Change Date on Facebook Post (Do This NOW)

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 05:10 pm

Most Facebook users are not aware that you can change the date on a Facebook post. You can also backdate an existing post on Facebook.

This implies that you can limit Facebook from displaying or showcasing your post on your news feed if it is something you wish.

Change Date on Facebook Post

In this article, I will reveal everything you need to know about changing the date on a Facebook post and other ideas related to Facebook pages and post scheduling. 


This article will cover questions like: 

  • Why is it important to modify or change the date of a Facebook page?
  • What’s the best way to change the date of a Facebook post? 
  • Is there a way to set an expiration date for a Facebook post?

Without any further ado, let’s get started!


Why and How do You Change the Date of a Facebook Post?

By changing the date of a new Facebook post, you can “backdate” (i.e., change the post date to preceding dates other than the current date of the post publishing time). 

This will be useful if you are setting up a new Facebook page or profile but want your friends and followers to believe that you have always had a presence on the social media platform for a long period whenever they access or browse your profile or page. 

Facebook has enabled users to either backdate or update their Facebook posts whenever they are about to be shared on their feed. 

However, it’s impossible to backdate posts from your Facebook profile. The feature is exclusively available on the Facebook business page for now.

Hence, if you are ready to backdate any of your posts on Facebook, the ideal step to take is to set up a Facebook business page as a media personality or influencer. 

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How to change Facebook posts before publication

Here’s the best way to change Facebook posts before publishing: 

  • Access Facebook and properly sign into your account. 
  • Enter the Facebook page.
  • Navigate to the publishing tool on the left corner. 
  • Move to the FB publishing tool and select “Creator Studio.”
  • Select “Create post” and next compose your post. 
  • Select the “Share now” option with the arrow button. 
  • Tap “Backdate”. 
  • Then configure the date of the Facebook post you want to change. 
  • After setting the date and time, select “Backdate.” 

Instantly, the Facebook post will be backdated with a change in date and time. It will be displayed on your page on Facebook. 


Change the Date of an Already Published Facebook Post

For already-published Facebook posts on Facebook business pages, users can adjust or backdate the publication date if they wish.

The following step will guide you in doing that:

  • Navigate to your Facebook page, where you have a collection of Facebook posts.
  • Head to the particular post on Facebook where you want to edit the date.
  • In the top right area of the post, click the hamburger icon.
  • From the menu listing, select “Edit Date.”
  • At this stage, you can easily edit the date and time of publication.
  • Once you have finished, select the “Done” option.

Viola! You have successfully changed the time and date of your Facebook post. 


How to Add an Expiration Date to Your Facebook Post 

Let’s assume you manage an eCommerce store on Facebook. How do you give away special limited-time coupons to your customers?

There’s a helpful feature introduced by Facebook that will help you add an expiration date to that Facebook post so it doesn’t show up on your news feed.

This will prevent confusion and help your page become more organized. 

Here’s how to add an expiration date to your Facebook page:

  • Launch the Facebook creator studio via this link. Better still, access your Facebook page.
  • Select “Publishing Tools” on the left panel. Next, locate “Creator studio” on the left part of the screen and click it.
  • Once you have accessed the Creator Studio, select the “Create post” option.
  • Next, compose your Facebook post, but rather than selecting the blue “Share now” option, select the “Share now” option with an arrow.
  • From the list of menu items, select “Schedule.”This will enable you to schedule your post on Facebook.
  • Then, locate the “Stop News Feed Distribution.” Click the option to add an expiration date and time to your Facebook post.
  • When you are done with adding an expiration date, ensure you select the “Schedule” option.

Don’t forget that the Facebook post will not varnish or disappear once the expiration date has elapsed.

Your followers can still access the post if they browse through your business page. Note that the post won’t be displayed in the News Feed forever. 

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How to schedule a Facebook page post on a PC

To schedule a Facebook page post on the desktop, the following steps:

  • From your PC computer, access Facebook on your web browser and navigate to your community or business page from the left-hand panel. 
  • Select Publishing Tools in the left panel. 
  • Select the blue “Create post” option and add your post. 
  • Select the arrow beside the publish option and click “Schedule Post.” 
  • Add the time and date for the post-publication and select “Schedule” at the lower right. 


How to schedule a Facebook page post on Mobile

If you are using a smartphone, you will have to install the Facebook Pages Manager application. 

  • Access your page and select the “Post” option (colored grey). You’d have to select the jagged line in the lower area.
  • Next, select the Create post option.
  • Compose your post and select “next” in the upper right area.
  • You’d see a “How do you want to publish this?” button. Your post is already a default option. Select the bar and tap “Schedule.”
  • Locate the “change scheduled time” and add the time and date you wish to publish your post.
  • Select “Schedule” in the upper right area.


How to Access and Edit Scheduled Posts on Facebook via PC

Many Facebook users face the challenge of not being able to update their scheduled posts.

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Navigate to your business page and select Publishing Tools from the left panel.
  • To access a listing of planned posts, select Scheduled posts. Then, you can click on the post you wish to edit.
  • By using “actions,” you can post instantly, reschedule, remove posts, etc. The hamburger icon (…) will enable you to modify the content of your scheduled post, including pictures and other crucial information. To reschedule the post to a later date, click the hamburger icon.


How to Access and Edit Scheduled Posts on Facebook via Mobile

  • On your smartphone, launch the Facebook Pages Manager application and select the tool item at the lower right.
  • Tap Scheduled Posts on the Sharing tools option.
  • Select the hamburger icon to reschedule posts to a later date.

Don’t forget that the reschedule post option is only available for smartphone users. To update the content of any post, you’d have to utilize a web app. 

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How do I Schedule a Post on a Facebook Group?

For group administrators and moderators, it is very easy to schedule posts on Facebook groups. Access your group page and select “What’s on your mind…”. Select the calendar icon to add time and date. Next, select “Schedule.” 


How do I Schedule a Post on a Facebook Group using a Phone?

  • Launch the Facebook mobile application on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to your group page.
  • Tap the schedule option. Next, select the slider to enable “Schedule post.”


How to Reschedule, Edit, or Delete Scheduled Group Posts on Facebook

  • To update your Facebook group post, access your group page.
  • Launch Admin Tools and select Scheduled Posts.
  • You can edit the content of your post by tapping the hamburger icon (…) next to it.
  • You now have access to three options: Delete post, Edit post, post now or Reschedule post.


Change Date on Facebook Post FAQs


Can I backdate my Facebook post?

Yes, here’s how to backdate your Facebook post:

  • Access Facebook and log in with your password or email address/password.
  • Navigate to the upper corner of the page and select the “Posts” tab.
  • Select “Create posts.” 
  • Input the time and date you wish to backdate the Facebook post and select “Post.”


Can I edit the date of a post on the Facebook App?

To edit or modify the date of a post on Facebook Mobile, select the post. In the lower corner, select the hamburger icon. Navigate to Edit Post and then select the date to edit it.

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Can I retrieve an expired post on Facebook?

For expired Facebook posts, you can easily retrieve them. All that is required is to navigate to the Activity Log and search for the post you need. Locate the tiny arrow in the upper right area and click the “Download” post.


Why is my post tagged as “expired” by Facebook?

This can happen for several reasons. One reason could be that you added a time limit for the visibility of the Facebook post.

As long as the post hasn’t gotten to its expiry date, it will be displayed on the user’s timeline. The post won’t be displayed on your Facebook feed if it has passed the expiry date you set. 

Another reason could be that your post was disabled because it contravenes Facebook’s community standards.


What’s the meaning of “Facebook post is expired”?

It could mean that the post has been removed by the owner or disabled by Facebook for contravening its user agreement policy. 




This sums up the tutorial on changing dates on a Facebook post. Before making any change to your post, ensure you are properly logged in.

Note that you can only backdate a post via a business page. Good luck!


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