15 Successful Twitter Marketing Strategies (Works Magic)

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Ever wondered what Twitter marketing strategies are popular brands using? If you haven’t, this is the best time to. You might be feeling the urge to review their Twitter page right now.

Well, look no further, let’s talk about Twitter marketing strategies deployed by these brands.

Twitter Marketing Strategies

It’s no longer news that social media marketing increases your brand’s awareness to an unbelievable height. It truly provides the boost that is essential for every business.

Twitter actually implemented lots of changes that really improved the situation of the social platform. They took out time to address the bullying issue and fake news, which really gives Twitter an edge over other social media platforms.

This makes the platform an extremely valuable marketing tool for any brand out there. There are countless Twitter marketing strategies that can be done to promote a product and also initiate brand engagement.

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15 Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Here are the best Twitter marketing strategies that can improve your business visibility and drive revenue.


1. Decide on Your Twitter Username

Having a user base of over 353 million monthly active users, getting to find your ideal handle on the first attempt is tough.

To be honest with you, I can remember the first time I set up my Twitter account, it took me almost a whole day to come up with a username that wasn’t taken already by another Twitter user.

Yet, the truth still remains that with a little more creativity and planning, you can get the very perfect Twitter to handle.

Tip:  Try as much as you can, to avoid using numbers on your Twitter username but make use of a handle that is easy to remember.


2. Keep Your Marketing Personalized

Customers really love personalized responses, especially on Twitter. People want to be satisfied and of course, will be really happy to know that the company listens to them. It can’t be denied that this will make them feel important to the core.

You have to deal with the fact that you’ll always have customers asking for refunds, though the majority of your loyal customers will always have valid complaints.

All these people need is just a sign that they are being referenced and seen as important. And to also know that the issues they complained about are being worked on.

Twitter gives you the opportunity to respond to your customers personally. You will be able to resolve issues much quicker and also way easier. This is why this channel of communication with customers is always encouraged for most prominent brands.

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3. Proper Use of Hashtags

The topic of hashtags cannot be ignored when it comes to Twitter marketing strategies. Not one bit of it can be ignored in this context.

Hashtags are really effective in making a public display about a particular topic or happening, or even your product.

A hashtag is mostly used the wrong way and this is the reason why most people think it’s not relevant.

If you’re thinking of including hashtags in your Twitter marketing strategies, be so sure that you do it the proper way. You should only hashtag keywords or phrases when there is a need to lay emphasis on something quite important.

Did you know that if a customer clicks on a hashtag, other tweets on that hashtag will pop up? This is a great opportunity to create brand visibility.

If you are so creative and your hashtag comes up on the Twitter community, it will be seen in trending topics. That’s amazing, right? Definitely, it is, because this means that your tweet will be visible to a large number of Twitter users.

Twitter bio

4. Create a Twitter Bio That Attracts Followers

As a Twitter marketer, you should make sure that you have a brand image. This simply means that you should have a bio that directly tells other people and followers about your company (at a glance of it).

Also, it definitely should include a link that drives web traffic to a landing page or website of your company. It’s advisable to use targeted keywords for your brand’s social media optimization in search engines.

Tip: Always remember that your Bio is on the top! The very top!.. So you must make sure the first impression you set out is really good. Twitter ensures it’s short. But then, make sure it is attention-grabbing.

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5. Engage With Influencers

The truth still remains that you can build a brand online without a noticeable social media presence. To make yourself visible on Twitter, you really need a connection with specialists and influencers.

Simply search for them, follow them, interact and partner with them. Follow up their posts and drop interactive comments.

This alone will enable you to get expert advice, opinions, and also endorsements for your growing brand. Also, their followers will definitely see your presence and might turn into potential Followers.


6. Utilizing the Retweet Feature

The retweet feature is a very important feature on Twitter that cannot be ignored. To get maximum results, you need to make good use of the Twitter retweet feature. It is an excellent way you can build your social media credibility.

This activity helps the owner easily get noticed and develop relationships with influencers. Also, endeavour to mention other people In your tweets by simply including @usernames.

The retweet activity helps in getting known in the industry. Feel free to retweet other people’s posts that you find relevant and interesting.

Remember that, the more you retweet other people’s posts, the more they are likely to retweet yours.

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Twitter business analytics

7. Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is one of the most important Twitter marketing tips you should take pretty seriously. Be careful to utilize it to ensure the resonance of your content with the audience.

From your analytics dashboard, you’ll definitely know the best days for your tweeting and the content that get more engagements.

With the help of the analytics marketing tool, you can better implement your Twitter marketing strategies.


8. Plan your Twitter Chats

Twitter chats for brands are just conversations that revolve around your service or products.

Make sure you schedule a particular hashtag to follow questions and also respond to them.

Followers will have no other option than to develop a positive brand image in their minds when they finally see their favourite brand interacting.

Twitter chats are quite easy to track with the hashtag, and this makes it distinct from the other platforms. This undoubtedly helps you analyze your outreach and level of audience response.

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9. Share Quality Images and Videos

You must have heard the popular saying “a picture tells a thousand words”, there’s really a true value in using images to promote viral content.

Photos really help you grab your viewers’ attention and keep them glued to your timeline on Twitter.

Have you noticed that your tweets that contain images, videos, animated gifts and links always get retweeted more than those with only text content? This is why you should always include them whenever possible.

Definitely, it might not be so easy to always come up with Twitter content consistently. But with tools like the social champ you can easily implement your Twitter Marketing Strategies.

With the help of this content marketing tool, you will easily put together a collection of material together for your Twitter. You can make content for a month and just schedule it at once. This way, you’re making the whole process easy and less complicated for you.

One of the most amazing things about this tool is that you’ll have no other choice but to have an organized and captivating Twitter account.

You can as well keep your  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media linked together. By doing this, your business is literally everywhere and it’s very essential for authenticity.


10. Use Twitter Management Tools

It’s really no doubt that Social Media Marketing is a very challenging job. Maintaining all social media networks and them being in decorum is not so easy, but yes it’s possible.

Managing Twitter alone becomes a bit hectic especially when you have a large audience actively following you.

That means you need to schedule your content to keep up with the different time zones, copy tweets to engage more audience and also increase interaction.

Again, the Social Champ is one tool that helps you post, retweet, and also repeat your tweets. This helps you manage your Twitter account effectively and also makes it easy for you to apply all the Twitter marketing tips.

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11. Create A Content Marketing Strategy

Marketers as a whole are always looking forward to trying out and making new strategies for particular social media networks.

You must not create quality content every single day, rather it’s advisable you take your time to come up with very good content. Retweeting and sharing other people’s content is not also a bad idea.

It all helps in growing your Twitter account.

Twitter trends

12. Keep up With Trends

Are you up to date with the current happens in the world? How about the industry you’re about to venture into? If no is your answer, then use Twitter to stay current.

The easiest way you can ever think of to do this is through hashtags. Yes, hashtags. These are simply short keywords or phrases that tweeters use to mark a topic.

With the aid of sites like hashtags.org, you can research which topics are trending on Twitter at any point in time. This way you can easily keep up with trends in business and in your industry as well.

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13. Listen

To get the best out of Twitter, you have to listen. Use Twitter as a listening tool.

Listen to the complaints of the public and strive to do better. Every person will be happy to know that his/her voice was heard.

One company that does this extremely well is Intuit. Just a few years ago, they got to realize that the only way to do better was to listen to the online questions and concerns of their clients.

This is one of the advantages of Twitter. It’s a two-way communication tool (both a listening and a broadcast tool).


14. Know the Difference Between your Business and Personal Profile

If you can take your time to carefully differentiate these two, then they are easier and better for you. Your business profile should consist of an informative and very catchy bio and a cover page. The bio should go deep enough to keep your audience in awe.

Also, your profile on Twitter should be able to tell the journey of your business in a quick look. Definitely, tour followers might want to interact with you once in a while, endeavour to keep your account active and reply to them sometimes.

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15. Experience, Inspire, Tweet and Repeat

Twitter only has a 280-character limit. As a result of its large database, people might forget your tweet in a very short period of time. Tweeting regularly helps you develop an active profile.

To keep your followers on track, don’t stop tweeting. Be consistent about your posts and you’ll be so much in love with the Twitter app.



Final Thoughts

Twitter is such a valuable tool for any marketer looking for a way to increase their brand awareness, lead generation and customer service as well.

The question in the minds of every marketer is how he or she can use the platform effectively for business. We believe that this content went a pretty long way to help.

The truth still remains that there is no need to be laid back on this because your competitors are already maximizing the opportunities for their businesses.

You might already be using Facebook and Instagram Marketing. Now is the best time to dive into the world of Twitter marketing.  

You can begin now.


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