Top 20 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 06:00 pm

Ecommerce marketing strategies are the practice of generating top-of-funnel traffic for sales conversion. And there are thousands of ways to achieve this.

Commerce has transitioned from what it used to mean some centuries ago when it was stressful, rigid, and not user-friendly.

Ecommcere marketing strategies to boost sales

With ecommerce, you can now reach more people and gain patronage from anybody in the world by leveraging the internet.

As an online seller, you don’t need to have a physical shop before you can make big money in this industry. An average new ecommerce company makes $39,000 in its first month.

That’s so amazing, isn’t it? 

However, it is one thing for you to be into ecommerce marketing, it is another thing to be making booming sales. This is the sharp reality that you will experience but most people might not tell you.

But is that to mean that there’s no money in ecommerce? No. According to Grand View Research, the global ecommerce industry was worth $10.46 trillion, and there is a strong likelihood that it will hit $27 trillion by 2027.

Thus, it is not always the case that the people who are making trans-generational wealth in this industry are more intelligent than those who are making quite a few sales. It’s only an informational gap!

We want to bridge that informational gap.

If you have been looking for how to grow your ecommerce business in 2021 and which strategies work, then this article is for you. You should bookmark this because it’s your ultimate guide to making seven-figures this year (no jokes).

Now, let’s take a look at the top 20 ecommerce marketing strategies to boost sales in 2021.

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20 Best Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business 

Here are the top ecommerce marketing strategies to boost your sales conversion and increase return on investment.


Ecommcere payment options

1. Payment Integrations

According to Forbes, 144 out of 1799 average users abandon carts because of non-inclusive payment options. While that is 8% of the total average number, no one can tell how many goods they can buy.

A marketer should always be looking for how to make more money, and not how to lay some customers off. You are laying some customers off anytime you don’t put enough payment options to retain them.

Since you are targeting the international community, your payments should also be all-embracing. Don’t use only Stripe for your payment, only the Asian and US folks will be able to transact with you. Use payment options that each continent will find suitable.

One of the reasons Amazon is making more sales than eBay is because Amazon uses Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, American Express, and Discover. While eBay only uses Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay.

For clarity, here are the payment options you should include:

  • Crypto
  • WeChat Pay
  • Stripe
  • Alipay
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal


2. Language/Translation Options

People speak diverse languages in the world today. While the idea of having all the 7000 world languages on your ecommerce platform may be excessive, you can have the key languages integrated into your system.

Most e-marketers get it wrong when they have their website or app in English and they feel all is well. Only 4.83% of the world’s population speaks English.

Can you now see that having varieties of languages will drive diverse traffic to buy from you?

Meanwhile, a study in Harvard Business Review showed that 72% of online shoppers love to shop in their language.

Alibaba, the popular global ecommerce platform, has a net worth of $20 billion. And one of the things that helped their marketing campaigns was the integration of 15 languages of their target audience into their platform.

The multilingual user interface is one of the top ecommerce marketing strategies that can catapult your small business into something global before this year ends.

You might want to ask, “How do I integrate multilingual options to my ecommerce platform?” The answer is simple, add either of these plugins to your website: weglot, or polylang. Then see the magic.

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Voice search marketing

3. Voice Search Optimization

The fastest anybody can type is 40 words per minute; whereas, we can speak up to 150 words in one minute.  That is to show a clearer picture of why people will tend to use more voice searches.

According to PwC, 7 out of 10 average users prefer to voice queries to type. As of this year, over 5 billion people use voice search; and that’s more than half of the world’s population. 

The effectiveness of voice searchers is evident as 62% of them bought products from ecommerce websites. Furthermore, experts are predicting that ecommerce sales through voice search will reach $40 billion thresholds by next year.

Carrying out voice search optimization is one of the smartest ecommerce marketing strategies that any up-to-date ecommerce marketer would do; because the algorithms will recommend your content faster.


4. AI Chatbot

AI is fast-changing and easing several things, including online marketing. Using AI Chatbot is one of the unnoticed ecommerce marketing strategies to boost sales in 2021 because it has a conversion rate of 40%.

Your customers want maximal attention, more than 50% of them even expect your customer support to be active 24/7 because 37% of them expect a quick response during an emergency. A Chatbox will relieve your customer support department and enhance their efficiency.

Chatbots do two basic things:

  • they provide customer support services
  • and they recommend products to your customers. 

At present, chatbots are becoming more important in buyers’ psychology; you need to set it up, especially if your target customers are Gen Z and Millennials. To confirm this, 67% of US millennials said they tend to buy from an online store that has a chatbot.

Adding an AI chatbot to your online store is not something hard; integrate it with either Chatfuel or Kik.

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5. Price from the Left

The high-conversion ecommerce strategies are not something secretive, they are things we see every day but we don’t notice.

Have you ever wondered why Apple sells its products at $xx9? We are sure you must have bought tons of things like that several times.

To succeed as an online marketer, one of the basic things you should understand is shopper psychology. For instance, imagine that you have an online sneakers store where you have to put a price tag on Adidas sneakers.

If the price of the sneakers is $160, call it $159.9. An average customer will see the latter as a more affordable price than the former.

But one thing we’ve discovered, at Primegate Digital, is that the “9.9” technique is fast becoming a cliché. Therefore, consider something like “$158.9,” it works better.

Start implementing this out-of-the-box ecommerce marketing strategy and see a booming conversion.


6. Discounting or Free Shipping

Have you ever taken the time to research one of the reasons some shoppers either don’t buy your product or abandon their carts? 70% of abandoned carts are due to shipping fees.

In case you don’t know, 9 out of every 10 average consumers are more likely to buy when the shipping is free.

Are we saying you shouldn’t charge shipping fees? No. We will show you a better way to do it.

When our marketing team, at Primegate Digital, interviewed some online shoppers, they confessed that most times they were willing to buy some online products, and seeing a shipping fee of $15 for a $180 good is a huge turn-off.

You have two options: Discounting, or Approximation. We will explain.

Empathy applies in marketing; when you give attractive discounts, buyers are more likely to buy. You can put the main price at $180 while you say the shipping fee is discounted from $15 to $5.

Or you do what we call pricing approximation.

Since the price is $180 and the shipping fee is $15, why not call the price $195 with FREE shipping? We’ve experimented with this fantastic ecommerce strategy and it boosted their sales by more than 6X.


Ecommerce video strategies

7. Make Videos

Haven’t you ever wondered why Tiktok that was created in 2016 got 689 million monthly users this year? That’s some crazy figures and speed, right?

It shows something that people love video content. Most times they prefer it to even reading or listening. Some e-marketers understood and they made a huge investment in video marketing.

According to Wyzowl, 66% of online shoppers agreed that they prefer to see a video product description than reading captions. That’s because video or anything in motion appeals to the human brain.

Attach a short well-scripted video to each of the products on your online store. This is one of the high-converting, yet overlooked ecommerce strategies.

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8. Images With High-resolution

We all are quick to snap selfies, record the moment, and post on Instagram. That’s the psychology behind high-quality images. A recent survey shows that content with high-resolution images has 94% more views than otherwise.

Images with poor or low quality won’t motivate consumers to buy. Update the images on your website; make them appealing. Not only that, but make sure that they communicate a message.

The images should have a captioned copy that would trigger actions.

On this note, we discovered that it’s better to use a high-quality image with a human face that professional photographers snapped.

To design, you can use apps like Canva.


9. Have Beautiful User Interfaces

There are several ecommerce stores, on the internet, with terrible user interfaces. The magic is: you can’t record an amazing user experience if the user interfaces are not well-designed.

In other words, you’ll make little or no sales if your users can’t interact well with your online store. Excellent sales are not rocket science.

According to Tech Price Crunch Report, companies lose annual $62 billion sales due to bad user experience.

Meanwhile, if your user interfaces are seamless and intuitive, they will leave a beautiful user experience; which can increase your conversion rate by 200%.

You never can tell if this one thing has been responsible for reducing your conversion rate. We have a good team of designers at Primegate Digital, schedule a call today so we can fix it.


10. Your Website Should Be Responsive

One of the silent ecommerce strategies that marketers have given more attention to in 2021 is web responsiveness. By that, we mean the seamless ability of your website to adapt to mobile devices.

Mobile users shouldn’t have to zoom in to navigate your website. You are already giving them a bad user experience.

More than half of the world is shopping on their mobile phones. Therefore, an ecommerce store that is not mobile-friendly has shot itself in the leg.

Web-to-mobile responsiveness ecommerce marketing strategies can boost sales in 2021. Our engineering team will help you out if you want to fix that, reach out today.

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11. Don’t Fill Your Website With Excessive Ads

Some e-marketers won’t make gigantic sales because their excessive, and sometimes distractive, ads are turning their customers off.

An average human being sees ads everywhere; YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook. In a recent survey, 74% of people agreed that they were tired of seeing ads.

Ads do more harm than good to your online store. The first thing is that they distract your buyers when they’re navigating your funnels, and when they want to buy. Let’s face it: ads can be irritating.

That aside, ads will reduce your website’s loading speed, and that will send an ugly signal for the search engine to drop your ranking.

Yes, you want to make money online from the Google AdSense program. However, which one do you want between unstable AdSense funds and making trans-generational wealth from your online store?

Hence, one of the smart ecommerce strategies that enhance sales is doing without ads and giving customers more clarity to take the CTA; buying.


12. Have FAQs

People have several questions bubbling in their heads. They want to know more about your service. They want to know more about the funnels of your delivery. Some would even be curious to know if you’re not a scammer.

That’s why you need FAQs. Check the big ecommerce platforms like DHL, eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba; they have a section that addresses the Frequently Asked Questions.

That is the section to clarify what an average customer might be insinuating about your brand, service, and product. It will avoid later disagreements since all assumptions will be cleared and everyone will be at the same table.

Do you have a FAQ section on your ecommerce website? Source for what customers always ask from you and address them accordingly.

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13. Sign-in/Sign-up With Google Option

People get bored and disinterested whenever they see a large form—checkout, sign-in, login—and they might be more likely to disengage the purchase.

So what are the smart ecommerce marketing strategies and best practices to use here?

Ask them to supply their social login data to proceed. Most people don’t like to log in with Twitter and Facebook; so Google data is most users’ favorite.

And that shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds instead of a standard form that can take up to 3 minutes.

Studies showed that 71% of internet shoppers prefer to fill in their Google details in whatever form.

Google data option is one of the ecommerce marketing strategies that will make your user experience smoother and boost your sales more than you expected.


14. Follow-up Cart Abandonment With Emails

No matter how excellent your marketing funnels are, there is still a strong likelihood that a certain percentage of buyers might abandon carts; and that can happen for one reason or the other.

An awesome ecommerce marketing strategy practice that you should employ on this note is follow-up emails. You never can tell, some might have even forgotten that they’ve added some goods to their cart.

Foremost, you should know that only the users only open 45% of cart abandonments mails. Therefore, your copywriters must do an amazing job in grabbing attention fast, plugging into their emotions, and triggering them to buy.

Alison, an online course platform, is such a pro at sending follow-up emails to those who abandoned their courses. No wonder they are one of the world’s largest online course platforms with more than 4 million graduates.

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15. Have A Solid Team of Copywriters

This is the truth: The probability of selling high in the ecommerce world is dependent on how compelling your copy is. That’s why you’ll notice that the big names in this industry have a consistent agency or team that crafts their copies and advert scripts.

The reason for that is to maintain the brand voice and gain mastery.

If you keep hiring different copywriters for every single project, then be ready to have not-too-good sales copies because it will take time to fit into your brand voice. Moreover, it boosts mastery.

Take for instance a team that has been writing copies for a furniture company, they will keep generating more conversions because they have niched down and gained mastery to command action.

In that case, we have a team of solid copywriters at Primegate Digital; they’ll be happy to help you out.

influncer marketing

16. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is, as we have discovered, most times more profitable than running ads. If that were not the case, 17% of companies won’t be spending more than half of their budgeting allocation on influencer marketing.

Now, most people often restrict influencer marketing to only social media influencers. That’s wrong. It also includes even musicians or anybody with authority in his niche; so far they have a strong online presence.

Perhaps what will give your ecommerce business the next boom is social media marketing. According to Big Commerce, it has the potential of generating more than 89% ROI.

Influencer marketing is more effective because your audience trusts their judgments. Tecno has been making crazier sales in Nigeria ever since Wizkid is the influencer and the face of Tecno 

In case you want to launch into this, look for influencers in your niche—beauty, tech, food—on Twitter and Instagram.

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17. Organize Webinars

One of the top ecommerce marketing strategies to boost sales in 2021 is through webinars. People often see Webinars as mere classes or online discussion avenues. 

But ecommerce insiders know that it’s way beyond that. For you to know, 73% of B2B marketers say that organizing webinars help them to generate quality leads.

At the time when the Nigerian government banned cryptocurrency, Binance organized consistent webinars teaching people how to bypass the restrictions and trade peer-to-peer. Thousands of new users, through those webinars, joined their trading platform.

No wonder they are the largest trading platform in Nigeria and the world.

When you dish out values and talk about prevalent issues in webinars, you attract more people to your ecommerce and what you sell. That’s the top-notch marketing strategy that boosts sales revenue.


18. SEO Strategy

We have discovered that 92% of internet users pick to click on the websites on Google’s first page. According to the Search Engines Journal, businesses spend close to $500+ per month on SEO; minus content marketing and others.

No matter how great your products are, nobody will notice them in the labyrinth of search engines. Hence the need to have an accurate and result-driven SEO strategy. 

You need to niche down and start targeting to rank for your keywords. There is no better place to be on the search engines than the first page.

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19. Reward Systems

The best ecommerce marketing strategies to boost sales in 2021 would not be complete without mentioning reward and loyalty systems.

When some groups of people shop from you consistently, there should be something to make them feel special and show that you’re thankful. 

If you know how to trigger your customers’ emotions and create friendships, you’re on your way to making six-figures in ecommerce marketing.

Reward systems and loyalty programs help so much in customer retention and they make such customers feel special. You don’t need to spend much on loyalty programs, all you need is to give it attention.

You can do these things:

  • Send personal appreciation emails to your loyal customers
  • Offer them branded shirts
  • Give them more discounts
  • Grant them like 5% equity
  • Carry them along in your business activities


Ecommerce marketing analytics

20. Tracking KPI with Analytics

Smart people don’t just do business without withdrawing to the drawing table and check if they’re still in line with their goals. You need to analyze your data to infer what you are doing well and otherwise.

That is when you need to be abreast of the key performance indicators and track if you are meeting your marketing goals. Although tracking this might involve maths sometimes, we’ve simplified it.

You need to pause and check how far you are doing with these metrics:

  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Customer acquisition rate
  • Conversion rate
  • The customer retention rate
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • Your financial target for the month, quarter, and year

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There are thousands of ecommerce shops online selling different products in different industries. The competition is crazy, and only a few make it to the top – making six-figures and counting.

The difference is how well each one hacks a marketing strategy. Having people leave your competitors and coming to patronize you is not rocket science; some strategies that work have to be in place.

And we have had an in-depth look into the top ecommerce marketing strategies to boost sales in 2021: showing you the “whys” and “hows.”


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