How to Delete a LinkedIn Company Page (In Seconds!)

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LinkedIn is a professional social media website that is used to build business networks, promote goods and services, and for job search.

It offers a wonderful forum to individuals, businesses, and corporate organizations by bringing them together for discussion, openings, and updates.

Delete a LinkedIn Company Page

Unlike most other major social media platforms that are mainly entertainment-focused, LinkedIn is an official, professional and career-oriented platform.

On this platform, you can create a professional profile, share content, and connect with people, groups, and companies. You can create a company page for your company or business to promote your goods and services.

LinkedIn is, without doubt, a great marketing and professional tool for companies or businesses, however, a time may come when you may want to delete your company’s LinkedIn account. This article will show you how to deactivate or delete your company’s LinkedIn account.

Note that “deleting” a company’s LinkedIn account is the same as “deactivating” a company’s LinkedIn page. I will use either word interchangeably in this article.


Why Would You Like to Delete a LinkedIn Company Page?

The reason or reasons to delete your LinkedIn company page is invariably personal. There could be several of those reasons. Among which includes:

  • The company or business is defunct or closed.
  • Change in the line of goods and services that the company offers, thereby necessitating a new page instead of trying to edit an old company page.
  • A duplicated company page.

However, you know why you want to delete a LinkedIn company page. And such reason can, of course, be strikingly different from any of the few mentioned above.

Whatever the reason is, not the main focus of this article. Rather, the focus is on how you can delete the page.

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Other Options Aside From Deleting LinkedIn Page

If you deactivate a LinkedIn company page it is irreversible.

It will disappear from your profile as well as from that all the people that follow the page. You will lose the data and everything you might have gathered over the years.

You will lose all the comments, likes, and followers associated with the page permanently. Also, any link to the page will break. All these will be irreversible.

But what if you want to get all or any of these data back in the future? You can’t, and so you might regret deleting your company’s LinkedIn page afterwards.

So, is there any other option of handling a company LinkedIn page you do not need and want to get rid of aside from outrightly deactivating in case you need it again in the future?

Yes, there are other options. Briefly, here are some of these options you may like to consider.


Deactivate Your LinkedIn Account

If you deactivate your LinkedIn account (note: NOT LinkedIn company page), your profile and data available to people who know you and want to stay in touch with you will be kept intact.

Your company page will be kept also. So, it is a good option if you don’t want to be active on LinkedIn for some time.


Rebrand Your Company Page

Instead of deleting a LinkedIn company page and creating a new one, you can simply rebrand the existing one to meet your current need or specification.

Rebranding could entail changing your company name or updating your LinkedIn account URL.

If you do this, your profile information and access to all your connections will be intact but will no longer be associated with the old account name.

This could be as good as creating a new company page from scratch but with the added advantage of saving your data.


Make Your LinkedIn Company Page Private

You can make your LinkedIn company or business page private. If you do this, the page will only be visible to you and to people you have specifically added as connections.

This option is a good choice if you are somehow ambivalent or undecided about deleting your LinkedIn company page and at the same time, don’t want it to be visible to the public anymore.

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Requirement for Deleting a LinkedIn Company Page

To delete or deactivate a LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn demands you meet some requirements. They are as follows:

  • The company page should not have more than five currently listed employees.
  • You must have a current position with the company.
  • You must have editing rights on the company page.
  • And finally, you must have the company email address that includes the company domain.

You can only delete a LinkedIn company page through your laptop or desktop. You cannot use a smartphone because you will not get an option to deactivate a company page on a smartphone app.


Deleting a LinkedIn Company Page

If you have made up your mind about deleting a LinkedIn company page and you met the requirement to do so outlined above, below are the simple steps you take.

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account using a laptop or desktop.
  2. Click on ‘ME’, navigation bar, that is, your profile, on the top right corner of your home page.
  3. Scroll down and choose the company page you want to delete under MANAGE.
  4. Click on ‘ADMIN TOOLS’ in the top right corner of the page under the SUPER ADMIN PAGE VIEW.
  5. Select ‘DEACTIVATE PAGE’ from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click the checkbox to confirm you understand the implication of deleting the page and that you really want to delete the page.
  7. Confirm the same by clicking on the ‘DEACTIVATE’ at the bottom.

LinkedIn will delete the company page. Remember, it is irreversible.

Note that you must not have more than five members on your company page before you can delete the page. If you do, you won’t be able to delete it.

Then, the way out will be to remove some members of the group till you have less than five members left before deleting the page.


How to Delete a LinkedIn Company Page FAQs


Who Can Delete a LinkedIn Company Page?

Anybody that has the admin privileges of a LinkedIn company page can delete or deactivate that page. You must have met the LinkedIn requirement stated earlier in this article.


What are Admin Privileges?

Admin privileges of a LinkedIn company page are certain privileges or authorities granted to an individual on that company page that enables such person to carry out some functions and actions on the page that those without the privilege won’t be able to carry out.

It is similar to being an admin on a WhatsApp group page.


I Can’t Delete a LinkedIn Company Page

Assuming you followed the correct steps outlined in this article but you are still unable to delete a page, check if you meet the requirement stated before.

Also, maybe you don’t have admin privileges on the company page. Check if you do. Because if you don’t, you can’t manage the company page. So, you won’t be able to delete the page.


My Request to Delete a LinkedIn Company Page is Pending

Your request to delete a LinkedIn company page might be pending if another person has already started deleting the page and has not finished.

In this case, you won’t be able to delete the page until either your request or the person’s request is complete.

If you requested first, you can ask that person to cancel his/her request, and yours will automatically go through once they do so.

Or you can cancel your request, and theirs will automatically go through.


Is Deleting a Company’s LinkedIn Page Reversible?

Once you successfully delete a company’s LinkedIn page, it is irreversible. You will lose your data and anything associated with the page permanently.




You have seen that deactivating or deleting a LinkedIn company page is very easy.

If you follow the steps outlined, you should be able to delete or deactivate a LinkedIn company page without stress. Make sure you meet the requirement.

And remember that there is no deleting page option on your mobile app, so, you have to use a laptop or desktop.


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