How to Change YouTube Name Without Changing Google Name

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A name is a signatory element of anything. It is necessary for branding, especially in the business world.

Giving the right name to a venture, initiative etc. is a vital tool in business management and productivity.

Change YouTube Name

This applies to all business enterprises whether it has a physical base or it is virtual.

A YouTube channel is a profitable venture which means that giving it a name must be done with the utmost consideration. The name of a YouTube channel is unique and can evolve as well.

Different reasons can lead to a change in the name of a YouTube channel. An example is a change in the type of content created.

Another reason can be a new perspective of naming by the owner. Whatever the reason for wanting to change the name of a channel is, the procedure remains the same.

The process of name change can be daunting especially when the owner of the channel only wishes to change the name of the channel but not the details of his or her Google account.

There is no need for you as an owner of a YouTube channel who only wants the name of your channel changed, at the same time maintaining the details of your google account including its name to be afraid.

This is because it is possible to effect a change on only the name of a channel whilst the name of the google account remains intact.

This content will give you a detailed guide on how to change the name of your YouTube channel without changing the name of your Google account.

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How to Change the Name of a YouTube Channel

You can then name your YouTube channel using your mobile phone or your personal computer.


How to Change YouTube Channel Name on PC

Below is a step by step guide on how to change the name of your YouTube channel without changing the name of your Google account using your personal computer.


Step 1: Launch YouTube

After turning on your PC, go to its application section. Then search for YouTube studio or YouTube. Click on it to launch it. This will open up your YouTube account.


Step 2: Open Customization

Once your YouTube account is opened, go to the Customization section of your account. Click on it to open it. A menu with different features will appear.


Step 3: Open Basic Information

From the menu that will be displayed, click on Basic Information.


Step 4: Edit YouTube Account

The next thing to do is to select Edit. The Edit feature is represented by a pencil icon. The name and description box of the YouTube account can be edited now.


Step 5: Fill in the necessary details

Put in the new proposed name in the Name section and add information about the channel in the Description section.


Step 6: End the process

After all, has been completed, click on Publish to end the process.

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How to Change YouTube Channel Name on PC on Phone

The process to initiate a change of name of a YouTube channel without having to affect any change on the Google account can be done with the use of a mobile device.

How to carry out this process with mobile is described below:


Step 1: Open the YouTube app

Go to the App section of the device and tap the YouTube icon to open the account.


Step 2: Open Profile

Once the account is opened, search for Profile and tap on it.


Step 3: Launch Channel

On the profile section, tap on the Channel feature to launch it.


Step 4: Edit Account

Look for the Edit icon and press it to commence the editing process.


Step 5: Fill in the right details

Fill in the details that are needed in their rightful boxes. Here, you get to put in the proposed new name.


Step 6: Complete the process

After all of these are done, scroll down and press Okay.

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Things to Know Before Changing YouTube Channel Name

When changing the name of a YouTube channel, there are several things to note.



The change of name does not automatically reflect after the change of name process has been completed.

It will take a while for the proposed new name to be reflected as the name (new) of the channel.


Verification Batch

If your channel had a verification batch, you are going to have to reapply for it because you will lose it.


Community Guidelines

To effectively carry out this process, you have to adhere to the guidelines of the YouTube community as given to you when you opened your channel.


Effect of the Change on Google account

This particular procedure, as earlier stated, cannot lead to any change in the Google account of the owner of the YouTube account.


Changing the URL of the YouTube Channel

The URL of a YouTube channel is its web page address. Once the change of name of the channel has been reflected, the web page address of the YouTube channel needs to be changed.

The old URL of the YouTube channel is no longer relevant due to the change of name. This is because the name of a YouTube channel influences its web page address.

Changing the URL of a YouTube channel is a two-way thing.

First, the URL to be changed has to be deleted. Afterwards, the new URL for the channel has to be generated.


How to Delete  Old YouTube URL

The procedure for changing the URL of a YouTube channel is as follows:

  • Open the YouTube application.
  • From the account, select the Customization
  • In the customization feature, go to the Basic Information
  • Under your Custom URL, select delete.
  • Then, click on Custom URL.
  • Afterwards, click on Remove.
  • You have to repeat the process. Click on Remove, again.

Note: It takes a few days to have the previous URL deactivated to allow for a new one.


How to Generate New YouTube URL

Below are the steps involved in generating a new URL for your YouTube channel.

  • Launch your YouTube channel.
  • The next step is to go to Customization.
  • Under Customization, click on Basic Information.
  • Afterwards, click on Set a Custom URL for your YouTube channel.
  • A suggested custom URL will appear, modify it by adding one or two-letter(s) or number(s) to make it unique.
  • After having the details of the URL to your taste, click on Publish.
  • Then, click on Confirm.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a YouTube Channel Name

Here are some factors to consider and t choosing the perfect name for your YouTube channel.


The Content To Be Generated

The kind of content your YouTube channel is generating should be one of the major things to consider when choosing a name.

It is important to have the name of your channel reflect the kind of content to be generated.


Target Audience

Who is your target audience? This should influence the kind of name you settle for.


Research and Trends

Before choosing a name, research finds out certain details. For instance, making research on the market of your kind of content is necessary.


Tips for Choosing a Good Name for a YouTube Channel

  1. Ensure the name of the channel is simple. Ambiguous channel names are not social-friendly.
  2. A short name would serve you more than a long name.
  3. Go with something relatable.
  4. Choose a name that is easy to remember.
  5. Having a similar name to some of your social media handles can be rewarding.


YouTube Name Generators

Some websites and platforms can help you generate a name for your channel.

Some of these platforms can offer stylish name suggestions for your account. Simply launch your web browser and put in YouTube Name Generators or Stylish names for a YouTube account.

Different platforms will appear for you to choose your preference.

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How to Change YouTube Name FAQs


Does the change of name of my YouTube channel have any other effect on the channel?

Changing the name of your YouTube channel will lead to a loss of your verification batch if you have one. However, there is no reason to fret. Simply Re-apply for one.


Is there a need to change the URL of a YouTube account after its name change?

The name of any YouTube account influences the web page address that will be generated. This would mean that your new channel name cannot operate by the old name of the channel.


How long does it take to change the name and URL of a YouTube channel?

A change of name or URL does not happen automatically. It takes a few days for it to be reflected or generated.



If the name of a YouTube channel no longer suits the owner of the channel, there is no point in keeping the name of the channel.

The name of the channel can be changed to provide a better name which tends to attract more subscribers.


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