Pinterest Marketing For Beginners (10 Proven Strategies)

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Pinterest is one of the most powerful social media channels you can deploy in marketing your business and drive traffic to your blog.

However, small businesses are sometimes cautious or reluctant about joining many social networks – either because of the unavailability of resources or because of poor or limited access to knowledge of how to use it. 

Pinterest marketing

Therefore, they tend to use the usuals: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Pinterest has been overlooked because the concept varies from the others or probably because business owners feel their business isn’t visual enough. And this is a misjudgment.

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to search, share, and save visual content that inspires, help, or entertains them.

Users can add, or pin, their preferred content on their boards with a common theme. This helps to keep their pin organized and ensure that other users can find new content related to their interests.

With tons of pins on Pinterest, you will always find creative as well as business ideas that would spark inspiration.



What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing basically means using Pinterest to market and grow your business, or content.

There are numerous ways to make visual content, but Pinterest is about the content of others in addition to your own. With an effective Pinterest marketing strategy, you can easily connect with your target customers.


How to use Pinterest

Pinterest is fairly simple to use. On Pinterest, users can do the following.


Create boards

Boards are used to categorize and organize Pins. Individuals use boards to collect new bathroom ideas, to help plan their weddings, vacation locations, to make wish lists.

Also, boards allow users to gather their pins logically, and beautifully organized in one place. Boards can be divided into various sections thus making them even more organized.

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Save Pins

Pins are ideas, products, recipes, images… any other thing that the users find on the web and save onto their boards. Users can create their pins, or repin pins from others and put them on a board of their choice.


Save Pin on Pinterest


The homepage and feed of Pinterest is the spot to find out the activities of followers and what the platform deems users will be interested in, with reference to their Pins and Boards.

Here, users and individuals can also search for keywords to seek inspiration.

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Just like other social media platforms, users can follow people and businesses to see and know what they pin, what kind of board they are creating and what they pick interests in so that they can like it too.


The 10 Great Pinterest Marketing Hacks For Beginners

When using Pinterest marketing as a beginner, there are plenty of resources available to get you started on Pinterest marketing right away.

Here are the 10 best hacks you can use on Pinterest marketing as a beginner.


1. Choose the Right Category for Your Content.

When starting off using Pinterest marketing as a beginner, it is advisable to choose the right category for the kind of content you are creating. It would help out in driving in traffic and clicks.

Hack: Always check out the homepage and feeds to see what’s trending and what people are searching for more frequently on Pinterest. Also, ensure you put up relevant content and a description of what you are making or marketing.

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2. Focus on Your Pinterest SEO

Using Pinterest marketing as a beginner, it is advisable to see Pinterest as more than just a visually-focused social media platform.

It is an incredibly powerful search and discovery engine, thus making Pinterest SEO a must. Well organize SEO profiles, Boards, and pins are vital for getting your content discovered repinned and even shared.

Hack: Be sure to use searchable, relevant keywords in your pin text, board names and board descriptions. Find the word that resonates with your target audience and use those keywords in your content creation,

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3. Insert Your Boards on Your Blog or Website

Most of your Pinterest content is gated. This means that you have to create a Pinterest account to be able to access the content. Hence, this can seem like something of a walled ecosystem.

If a user who has no account with interest lands on your Pinterest account, they will only be able to view a couple of Pins before being asked to create an account and log in.

Hack: If you have a blog or website, simply insert your boards on a static page or blog post. And while you are doing so, be sure to add the “Pin it” button to your site’s social media sharing options.

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Pinterest marketing for beginners

4. Speak to the Crave

People use Pinterest more than many other social networks to be inspired. It is where people go to plan for future things, not comment about what they are currently doing.

From wedding plans, ideas, cooking recipes, house interior designs, to powerful quotes DIY art tips. Pinterest users strongly connect with emotional and imaginative content.

According to a study by Millboard brown Digital and Pinterest, 74% of pinners view Pinterest as a tool to help them plan for the future, and 67% of pinners will experience a significant life event within 6 months.

Hack: Even if your business is the type that would prompt or lead to storytelling, there’s always an emotion or idea that can be evoked with the right image.

For instance, if you are an accounting firm, a picture of a tax form would probably not generate enough excitement. But a picture of a stunning vacation setting tagged with “Tax return” in the description would generate more excitement.

Applying this Hack would help you grow in Pinterest marketing as a beginner.

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Social Media Best Times Post

5. Reuse Viral Content From Other Social Platforms

Sharing substantiated content across your social media accounts is a piece of cake.

Not only do the smart feed favour posts that have performed well on other social networks, but it is also safe that if your audience enjoys the post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, the Pinterest audience would enjoy it too.

Hack: Repurpose your popular social media posts and tweets into Pinterest images. This is done often by just finding a good stock image and using an image editor to add texts. Using Pexels and Unsplash for free stock pictures and crafting Pinterest images using Canva or Picmonkey.

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Pinterest Contentjpg

6. Create What People Want

Contents on the Pinterest site have an exceptionally long shelf life. Even a Pin posted months ago can be discovered easily by an influencer, or my Pinterest’s algorithm, and go viral.

By creating content that your audience would love, will increase greatly the odds that you will see a higher engagement.

Hack: From your account, track pins that are already performing exceptionally well and then create similar content.

Create follow-up posts and content, and repin across your boards to increase the trend. Using Pinterest analytics would help to identify high-performing Pins.


7. Connect with Your Influencers

Knowing the names of your biggest Pinterest fans i.e people who regularly pin content from your site, and help drive traffic to your Pinterest.

By connecting to these people (pinners), can turn them from mere fans to true brand ambassadors.

Hacks: try unlocking your Pinterest analytics by verifying your site, and use the reports from the analytics to identify the boards with the highest engagement. It would be easy from there to find and connect with great influencers for your market.

If a pin from your website receives hundred or thousand of repins, there’s a great possibility that someone influential pinned it. To confirm this, click through on the pin to view who pinned it.

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8. Expand Reach by Cross-Promoting Your Content

One good thing about content created for Pinterest specifically is that it is easy to reuse. Contents Image-based tend to perform well on almost on social media platforms thus making your already well-doing Pins perfect for sharing on Facebook,

Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.

Hack: Connect your accounts. Pin content from your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Whenever you share posts on these platforms, don’t forget to share your Pins.

9. Run a Contest

One thing Nigerians love to hear or see is giveaways. If there is one thing that is guaranteed to generate instant interest in a brand or product is a contest or giveaway.

Unlike other social platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest has strict rules about what it will and will not allow. Your account can be frozen (Pinterest Jail) when you carry out “Pin to Win” contests.

Hack: launch a contest that is creativity-driven with a trusted Pinterest partner. Do well to create contests within the Pinterest guidelines.

Pin it on pinterest

10. Pin Regularly

One of the biggest secrets to seeing steady success in Pinterest marketing as a beginner is by creating a pinning schedule. This would be great in helping you with consistency, as it would allow you to create a steady stream of content for your followers

Hacks: Try getting a Pin-scheduling app. Pinterest does not currently have pin scheduling natively, thus making it difficult to create a truly automated schedule.



Lastly, using Pinterest marketing is a great way to grow start-up businesses or content with the opportunities it offers. Clients and users would become engaged in your activities as it is natural for humans to be drawn to eye-catchy things.

The Usage of images to illustrate products and contents being marketed would greatly boost website traffic and in turn boost sales.


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