How to Delete a Facebook Business Page Permanently

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms for both business and networking purposes. The majority of the fortune 500 use the platform to grow their businesses.

You might begin to wonder: why on earth would a brand want to know how to delete a Facebook business page or unpublish their Facebook page from the world’s most widely used social network?

The reason to unpublish your Facebook business page may vary. Whatever your reasons are, getting to know how to delete a Facebook business page is important.

How To Delete Facebook Business Page
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In this guide, we will work you through how to delete a business page on Facebook permanently.

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How to Delete a Facebook Business Page

The conventional way to delete a Facebook business page via the web is by signing in to your Facebook through your Facen=book personal account.

Follow the below steps to delete your Facebook business page:

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Navigate to your Facebook business page
  • Tap on ” Settings” at the top corner of the page.
  • At the General tab of your settings page, scroll down
  • Tap on “Remove Page” from the options displayed
  • Then click on “Delete” to permanently delete your Facebook page. The page deletion will not happen immediately. You will have a 14 days duration to restore the page if need be.

Note: To be able to delete a Facebook business page, you must be an admin of that page. Otherwise, you will not see the option to delete the Facebook page.

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How to Unpublish Facebook Page

Perhaps you still want to keep your Facebook business page information, you can simply unpublish your Facebook business page. This option will only hide your Facebook page from the public as well as your followers.

To unpublish your Facebook business page, you must be an admin. Once you unpublish your Facebook page, you have a 14 days grace period to restore it.

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How to Delete Facebook Business Page Using Business Manager

With the Facebook Business Manager, you have access to the dashboard that allows you to manage ad accounts, pages, reporting as well as other assets.

The Facebook business manager is best suited for big digital marketing agencies that manage a large number of ad account, employees and clients’ business.

Follow the steps below to delete your Facebook business page using the Facebook business manager:

  • Sign in to your Facebook business manager account
  • At the top right corner of your home page, click on “Business Settings”
  • Navigate to accounts and click on “Pages” to select the Facebook page you want to remove from the business manager
  • By tapping on the page, all details about the page will be displayed and you will see an icon to click to remove the Facebook business page from the business manager
  • Click on “Remove” at the top right of your screen.

Note: The business page won’t be deleted permanently until after 14 days has elapsed. You might also choose to unpublish the Facebook business page if you decide to take a break on your Facebook page.

Your page followers and fans will still remain during the period that your Facebook page is unpublished. The same applied to the reviews and recommendations.

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How to Delete a Facebook Business Page FAQs


When I Delete a Facebook Business Page, What Happens?

Once your Facebook page is deleted, it will no longer be visible to the public. However, you have 14 days period to restore the page if you decide not to delete it anymore.

Note that upon confirming that you want to delete your Facebook business page permanently, all your content, page likes, interactions, comments and all data associated with your page will be deleted forever.


Why Can’t I Delete My Facebook Business Page?

If you’re not an admin to the business page, you cannot delete it.

Perhaps you have admin access and are still unable to delete your Facebook page, it could be that another admin that has access to the page has cancelled the page deletion within the 14 days.

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Facebook is not the only social media network to grow your business. If you have a page that you no longer want to use, follow this guide on how to delete a Facebook business page permanently.


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