What Happens When You Unmatch Someone on Hinge?

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The answer is that you won’t find their profile in your feed anymore. If you initially matched a person and then unmatched, Hinge will conclude that you are no longer interested in one another.

If someone was acting weird after you matched them or inadvertently liked their profile, then it is only proper that you unmatch.

What Happens When You Unmatch Someone on Hinge

This is because they won’t show up on your feed. You won’t encounter their profile anymore.

But assuming they opt to deactivate their profile after you unmatch them and set up a new account on Hinge, they will show up on your feed.

You can always avert any potential match by tapping the X button on their profile. This way, you will permanently limit any interaction with them on the platform.

If you unintentionally unmatch a profile and wish to match it once more, the steps are similar.

You can deactivate your Hinge account, set up a new one, and then rematch their profile after unmatching. Here’s a detailed guide on doing it:

  • Launch the Hinge app and sign into it on either your iOS or Android device
  • Navigate to the lower menu on the page and tap on your profile with your photo.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap Settings.
  • After you get to the settings page, navigate below and tap Delete Account.
  • Finalize your actions by selecting Delete Account once more.
  • You will be redirected to the Hinge home page. Select Sign up.
  • Set up a new account by following the steps outlined by Hinge.

After registering a new account, explore your feed until you discover their account once more so that you can match it, or better still, they can stumble on your account and like it.

You should note that deleting your Hinge account will lead to losing your entire match. To keep engaging with them, you must rematch with the ones you haven’t unmatched with.

The earlier conversations you have had with other profiles will be wiped off after deleting your account.

However, setting up a new account is the easiest way to match someone you have unmatched on your Hinge profile.


If You Unmatch on Hinge, Can You Match Again?

Unfortunately, this is not true. When you unmatch any profiles on Hinge, you won’t be allowed to match them anymore.

On Hinge, unmatching a profile is an irreversible action, even if it was done in error.

If you wish to unmatch a profile on Hinge, here’s how:

  • Launch the Hinge app and ensure your account is signed in properly.
  • Navigate to the lower menu of the page and select the chat option, which will lead you to matches.
  • Next, head to the profile you wish to unmatch. In the chat window, scroll from left to right.
  • Select the X option that is labeled “unmatch” to unmatch the profile successfully.

This will delete their profile from your chat window, and the app will also remove any earlier conversations if present.

Whenever this happens, it is irreversible and permanent. Even when it is done in error, you can’t rematch through any means.

As I have earlier stated earlier, there are several benefits to unmatching someone.

If you are uninterested in someone, or they are spamming you with their messages, or you don’t wish to access their profile, you can hit the “unmatch” button.

However, if someone unmatches your profile, you can’t reverse this action. It is final and permanent.


Is it possible to Match Someone Twice on Hinge?

Many people are curious about the possibility of matching someone after unmatching them.

While this doesn’t happen oftentimes, an easy workaround is to delete your account on Hinge and set up a new one.

This is because any profiles you have unmatched won’t show up on your feed again.

In this section, I will show you how to delete your Hinge account and register a new one. Here’s how:

  • Launch the Hinge app and sign in.
  • Navigate to the lower menu and select your profile.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap Settings.
  • Once you get to the Settings section, navigate to the bottom and select Delete Account.
  • Finalize your actions by tapping Delete Account once more.
  • You will be redirected to the Home page. Select Sign up.
  • Register your new account by adhering to the instructions offered by Hinge.

Once you have set up a new account, browse your feed until you discover their profile again, then rematch, or they can see your account and engage with it.

Through this method, you will even find your deleted matches coming up on your Hinge feed again.

This is the most effective strategy for matching with someone twice on Hinge.

This also applies to the other end. If the other user deletes their profile and sets up a new one, it will show up in your Hinge feed once more, and you can match with them.


If I Unmatch Somebody on Hinge, Can They Still See the Conversation?

It will interest you to know that your Hinge conversation will be deleted once you unmatch someone.

This implies that when you unmatch a profile on Hinge, the person won’t have access to messages exchanged or chat sessions.

However, if you interact with users through other apps, conversations will still be available on those platforms even if you unmatch them.

During the course of conversation on Hinge, matches usually share contact information, Instagram, or other kinds of social media for easy connection.

So any form of interaction you have had via text, Instagram, or any social platform besides Hinge will still be accessible after unmatching them.

Whoever you unmatch can still get in touch with you through these other applications as well.

When you unmatch someone on Hinge, the resultant effect only applies to Hinge.

Other apps are not affected. If you did not share your contact details during your conversation with Hinge, there won’t be any other means of communication with you after unmatching them.

If they choose to set up a new account, or you do, and you match with them again, you won’t still have access to your old conversation.

It will be deleted even after the rematch.

There is no workaround for this. After unmatching someone on Hinge, the conversation between you and that user will be deleted.

It is permanent and irreversible.

This is why most Hinge matches choose to engage in conversation through other platforms or apps as a backup plan in case of any accidental unmatch.


If I Unmatch Someone on Hinge, Will They Know

An effective way to find out if someone has unmatched you on Hinge is to check for signs specifically.

The first sign is your deleted conversation. If you access Hinge to chat with them, you will notice that all your past conversations with them have disappeared.

After unmatching someone on Hinge, the conversation thread will automatically vanish.

Another sign that you will see is that their profile won’t be found in your match queue.

Normally, upon utilizing Hinge, you can browse your matches whenever you navigate to your chat page.

If you can’t find a specific profile listed there, then it is safe to presume that you may have been unmatched.

Hinge won’t send you a notification if someone has unmatched your profile.

When you have checked all these signs, it is easy to tell if you have been unmatched on Hinge.

After unmatching a profile on Hinge, there is a likelihood that they won’t even find out, particularly if you haven’t interacted with them on the platform for a while.

This implies that they may not discover that you have unmatched them on Hinge unless they check your profile and conversation thread with them.


What Happens When You Unmatch Someone on Hinge FAQs


Is it rude to unmatch?

The question of whether it is not nice to unmatch someone on Hinge is down to your personal belief. Some people believe that unmatching is rude and the ideal thing is to inform someone that you are not interested anymore. Others do not have a problem with matching someone without any explanation.


What are the popular reasons for unmatching someone on Hinge?

  • They are not replying to your messages fast enough or delay in responding.
  • Their messages are laced with sexually explicit content
  • They get emotional and loving all quick
  • They misspell your name
  • They never bothered to read your profile.


Once you unmatch someone on Hinge, can you later rematch them?

Unmatching is irreversible. When you unmatch a profile on Hinge, you can’t send messages to them anymore.

It is not possible to rematch them.


Why do people unmatch in Hinge?

The likely reason is that they are not interested in you, or they may have met someone else or don’t want to engage with you further.

While being unmatched on Hinge is not a pleasant experience, do be bitter about it.



In this article, I answered the question, “What happens when I unmatch someone on Hinge?”.

I hope this article is helpful and enables you to understand the intricacies of unmatching on Hinge.


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