Unlock the Community Tab on YouTube (FAST and Easy!)

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 11:17 am

The YouTube Community Tab allows you to connect with your fans in an easy and fun way. It’s like having a personal Facebook page where you can interact with your followers and get to know them better.

You can’t make money from YouTube unless you have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to get more.

How to Unlock the Community Tab on YouTube

If you keep creating videos, you’ll gain subscribers and eventually reach 1000. Then the community tab will appear on your channel once you surpass 500 subscribers.

There are a few things you can do to speed up the process of getting the YouTube Community Tab.

In this article, I will guide you on how to unlock the community tab on YouTube.

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What is YouTube Community Tab?

The YouTube Community Tab is a feature designed to bring content creators and audiences together.

With the feature, YouTubers can engage with their target audience outside of the videos uploaded on their channel.

On the YouTube community tab, the types of posts include images, polls, and text-based content.


YouTube Community Tab Requirements

Community posts are accessible to creators with over 500 subscribers. It will take up to a week to see the Community tab according to YouTube.

Some creators claimed that they unlocked the YouTube Community tab at 1,000 subscribers, others at 3800 subscribers. It became visible after 28 days.

Hence, this goes to show that, it varies by account. Yours might happen earlier but keep creating quality content.

YouTube is still testing the community tab on other channels that may also be available to them.


How to Unlock the Community Tab on YouTube

Now you know that you don’t have control over when the YouTube community tab will be made available to you, what can you do to speed up the process?

Below are some of the proactive steps to take in order to unlock the community tab on YouTube.


Engage More With Your Audience

Experience gained shared by other content creators on YouTube, it has become evident that the major signal that YouTube uses as criteria for Community Tab is interaction.

In fact, YouTubers who have been able to build high engagement on their content have been able to gain access quickly to the Community Tab.

Quality content will always win. Hence, focus on quality content and the engagement will come seamlessly.

If you’re struggling to build engagement which is not an easy task, you can follow the steps below:

  • Reply to every comment. When you respond to YouTube comments, it makes your audience feel relevant and will be willing to share your content and come back again to your channel. This is a smart way to boost engagement as when others see you responding to comments, they will also want to engage and ask their questions.
  • Ask questions. You can strick the conversation by asking questions in your video and asking the audience to share their thoughts in the comment section. Also, proactively ask the audience to smash the like button on your videos. This will help you grow your engagement.
  • “Heart” the best comments. When a comment stricks the chord, don’t just overlook it. Proceed to heart it. And do the same for any comment that really adds value to your content. This action will notify the commenter and can trigger the YouTube algorithm to favor your content as this is an important engagement signal.

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Tactfully Request Viewers to Share Their Opinion in the Comments Section 

As simple as it might sound, the majority of YouTubers fail at it. This can make a huge difference.

It is a way to get your audience involved and everyone likes to be involved especially when you ask for their opinion.

Most viewers actually multi-task while watching your video, hence helping to remember to take action by asking for their thoughts in the comment section.

You can simply ask for what kind of content they will be interested in, their thought about your new style of content creation, and much more.

Make sure that what you’re asking is in line with the video the specific video.

Most people usually think that you will have to wait till the end of the video to ask for your viewer’s opinions.

That’s not true.

You can it can be at the beginning or middle of your page. It mustn’t be at the end of the video. How sure are you that they will watch the video to the end?


Post More Quality Videos

The more video you post on your channel, the more chances that your channel will have to gain engagement from your viewers.

The emphasis is not on volume only but on quality. Don’t create less quality content because you want to post more videos on your Channel.

For all of these videos, don’t forget to ask your viewers to drop their opinion in the comment. This is how you can actively boost your YouTube engagement.

Publish more quality videos often and you will see the engagement increase as the engagement signal will be triggered to push your content and that will qualify you for the YouTube Community Tab feature.

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How to Unlock the Community Tab on YouTube FAQs


Why is YouTube community tab not showing?

YouTube community tab not showing is a result of not meeting the minimum requirements of engagement and subscribers. It is only available to creators that have met the YouTube community tab requirements.


How to Enable Community Tab on YouTube?

To enable the community tab on YouTube, you need to meet the requirements. However, you can speed up the process by engaging more with your audience, posting more quality videos, and asking for your viewer’s opinions in the comment.


Do you need 1k Subs for Community tab?

To enable the Community tab, you will need more than 500 subscribers and high engagement on your channel. 

Therefore you don’t need 1k subs for community tab. Once you have over 500 subscribers, you’re eligible for the YouTube community tab.

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Why does my YouTube channel not show Community tab?

To get a Community tab on YouTube, your channel will need to have over 500 subscribers. It can take up to 1 week after passing that number to see the Community tab appear on your YouTube channel.


How do I enable community tabs on YouTube without 1k subs?

You don’t need 1k subs to enable the community tab on YouTube. The requirement is to surpass 500 subscribers. Once you hit that number and above, you’ll become eligible for the YouTube community tab.


How do you get a community tab on YouTube with 0 subs?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a community tab on YouTube with 0 subs. Creators are required to have at least 500 subs to unlock YouTube community tabs.




Community posts are accessible to creators with 500 subscribers. It will take up to a week to see the Community tab.

Follow this article on how to unlock the community tab on YouTube, you should be able to enable the feature faster.


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