Attract Free Traffic to Your Blog Posts (5 Easy Ways)

Last updated on January 30th, 2023 at 08:12 pm

Starting a blog has become easier for any online marketer, but finding ways to generate free quality traffic to blog posts have become a hard nut to crack.

When you generate content, you probably want to sell, inform, promote and generate awareness. No matter the kind of content you are writing, you want traffic to your website, this will aid your call to action and bring in more awareness.

How to get free traffic to blog posts

To get free traffic to your blog, quality content is key. Having quality content helps build trust and makes your blog post sharable.

Based on research and experience from our blog, having quality backlinks from high domain authority (DA) also helps you rank your blog for SEO.

Also, distributing your content across multiple forums strategically, attract free traffic to your blog.

Perhaps. getting traffic to blog posts is where most bloggers quit. You don’t need to be a marketing octopus to promote your blog.

You can easily increase your blog traffic to get more website visitors by applying some proven best practices.

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Ways to Attract Free Traffic to Your Blog Post

Here are 5 ways you can generate free traffic to your content.

  • Generate Useful Contents
  • Make your content readable and understandable
  • Relevant Headline
  • Apply SEO requirements
  • Utilize Social Media Platforms

how to create useful content for blog traffic

Generate Useful Contents

Why would a user want to read your blog posts? What do they seek? Knowledge, Information, or breakthrough; you must take your time to generate quality content that satisfies the users’ needs or answers their questions.

Google ranks quality content and people share valuable content with their friends and colleagues. If your content is not solving any problem or not answering any question, it has to offer something reliable to people’s needs

Generate an attractive keyword with well-arranged content separated by understandable headlines.

Write a lot of pillar articles that cover all the keywords in your industry and provide in-depth information. Pillar articles are mostly referred to as comprehensive articles because they are written to provide in-depth knowledge about certain topics. They are written longer than other topical articles in the niche and they must be updated from time to time.

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Make Your Content Readable and Understandable

Before starting any blog post, generate a readable structure you will like to follow using a table of contents. Assign all necessary elements where users will see and understand them. Titles, call to action, links, images, videos…

Users have a short attention span so when they come across any difficulty in reading, they will be forced to stop and quit reading.

Also, you have to make your content easy to read and understand for both users to understand and for Google bots to rank your content high on the SERP. This will expose you to free traffics.

You can make your content easy to read by:

  • Writing small sentences and paragraphs. This leaves a lot of white space around your texts, making them easy to read.
  • Improve your typography by using readable fonts, large white spacing, and font size.
  • Add Images, videos, graphs, charts, and infographics, to break down texts and contribute to the knowledge your content is imbibing into users.
  • Use a content checker to check for errors and improve your grammar and writing style.


Blog headline

Relevant Headline

This is the first important aspect of your blog posts, a free technique to increase your blog traffic and have it rank higher than your competitors.

It serves as a tool that will attract the audience to your website. 

Also, you need to build your headline to communicate user intent and solutions to users’ problems because it is the key that will drive traffic to your website.

How do you make sure you are writing the right headline for the right audience?

According to Eugene Schwartz, Headlines could be divided into different categories depending on the state of the prospects’ awareness-the level of awareness they have about the offer and what exactly are they aware of.

The Level of awareness are:

  • Completely Unaware
  • Problem Aware
  • Solution Aware
  • Product Aware
  • Most Aware

Completely Unaware

In this stage, the prospect is not aware of the product, the problem it solves, or the solution.  The prospect is not even aware if there is a product of such that can be of use to him.

The audience should be exposed to valuable information about the product, what it does and how it aims to curb their problems.

The headline should be like:

  1. Why do you need an e-commerce website to market your products?
  2. SEO: the number one technique for ranking higher.


Problem Awareness Stage

The prospect is aware of the problem they have, at that moment, they are searching for relevant solutions.

The audience in this category should be exposed to solution-based content.

Examples of such headlines are:

  1. How to increase e-commerce sales
  2. How to overcome strict competition while ranking your blog posts.


Solution Awareness Stage

This stage is a result of the Problem-Awareness Stage. Prospects should be opened to blog posts with a solution-based headline.

For Example:

  1. What to do to reach the number one spot on SEO ranking?
  2. SEO content for E-commerce.


Product Awareness Stage

The prospect is aware of the products and what it offers but he is skeptical to know which of the products best solves his problem.

You should propose content to prove your product is the best among the others and include testimonials and reviews.

For example:

  1. The best SEO agency in London.

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Most Aware

People in this category already know about what the product entails, what it offers and how it can be useful to them. You only need to convince them a little more. Hence, your headline should propose an offer, a gift, or a bonus.

A headline is a crucial aspect of content that you must create to satisfy user intent, it has to be appealing enough to capture audience’s attention and make them click through. The content should contain what the headline claims. Learn how to generate a strong headline.

If you can get free traffic through your headline, that means you know what to do to craft out a great headline.


Apply SEO Requirements

The most powerful way to attract traffic to your websites is by writing blog posts that satisfy SEO requirements. Optimizing your content with the required SEO techniques will enable you to rank higher than your competitors and bring in thousands of traffic.

Below are a few SEO tips you can utilize to rank your blog posts.

  • Relevant Title Tag
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Utilize internal Links for Blog Posts
  • Meta Description
  • Invite Reputable websites to link to your content
  • Make use of Images and Alt tags


Relevant Title Tag

Make sure your title tag contains the necessary keywords. The relevancy of your title tag to your content should not be overlooked.

If your content is informational and you are trying to rank among navigational websites on SERP. It will be difficult to rank because the kind of solution you are offering with your content is different from others even though you all rank for the same keywords but the user intents differ.

Google will rather rank other navigational content that satisfies SEO requirements.


Types of Content according to User Intent


1. Informational: This content is written to serve readers informational content about their desired topics. They normally start with “How to”, “Way to”, “Why you need”, “8 methods of”…

Information content to get free blog traffic

2. Navigational: These contents are written to direct users to their desired solutions.

For example:  “13 websites you can find senior copywriters”

Navigitational Content Navigational content for blog traffic

3. Transactional: These contents are written to sell products and services.

E.g  Amazon Transactional content and Product description.

Transactional Content to drive blog free traffic


4. Commercial Intent: These contents are like third-party content, written to promote sales of products and services. E,g Amazon affiliate reviews, and testimonials.

Commercial content to drive blog traffic

Long-Tail Keywords

To drive traffic to your website for free and have your blog post rank higher than your competitors, an SEO requirement you should keep in mind is the use of Long Tail keywords.

Short tail keywords are highly competitive as powerful websites with strong domain authorities and higher content scores have already optimized their content making use of SEO tricks.

At this present stage of Search Engine Optimization, it’s hard to drive traffic to your website when you optimize for short-tail keywords, you are exposing your content to tight competition. But you can manage to stand out by generating a long-tail keyword that communicates relevant information to your audience.

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Utilize Internal Links for your Blog Posts

One of the ways you can generate free traffic is by building trustworthy content. Internal linking from one post to another informs Google that your posts are genuine and relevant.

If your readers inquire about additional information or they seek more knowledge on a particular topic, you can direct them to more pages with the help of Internal linking.

Internal linking is a form of assurance to Bots that your content is quality, relevant, and worth seeing.


Meta Description

This is one of the SEO strategies that contribute immensely to ranking when your target keyword is searched for. The meta-description describes the title of the post/page.

You can find the short description just below the title on the Google search engine result page (SERP).

 If you include meta-description in your blog posts, you are automatically attracting free traffic to your website because you are fulfilling an SEO requirement.

Use meta description on blog post

Invite Reputable Websites to Link to your Content

This is external linking from other reliable sources. If you successfully implement this strategy on your blog posts, you will be trusted by Google and your content will rank higher for your target keywords.

Before other websites can have your blog post’s link on their website, you must have piled up great and admirable content that is very relevant to the topic. You must have included text, video, facts, graphs, testimonials, case studies, reviews, real-life examples etc.

You have to make adequate research about the desired topic and gather all facts and real-life examples to back your claims concerning reliable sources.

This is another active way you can acquire fast traffic to your blog post. Prospects look forward to following your link from other platforms to your web content to get more information about the topic.

Therefore, your blog posts should contain relevant information and facts that will serve as a benchmark or “info house” for that topic.


Utilize Images and Alt Tag in your Content

Images are essential attributes that add to the relevancy of content. This serves as evidence of what you are communicating to your audience.

It is also part of SEO requirements, which means if you want to have an upper hand over your competitors on the SERP, you should include relevant images in your blog posts.

An alt tag is a strong attribute of an image that describes what the image depicts, as funny as it may sound, this Alt tag also contributes to the traffic you are getting on your websites.

This Alt tag or Alt text is used as a screen reader to inform visually impaired people what the image is all about. So far, its offering value to the audience, and Google considers it as a requirement for ranking.

And, when you do the necessity, be sure you are getting your required free traffic when you finally rank on the SERP.

The combination of Image and a reasonable Alt tag contributes to your website ranking. Remember this, you must insert a relevant and understandable Alt text; make it Longtail to give a clear explanation of what the image depicts.


Using ALT tag to optimize for SEO



Social Media Platforms/ Communities

You can gain free traffic to your blog posts on numerous social media platforms and communities. It depends on your contribution to topics, news, and stories on the various social media platform.

When you share ideas on desired topics, people that are interested in the topics will listen to you and seek more information.

This is how you can direct them to your website by just dropping links to your blog posts. You are offering value and impacting Lives by doing this.

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Examples of social media platforms that drive free traffic to your blog posts are


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • YouTube



Facebook is a great social media platform where you can attract free traffic to your blog posts. You can create valuable Facebook posts and publish them to the public to benefit from them.

You can add links to your Facebook posts to direct interested readers to your blogs.

When they read your posts and enjoyed them, many of them will share the links with their friends to benefit from the quality content you have prepared for them. In that way, you can acquire more free traffic to your blog.

Also, you can join certain Facebook Groups that share a common interest with you. Members of Groups are advised to contribute content for other members to benefit from.

You can adopt this medium to promote your websites and acquire thousands of website visitors that find your posts helpful.

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Twitter is a platform that has a strong element for the circulation of information. Within 1 minute, millions of people can access a single tweet with the help of the powerful retweet button.

A single tweet can be retweeted by one person that has 100,000 followers by 50% of his followers.

These followers have thousands of followers which also have thousands of followers. That’s how millions of people can access a single tweet within a minute.

All you need is to tweet valuable content and always participate in discussions. Share your links on tweeter and thousands of interested people will make it several thousands of people. Imagine the amount of traffic you will be gaining by finding the right audience.



This is a popular Question and Answer Website created for people to interact on numerous topics and share ideas to answer various questions.

You can promote your blog post here when you join intellectual discussions and you drop your takes, then you can direct others that seek more information to your website using a link.

This way, you will gain more traffic to your blog posts.

Quora to get free traffic



You can start creating video content on YouTube. Make this content quality and problem-solving, with facts to back your claim. Through YouTube content, you can direct your subscribers to your blog posts by mentioning them in the video and adding it to your captions.

They will follow your link to access the post you have written about the content you offered in the video for more understanding and clarification.

Neil Patel who is a Top Expert in SEO, a top marketer, and best-selling author in New York always gets his content at the top of SERP because of his unmatched knowledge in SEO and marketing. He does the same for YouTube, where he accumulates traffic to his platforms.

Therefore, YouTube is a proven way to get free traffic to your blog posts.

YouTube traffic to blog post



Lastly, consistency is the key here. All of the listed traffic strategies are proven, but we can’t guarantee you overnight results.

Hold on to them in your blogging journey and you will ultimately get new visitors to your blog, grow your email subscribers, increase your conversion rate, and build a sustainable online business.

We hope these tactics helped you increase your blog traffic. You may also want to see our best 15 Free SEO Tools to Boost Your Website Ranking.

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