Tailwind App Review: Best Pinterest & Instagram Scheduler

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In this article, we will do a review of the Tailwind app.

Are you looking for an easy way to streamline or organize posts on many social media platforms at the same time?

Tailwind app review

Tailwind is a no-cost scheduling tool for social media that can synchronize activities on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

There is also a premium version with advanced functionalities.

This review will explain all you need to know about the Tailwind app and how it can add value to your Pinterest and Instagram marketing campaign.

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What is Tailwind?

With the widespread appeal of Instagram and Pinterest, it is never too late to improve your social media marketing tactics.

This is why you need Tailwind. This scheduling tool equips you with the ability to streamline post-scheduling for both websites. 

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to set up interest boards.

These boards are used to collect or save pictures from product pages or websites across the internet. Pinterest is reported to have over 400 million monthly active users.

This means the platform has a large market for promoting your products and services.

Instagram is among the world’s most popular social media platforms. It has over 500 million daily active users.

The platform revolves around picture and video sharing, allowing users to add filters and effects to their photos and upload them for their followers to view and “like.”

Instagram has become a powerful channel for marketing, audience engagement and brand engagement.

Tailwind was made available for public use in 2011. Initially, it was primarily designed for Pinterest.

But since Instagram’s emergence as a prominent social media site, Tailwind has updated its app to add a scheduler for Instagram.

Tailwind has a user base of over 480,000 internationally-renowned businesses as well as marketing firms. Among them are Teachers Pay Union, Shopify and The New York Met Museum.

The Tailwind tool is fantastic for all types of social media scheduling activities.

Startups, small enterprises, marketing agencies, and big corporations can all reap the benefits of using the platform. 

This review will explore all of Tailwind’s features, pros and cons to help you determine if it can meet your needs. 

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Tailwind Features

In this section of the article, we will analyze the amazing features of Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest. 


Tailwind for Pinterest Features

As mentioned earlier, Tailwind was launched exclusively for Pinterest scheduling in its early years. Thus, it possesses some rich Pinterest automation features, like:


Pin Schedulers

With Tailwind, you have the full ability to schedule pins on Pinterest. Its most popular feature is the capacity to let users choose the perfect time to post content. 

Users can access all scheduled pins on the dashboard alongside pictures and the Pinterest board.

The padlock icon indicates that the picture is secured for the time frame. There is also a feature that quickly allows users to reorganize the pins through a calendar on the dashboard. 


Tailwind Tribes

Another spectacular feature of Tailwinds is its tribe or communities. Tribes are networks or groupings of Pinterest users that develop content in related niche areas. 

The tool lets you upload your pins to the tribes for users to post in their queue. However, each tribe has a pin ratio of varying length, which means the number of pins collected for saved pictures.

The Tribe feature is a great way to enhance your visibility and exposure, especially if you are a new Pinterest user. 


Board Lists

The Board lists are collections of boards in related or similar categories. The Tailwind tool lets you automatically organize and publish the same pin for each of them.

This will conserve valuable time and energy because the whole process is automated, meaning you won’t have to schedule pictures that belong to a similar niche manually. 



Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature helps users reshare their favorite pins at ideal or optimal times to enjoy better engagement rates.

This feature is very efficient and will save you time as you automate the process of sharing your pictures.


Pin Inspector

This feature gives you access to key metrics and analytics for each pin. You can access your board, repins, pins, comments etc.

There’s also a sophisticated filtering tool that lets you sort and browses stats related to a specific date, website, board or category. 


Tailwind Instagram Features

Tailwind also has great features for Instagram. It is a fantastic way to add value to your Instagram marketing campaign. Here are some of them:


Scheduling and Planning

The Tailwind scheduler lets you conveniently organize several Instagram posts. It allows you to schedule, set up, tailor and review your Instagram posts without hassle.

One of its most popular features is auto-posting because it automatically posts stories and carousels without manual input. 

An important Instagram schedule functionality worth mentioning in this section is the tailored post inspiration, which allows you to select themes and suggestions with posts.

There are also caption templates that inspire you to come up with clever caption ideas and stay on course. 


Tailwind Hashtag Finder

While Tribes and SmartLoops are exclusively used for Pinterest marketing campaigns, the Hashtag Finder is built for Instagram marketing.

It assists users in discovering trendy hashtags for their Instagram content. 

The recommended hashtags can be put to use immediately or stored in your archive. Many Tailwind users have commented that the feature is super-effective



SmartBio is another Instagram-only feature of Tailwind.

It lets you add your brand name to a page, allowing you to direct traffic from your Instagram feed to your blog or retail site. 


Tailwind Overall Performance: User Interface and User-friendliness

Tailwind has a great user interface, which is very simple to use and rich in amazing features.

Apart from the basic posting capabilities, the app allows you to find the most valuable content, organize your posts in a planner, access the chats, and improve your brand exposure. Furthermore, it has excellent stats. 

It is easy to register a Tailwind account. You can easily link up your Instagram and Pinterest profiles with the tool and access its range of features.

Next, you can begin to schedule posts and organize pins.

There is also a web extension that lets you access the tool on your browser, allowing you to save pictures discovered across the net to the scheduler. It is easy to set up and user-friendly. 


Tailwind Analytics and Metrics

Tailwind allows users to access precise analytics and metrics using Instagram and Pinterest API. You can also monitor trends on your account, specific posts and boards. 

Most Tailwind users lauded the profile performance feature as it accurately generates the number of new followers they have on Instagram or Pinterest each week.

The tool also lets you access metrics about your account engagement and popularity. 

The Board stats also have the same functionality. You can review key metrics relating to your group and private boards. 


Tailwind Customer Support

Users of Tailwind can reach the customer support team via web chat, email or phone call.

Even though the customer support agents that will attend to your issue via email and phone are genial and competent, we recommend using web chat as it is the fastest channel to get in touch with the team.

Additionally, you can research solutions to your challenges on the FAQ and knowledge base page.

The articles are divided into different categories, or better still, utilize the search field to check for questions. 

For further details, ensure you go through Tailwind’s blog. It is rich in informative content about leveraging Instagram and Pinterest for brand building and marketing. 


Tailwind Pricing

Initially, Tailwind had a really confusing pricing system with multiple add-ons, specials and the like. 

However, those days are over. 

Here is the latest Tailwind subscription plan: 


Tailwind Free


You can schedule and organize twenty posts each month and twenty designs monthly for free. This plan is for a single user. 


Tailwind Pro


This price is calculated as a yearly subscription plan. For a single monthly plan, the cost is $19.99/monthly.

This plan lets you enjoy scheduling and organizing around 100 posts each month and 200 designs. This plan is for individual use. 



$39.99 per month, or $19.99 per month if paid yearly.

This subscription lets you enjoy 200 posts each month and access an endless array of designs. You can connect two Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook accounts on this plan.



$79.99 per month, or $39.99 per month if paid yearly.

The subscription package features an automated post scheduler, social post designs, and Tailwind tribes, and users can connect three Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook profiles to their Tailwind accounts. 

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Tailwind App Review FAQs


What’s the best way to find viral hashtags?

Using the Tailwind Hashtag Finder feature, you can quickly discover the most popular hashtags.

All you need to do is input the post caption, and you’ll instantly access the relevant hashtags. 


Is Tailwind authorized by Instagram?

Yes, Tailwind is Instagram-approved. You don’t have to worry about your account security, 


Why are hashtags important?

Hashtags are important because they help the algorithm detect the topic of your content.

It also helps to improve the visibility of your content and account because users use key hashtags to discover content they are interested in. 




Tailwind assists users in uploading multiple posts, organizing content from dozens of sources and auto post at an optimal time.

A big disadvantage is its exorbitant cost, which may discourage new users from using the tool.

But altogether, it is a fantastic scheduler for Instagram and Pinterest.


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