Top 21 YouTube Shorts Ideas (Get More Views & Subscribers)

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 11:09 am

YouTube wants to take a huge chunk of the short-form video content slice.

With the widespread use of TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts has become the simplest channel to enhance your brand engagement. 

YouTube Shorts Ideas

Once you perfect Youtube shorts, you can improve the popularity of your subscriber count and views. The amazing thing is that it’s not as tedious as creating content for YouTube. 

However, you must realise that developing ideas that will deliver great content on a consistent basis will help you succeed. And consistency is a vital ingredient for growing engagement, optimising traffic, and monetising content on any video-oriented platform.

With this in mind, we have gathered a collection of popular YouTube Shorts ideas to get more views and subscribers and develop viral content that will boost your brand. 

Let’s start with the basics. 

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What is YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a video-sharing service that revolves around short-form content.

Although the platform lies within the YouTube interface and hosts videos generated by users, there’s a big difference — the content is restricted to 60 seconds. 

YouTube Shorts was introduced in 2020 and has garnered over a trillion views.

It shares many similarities with TikTok. Content is displayed in portrait mode and often lasts from 15 seconds to a minute in length.

Users are free to include copyrighted music and captions in their video clips. Anyone can stream unlimited videos via the platform. 

With YouTube Shorts, you can easily modify your videos and engage your followers by sending replies to comments with extra video content. 

One word describes YouTube Shorts: Awesome! 

It is like YouTube’s younger brother. It revolves around virality, originality and expression. It’s within this backdrop that TikTok, Likee and Clapper originated. 


Why Should YouTube Shorts be Used by Creators?

It is noteworthy that YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s latest feature. It is not an algorithm but a feature for content creators to interact with.

This means that if you utilise this feature, there’s a huge likelihood of experiencing tremendous growth in your YouTube channel views and subscribers. 


Does YouTube Shorts Boost Brand Awareness & Engagement?

The answer is an emphatic yes!

For businesses that have incorporated YouTube into their marketing channel, it would be smart to consider Shorts as well. 

However, using YouTube Shorts for marketing would require creativity because it revolves around a vertical video form. 

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In What Ways Can YouTube Shorts be Used?

YouTube Shorts are fun time-wasters. They are quick to watch and can be completed within a shorter time frame than YouTube videos.

Thus, they have a better chance of growing your brand and fostering a strong community around your channel. 

A great way to use YouTube Shorts is as promotional content for your channel’s long-form videos. This will boost your channel’s view count and attract your audience to access your core content. 

Most creators utilise YouTube Shorts in repurposing old content. This is a creative way of engaging viewers more uniquely.

Feel free to recycle your content across short-form video platforms like TikTok, Likee or Facebook Stories. It is a smart way of never running out of content.

However, ensure you modify the video’s screen resolution to conform with other social media channels.


Top YouTube Shorts Ideas 

There’s no stopping now that you want to find out more about YouTube Shorts ideas. It’s a big, purpose-driven decision. 

To grow your subscribers and views with YouTube Short, you’ll need to arouse the curiosity of your audience. Enhancing your channel’s appeal is all about putting out fresh, original content. 

Here are some popular YouTube Shorts ideas that can boost your YouTube engagement and visibility:


Before and After Videos

Since the start of online video creation, Before and After videos have acquired wide appeal. And that won’t end anytime soon.

They are highly enjoyable and help businesses and brand influencers explain their product effectiveness. 

The power of this idea lies in its ability to be utilised in a diverse range of niches. However, your service or product needs to have a defined and clear result.

Let’s assume you are a makeup brand; you can use this idea to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of your product by showing off the face of your test participant before and after using it. 

All that is required are two different video clips – the before and after version.

Ensure the results are easily identifiable so that your viewers can point them out. With so many video editing tools, this task can be completed in below 20 seconds!

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Examine the Benefits of a Product

As a brand influencer, business owner or creator, what’s the best strategy to create awareness for your product? Coming up with an interesting and informational video on it. 

The nature of YouTube viewers ranges from those seeking educational content to those who prefer entertaining videos, making it an excellent place to promote your product.

Craft a captivating YouTube Shorts video that features a listicle of the advantages of your product. 

Let’s assume you designed an app that helps people relax properly; you can easily highlight its benefits in a 45-second YouTube Shorts video. 


Explore the Hottest News and Trends

In order to sustain audience engagement with your YouTube channel, you can create videos that assist your viewers beyond the boundaries of your brand offerings.

However, ensure that this video content revolves around your niche. Hottest news and trends are a spectacular YouTube shorts idea to achieve this.

When planning which trends to create a video on, you can start with research on the most popular niche topics. The next step is to reflect them in your content. 

Let’s assume your YouTube channel is in the fashion niche. You can craft the hottest trend YouTube shorts video for your viewers. An example is a lovely mashup of the best 6-12 ladies’ fashion wear. 

With a sixty-second or less video, you can improve the rate at which your viewers relate to your brand and foster lasting loyalty. 


Showcase Exciting and Genuine Behind The Scene Clips

Behind the scenes is a fantastic strategy you can use to feature your brand narrative in a YouTube short.

It’s simple to do.

All it entails is recording some Behind the scene video of activities surrounding your service or product. 

To foster a better sense of bond with your audience, share some clips exploring your offices, corporate culture and more. 

Let’s assume your business revolves around digital marketing; you can share videos of you and your employees deliberating during a brainstorming session.

All these events can be edited and uploaded as a YouTube Shorts video. 

An amazing thing to note is that it won’t take your time and is not as tedious as other ideas on the list. 

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Interesting Hacks and Short Tutorial

For brand influencers and digital marketers, tutorials, DIYs, and hacks have always been part of their content source.

This is because they never run out of ideas, and audiences also benefit from them. 

Short tutorials are the most effective strategy to strip away excessive technicalities from a product. This idea can be utilised in illustrating how a product works, secret functionality and so on.

Ensure you use captions to highlight every stage of the tutorial.

A way to start is by thinking of a problem statement and putting out an immediate and efficient solution. This is the bedrock of valuable content that your audience will appreciate.


Share an Engaging Mini-Vlog 

Mini-vlogs are super engaging. They can take any form. For instance, you can share a video of your daily activities as a brand influencer or creator.

Another example is a basic review of a product.  

Mini-vlogs are a great way to capture the attention of your audience. Hence, they make a great YouTube Shorts idea. 

Another benefit is that they are exceedingly simple to produce. What you need is video clips on your smartphone, collated or edited with popular music.

The result will be a visually appealing video that will definitely tickle the curiosity of your subscribers. 


Take Advantage of the Meme Trend

Researching viral content across the internet and crafting them in a style that suits your brand is an awesome YouTube Shorts idea that is not only easy to set up but very rewarding.

Using memes increases the virality and sensationalism of your brand videos. 

Memes are very valuable because they can be transformed into content your audience can relate to.


Use Customer Reviews for YouTube Shorts

In our digital economy, customer reviews are the cornerstone of social proof. You can leverage this by giving your customers a voice.

This is a strategic YouTube Shorts. 

It is a fantastic way to add user-based content and improves your brand’s reliability and authenticity in the eyes of your customers.

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Analyse Facts and Myths Surrounding Your Business

Has there been any falsehood peddled about your brand, product or sector? Use a YouTube Shorts video to address them.

This is a powerful strategy you can use to enlighten your audience on what is right and false. It can enhance your brand awareness.

This idea will also shine a spotlight on your strengths and increase audience loyalty.


Motivating Videos

Motivational videos have consistently performed well on YouTube. They have a wide appeal that cuts across age, culture, interests and sexual preferences. 

You can tell the story of your product, brand or service via inspirational videos.

For example, if you sell educational products, you can create motivational YouTube Shorts that are focused on academic success. 


Fun Facts About Your Industry or Niche

How do you set yourself apart as an expert or authority in your field? By sharing fresh facts or explaining things from your perspective. 

You can weave this into a YouTube Shorts idea as it can help build your credibility, and your audience will regard you as competent.

Furthermore, it is an effective way to create awareness for your brand, devoid of any trace of salesmanship.

A good way to do this is by presenting a short listicle on any topic connected to your industry or business. 

Let’s assume you own a fitness brand; you can put out a YouTube Shorts video about three facts about exercising in the morning.

It will rightfully resonate with your viewers who are interested in keeping fit as well as prove to them that you are knowledgeable or competent.


Recycle Lengthy Content

This is a fantastic idea, especially if you own a YouTube channel already. It saves you time and energy while at the same time keeping your viewers engaged. 

This strategy is equally effective for those who aren’t video creators but craft “lengthy” content like papers, memoirs, op-eds and blog articles.

You can easily reuse excerpts from these types of writeups for your YouTube Shorts video. 

Since we live in an attention economy, it is a smart approach to present reliable data to your audience without boring them.

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Add a Human Face to Your Brand with Story Videos

The story resonates well with everyone, even when it is brand-related.

A smart YouTube Shorts idea is to share a comical, touching, or emotional story that ties the audience to your fundamental brand values.

This will certainly assist your audience in cultivating a strong connection with your channel. 

You can craft a short video that revolves around events that are related to your brand. Your audience has to identify with it. 

Let’s assume you are a brand influencer for a mattress manufacturer; a realistic situation you can base your video on is back pain from napping in a wrong posture or disrupted sleep session etc. 

Don’t forget you have less than a minute to deliver your message, so ensure your storyline is brief while still resonating with your audience. 


Unboxing Video

If you are a brand influencer, creating unboxing videos is a fantastic YouTube Shorts video idea.

Unboxing videos are highly effective for product marketing on YouTube because it offers a fun-loving and enthusiastic overview of the product and package. 

This is key to creating a superb experience for your audience and can enhance your brand perception.


News Flash

This is an exciting way to explore the latest updates in your locality. Through YouTube Shorts Video, you can share with your audience news events that are taking place within your field or niche.

If you own a current affair or political brand, this is a perfect method to engage your viewers. It is equally effective for other niches, including property investment and business. 

What’s amazing about this YouTube Shorts idea is that it assists you in getting in touch with a wide variety of audiences who are yearning for diverse information. 

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Talent Exhibition

Every human being possesses a special talent. Your task is to discover it. Thus, displaying your talent to the world via YouTube Shorts is an excellent idea.

The world is patiently waiting for a truly phenomenal show from you. Let go of your anxiety and showcase how gifted you are. 


Cute Animal Activities

Pets are always seen as “cute” and “lovely” on social media. They can be funny as well. If they are properly trained, they can perform, jump and take part in pleasurable activities on command. 

These beautiful creatures are a repertoire of fun and excitement —humour your viewers on YouTube Shorts by showcasing their comedic activities. This will surely make someone’s day. 


Peculiar Music

The gentle timbre from flowing waters, splashes from droplets of rain and the whistling sound of swaying palm trees are relaxing.

This type of sound is highly popular on YouTube. So, explore your environment and look for ways to make lovely music with these peculiar sounds. 

It’s a nice idea for your YouTube Shorts video, and your viewers will find it appealing. 

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Cartoon Character 

Cartoons are kids’ favourite. But they have wide appeal. You can try doing a parody of your favourite cartoon character or cartoon.

This will add fun and excitement to your YouTube Short Video channel. 


Funny Competition

In every competition, there’s a yearning to succeed. And if you take it to another level, people will show interest in it. So, what’s the next step?

Create a YouTube Shorts video competition that is humorous enough to appeal to your viewers and get them to take part. 


Everyday Adventures

There’s enough drama, accomplishments and unexpected changes in everyone’s life. How about you channel some of these events into a YouTube Shorts idea?

You can capture happenings in your home, neighbourhood or workplace. 

So go around and be ready to film some of these moments for your audience. You can create a 60-second series so that there’ll be a level of consistency. 




YouTube is currently the biggest video-oriented platform in the world, and with the introduction of the YouTube Shorts channel, it’s set to become a go-to hub for fun, exciting and viral content. 

YouTube Shorts videos have amassed trillions of views, and that number won’t decrease anytime soon. As a business, brand influence or online personality, this is not an opportunity to miss out on. 

The ideas we have explored in the article will set you on the path to optimised channel engagement, increased viewership and improved subscriber count.


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