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Social media experts usually advise that we maintain our Twitter account the same way we cleanse our house during springtime.

This involves removing the clutter and organizing the mess helps to reflect and concentrate on what matters.

Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts

This is exactly what happens when we occasionally “declutter” our Twitter followers.

If you fail to strike a balance between your followers and those you follow, it may negatively impact your account growth.

To ensure your Twitter account’s credibility, it is important to unfollow accounts that are inactive. 

In this article, we will explore ways you can discover and unfollow inactive Twitter accounts without hassle or stress. 


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Why Should I Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts?

Inactive accounts are completely useless to your Twitter growth strategy.

This means that following this type of account will cause more harm than good. It’s a waste of time to engage with these accounts. 

However, the question is, “how do I discover inactive Twitter users“? There are two methods. The first is to check manually, going through each account that you follow to find the date of their last tweets.

In some cases, it is impossible because some users can still sign in and may not post tweets for a long stretch of time. This is tiresome and can be very difficult.

However, there is a second option, which is a lot easier, more streamlined and fastest. It entails the use of third-party online tools to precisely find these inactive users. 

In the first section, we will be exploring how to use third-party tools to unfollow inactive Twitter followers. 


Best Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts

We will analyze the most effective tools you can use to unfollow inactive Twitter users from your follow list. These types of users have no positive impact on your social media strategy. 



Circleboom is one of the best tools for Twitter account management.

It is used by hundreds of thousands of users. It features a unique feature that helps you effectively maintain your Twitter account.

This makes it easy to discover and remove fraudulent accounts, bots, and hyperactive and spam profiles. It can also provide analytics or stats about your followers on Twitter. 

Furthermore, Circleboom is a widely used platform for discovering inactive users on Twitter and unfollowing them. 

Here’s how to use the tool to remove some users:

  • Access Circleboom. 
  • Sign in to Circleboom. However, you may be a first-time user of Circleboom. All you need to do is register for a new account.
  •  After filling in the required information, check your email to authenticate your Circleboom account. Click on the verification link in the message sent to your inbox or spam.
  • Ensure you properly sign in and then link Circleboom to your Twitter account. 
  • Once you have successfully linked your Twitter account, your account stats will be displayed to you. 
  • Click “List all” underneath “Inactive Friends”, and the tool will display all inactive users that have not posted any tweets in the past month. From there, it is easy to remove inactive Twitter accounts from your list. You can also decide to let them remain on your follower list by adding them to the whitelist.

If you don’t want to purchase a subscription or premium plan, there is a free account that does not have many features.

However, it is still effective. You can buy a subscription to get pro features. 



Another unique online tool great for Twitter account management is ManageFlitter.

It can help you discover fake accounts, inactive users, limit fraudulent accounts or restrict those types of accounts.

You can remove inactive Twitter followers by navigating to your Twitter profile and directly unfollowing them.

The reason is that Twitter has barred some 3rd party platforms from managing accounts’ follow and unfollow. 

Although there are plenty of blog articles that still encourage the use of platforms like ManageFlitter to remove inactive users from your follower list, they rarely point out the truth that ManageFlitter has deactivated the feature.

Even though the tool helps in discovering inactive users and fraudulent accounts, you can’t use it to remove them straight from the dashboard. 

As of 2022, ManageFlitter has stated that it will no longer offer follow and unfollow functionality. However, some features that relate to user search and tweet scheduling are still functional.

Nevertheless, ManageFlitter remains a highly efficient tool for managing your account on Twitter.

It has a wide variety of features that can skyrocket your Twitter engagement game, from analytics and stats to advanced search and post automation. 



If you are looking for an easy, zero-charge tool that you can use to remove inactive Twitter accounts from your follow list, you need to try Untweeps.

It has a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to unfollow inactive users for optimized content delivery.

To streamline your unfollow activities, visit https://untweeps.com/ and connect the tool to your Twitter account. 

Once that is done, you will be required to input the specific amount of days that the followers on your list did not engage in activities on Twitter or post a single tweet.

It is automatically set to 30 days; however, you can even edit it to 40 or more. 

Next, Untweeps will display a list of inactive followers on your list. Next, tick the box and select “unfollow inactive Tweeps”, and it will do the job. 

Using Untweeps is the quickest method to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts.

However, it isn’t a sophisticated platform for managing your account. Depending on how you look at it, it may be advantageous or not.

But some Twitter influencers and social media experts may prefer something else.



FollowerAudit is a fantastic tool for tracking your following on Twitter. Users will have to purchase a subscription before using FollowerAudit.

As the name implies, the tool can be utilized in analyzing your account to check inactive or spam followers. It also updates you whenever your account experiences any growth or boost in following.

This is great because it can help determine the credibility of your follower count. 

For brands who wish to sign ambassadors and influencers on Twitter, the tool can be used to find those with authentic followers, so your brand awareness strategy will ultimately have a positive impact.

The tool has powerful analytics that can help you evaluate and review the performance of your promotional campaign on Twitter. 

Lastly, the tool helps you target those who have unfollowed your Twitter account within a specific frame of time.

This makes it easy for you to set up a list of those users and review their profiles to find out which followers to remove. 



This is another effective tool that can help you remove inactive accounts from your follow list.

CrowdFire works for both Twitter and Instagram, making it highly beneficial. 

Although the free version of the tool is super helpful and can do the job if you are planning to only remove inactive accounts from your list, you can also get the professional paid version with advanced features. 

CrowdFire comes in an application format for your iPhone and Android smartphone. They are both great for clearing away fake and spam users from your list with ease. 


How to Remove Inactive Twitter Accounts Manually

As we have previously stated, you can always manually remove inactive accounts.

This method is fantastic if there are only a couple of inactive users to unfollow from your list. A major issue you may face is discovering “inactive users”. 

The funny thing is that while Twitter has simplified the process of checking who is on your follow list, the reverse is not the case.

For instance, if you select your profile photo thumbnail on the upper left of the Twitter app, your follow count and the identity of the users you are following will be displayed.

However, if you select any of these options, the users you follow will be displayed to you. 

This complicates the process of unfollowing inactive Twitter users on your follow list because you have no idea of their usernames. 

Follow the steps below to remove inactive accounts from your follow list:

  • Navigate to your timeline and select a tweet from a specific account. 
  • Select the username. 
  • Select Following in the top left corner. 
  • That’s all. But if you don’t know yet, the first step will be problematic because if the account is inactive, you won’t find any fresh tweets. 


How to remove inactive Twitter accounts when you know the username

Here’s how to unfollow the inactive Twitter users when you are familiar with their usernames: 

  • In the upper corner, locate and select the search bar on your screen. 
  • Input the username of the Twitter account or the name related to the account. 
  • A search result will be displayed with usernames; select the right one. 
  • Select the following button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • It’s challenging to recall the usernames of the entire inactive accounts on your follow list. It makes sense to use any third-party tool to automate this. 


How To Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts FAQs


Will Inactive accounts be deleted by Twitter?

Yes. Inactive accounts may be automatically deleted if they have been offline for a lengthy period. 


What’s the specific period that Twitter deletes accounts that are inactive?

If an account has been inactive for six months, Twitter may tag the account “inactive for a lengthy period” and deactivate it.

Once it has been deactivated, you will be unable to sign into the account and check your tweets, engagements or followers. 


Will Twitter send me a notification if someone blocks me?

Any Twitter user can discover you have blocked them. If you block a user, they won’t be able to access your profile or follow your tweets.

A notification will inform them that you have blocked them.




To increase your credibility and audience engagement on Twitter, it is always great to unfollow inactive users on your follow list.

In this article, we explored the best tools for achieving this without hassle. Ensure you share this article via the button below.

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