

This article will show you how to quickly sort through your old Facebook posts through the use of various techniques

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How Can I See My Old Posts On Facebook Without Scrolling

Below are the steps on how you can see your old Facebook posts without scrolling.


1. Use Facebook Search 

  • Open your internet browser and go to
  • Log into your Facebook profile if you aren’t already logged in. You’ll be asked to provide your email address or telephone numbers, as well as your password details.
  • Tap on the Search function. You can locate the search field via the blue bar at the top of your screen.
  • In the Search area, input your desired keyword. You will be able to browse through or explore all Facebook users, posts, and images using this method.
  • Press the Enter button on your keypad. This will begin scanning all relevant results, including groups, images, users, and pages, and display them in a list.
  • Select the Posts tab from the drop-down menu. This button is positioned underneath the Search area at the front of the front page, close to All. It will display all public posts as well as posts from your friends that match your search query.
  • You can pick a post date from the date posted category. Choose one date from the Date Posted column on the left panel to view a list of old posts.


2. Search for Liked Posts

  • Open your web browser and access
  • Log in with your Facebook profile if you aren’t already signed in. You’ll be prompted to input your email address or telephone number, as well as your password details.
  • Navigate to your account profile page. There are two ways to do this: (1) Head to the navigation bar and tap your name close to the upper side of your screen, near the home button. (2) At the navigation bar, near the left panel of your screen, tap your name. 
  • Select View Activity Log from the drop-down menu. This link is located on the lower left side of your cover photo.
  • Select the Activity Search box. This can be found at the front of your Activity Log and is not the same as the standard Facebook search. It will scan through every one of your posts, likes, comments, events, and even status updates to find out your activities on Facebook.
  • Try searching for something specific from the post like a keyword or search term. Note that you will get better results with shorter keywords.
  • Press the Enter button on your keypad. This will find and display all of your activities that are relevant to your keyword, covering your posts, posts you’ve been tagged in, shared posts by others, and hidden posts.
  • You can locate older posts by scrolling down. The Activity Log is organised in a reverse chronological style, so this means you will see newer posts at the top.


3. Use Facebook Graph Search

Graph Search is a unique Facebook functionality that enables Facebook users to search precisely for posts and users. It was released few years ago. 

The search functionality is so powerful that it can be used to find old posts, humorous videos, news items you may have missed, old pictures that you have uploaded years ago. It is one of the best search features on social media. 

Given the billions of people who use the site every month to share images, post status updates, and share URL links to other websites, this is a key improvement to the popular social network.

Facebook graph search aims to improve the user experience since search has been a source of frustration for Facebook for years.


Here’s how you can find old posts with graph search features: 

Facebook users can now find these postings by simply typing in terms like “Lisa cookie recipe” into the updated Facebook Search.

Old Facebook posts are worth revisiting, such as a hilarious video, a unique restaurant, images from a special event, or even an item that got buried in your News Feed.


Other functions of graph search include: 

Discover and Interact with Old and New Friends

Whether you’ve just met somebody or are curious about the whereabouts of a former classmate, Facebook Search makes it easier to locate people.

Simply key in your name, either first or surname, or both, and you’ll be provided with a list of people who meet your search criteria.

To produce the most relevant query findings for every user, Facebook Search examines relevance variables such as specific contextual factors, search, and worldwide traffic.

If you input John into Facebook’s search field, it will scan for persons or businesses that are related to your preferences, as well as Johns that your friends on Facebook are familiar with.

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Privacy and Search

Despite the fact that Facebook’s search feature has improved, the social media giant assures that user privacy is protected.

Only users who have been shared with you by your friends can be searched, and you can only be shared by others if you have been shared with them.

Users on Facebook can now specify a target audience for their posts or media files. Users can choose whether their posts are visible only to them, to Facebook friends, or the general public, and they can also set up custom groups to share and hide content more easily.

The way users can hide or delete stories from their activity logs has also been simplified. 


Find places

Have you been thinking about taking a vacation but aren’t sure where to go?

In the search field, type in the names of places you’d want to visit and find out whether any of your friends have visited there.

You may look at images that your friends have uploaded and discuss with them about their adventures, as well as get recommendations for the nicest places to eat, the most affordable places to stay, and other details that can assist you in planning your trip.



Facebook has 3 billion monthly active users as of 2021, with more than 700 million of those being smartphone users.

It’s no surprise that Facebook worked hard to make the new Search mobile-friendly. With Facebook Search, both desktop users and iPhone users will be able to enjoy the same level of convenience.

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How Can I See My Old Posts On Facebook Without Scrolling FAQs


Are there any other hidden Facebook tricks I should know about?

Yes, they include:

How to access old Facebook Messages without scrolling

A simple way to access all your old Facebook messages is through downloading your Facebook data. This can be done by navigating to General Settings and clicking the lowermost button.

This method can be quite slow. Because the tool aggregates all of your messages, as well as other information, this can take several hours or even days.

Here’s a quicker method:

  • Visit on Facebook desktop mode. (Because this is a mobile webpage, you will notice a distinction in the way the URLs appear, which you’ll take full advantage of.)
  • Now go to your friend’s chat window and click on it.  select ‘ See Older Messages’ by right on the icon and click the link to open it on a new page or tab.
  • You’ll notice a lengthy URL with a bunch of numbers on this new webpage. Look for the line that begins with &start=7.
  • The number “7” relates to the number of filtered messages displayed. From most current to oldest, your conversations are classified from 1,2,3
  • Set that amount to as close to the total number of Facebook messages you’ve sent to your friend as possible, then refresh the page to see the most recent messages.
  • Of course, it’s possible that you won’t be able to determine the actual number of messages you’ve sent to a friend. You can set that figure to a high value in the tens to hundreds if you want to access older messages in a thread that’s been going on for years.  It’ll likely return you to years of old conversations, depending on how regularly you chat with that person.

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How to Save Facebook Posts to View Later

Not enough time to read everything in your news feed? Now you can save posts for later!

Simply select “Save post” by tapping or clicking the arrowhead on the top right-hand side of the post.

This works for any kind of post, whether it is a URL to a news article, a video clip, or something else.

To access the saved post, select the menu button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Facebook application and select “Saved” after you’ve saved a post. On desktop mode, check for “Saved” under the Explore page on the left side of the tab.


How to Look for Messages in Your Facebook Inbox that have Been Hidden

Messages sent to you by people who aren’t your friends on Facebook will not be displayed in your Inbox.

They’re in a separate folder, which most people believe is only for unwanted Event notifications.

So proceed to Messages and select ‘New Message Requests’ to see if there are any messages from relatives or colleagues you haven’t linked with on Facebook lately.



Finding your old Facebook posts can assist you in keeping track of your memorable posts. 

You will be able to see fascinating write-ups you drafted years ago, old video clips you shared, and some other interesting items. 

For this reason, you have to know how to find old Facebook posts. This article has covered three effective methods. 


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