How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

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Instagram has some exciting features, and being able to restrict someone on Instagram is one of them.

But the big question here is how do you know when anyone restricts you on Instagram? I presume you want to know the answer to this question.

How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

As tricky as it might be, there are a few ways to know if you’ve been restricted by anyone on Instagram.

Once you’ve been restricted, there will be no available option to try to communicate with the person on Instagram, and neither will you be able to engage on the person’s Instagram posts.

You’ll always get feedback like “Sorry, this user is not available at the moment.” This response will keep on popping up, as many times as you try. That’s a hint that you’ve probably been restricted.

In this article, I will walk you through how to find out if someone restricted you on Instagram.

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Why Did Instagram Restrict my Account?

Instagram may restrict your activities for various reasons. One of them could be violation of the Instagram community standard or non compliance to the policies.

Certain actions that proves robotic may result to Instagram account restriction. 

Also, if your account has been reported by many users, it may result to Instagram action block. This is way of Instagram ensuring that the platform is safe for everyone.

However, if you have been restricted, there is absolutely nothing to worry about because this article will let you know how easy it is to know when you’ve been restricted by someone on Instagram.


How to Know If Someone Restricted You on Instagram

There’s no official way to know if someone Restricted you on Instagram.

But, if you have been restricted by someone on Instagram, you will not be able to view the user’s active status, and neither will you  have access to their last seen on the app.

That should give you a hint, most especially if they have been consistently posting on the app.

Contradictorily, it could also be that the user turned off his or her activity status on Instagram.

For you to be so sure that you have been restricted on Instagram, it will be quite needful for you to open a new account or at least have friends and family members that are following the same person. 

Below are the easiest ways to know if someone, as restricted you on Instagram, are as follows;

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Look Out for your Comments on Their Posts with a different Account

The trick here is that if you have been restricted by someone on Instagram, the comments you drop on the person’s posts after the restriction will only be seen by you and the person who restricted you.

The simple way to confirm this is just by opening a new account, or by using an already existing account to check for your comments on the person’s posts.

If you can’t find any of your recent comments, then it can be confirmed that you have been restricted by the user in question.


The steps below will guide you on how to check:

Remember that you are using an entirely new and different account for this.

  • Step 1: Login to your Instagram account.
  • Step 2: Search for the person’s account you think restricted you.
  • Step 3: Check through the comments on their posts. Do this carefully. If you still cannot find the comments you dropped off recently on the posts, then it can be confirmed that you have been restricted by the said user on Instagram.

The comments you made before the restriction will be hidden. Just your most recent comments won’t be seen by other Instagram users. 

If you are not the type that comments on posts, then you have to start because that’s one of the ways you can confirm if you have truly been restricted on Instagram or not.

With the aid of your new account, if you cannot find your recent comments on that particular user’s post, then it’s true that he or she has restricted you on Instagram.


Direct Message

This is just another easy way to know if someone has restricted you on Instagram.

The direct messages you send will end up in the user’s message request folder, and that means that the receiver will likely not get to see it any time soon except when the message request box is opened.

If you have been restricted by the user, he or she will not be notified when you send direct messages.


Make Use of the Activity Status 

With the aid of your new account, you can go through the activity status of the user you think restricted you on Instagram. 

You can do that by:

  • Making sure that your Activity Status is on.
  • Click on privacy>settings>Activity Status.

If you have been restricted, you will just not be able to have access to their activity through your main account.

On the other hand, if you have not been restricted, you will be able to view their status updates with your main and new accounts. 

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How to Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram Story

Instagram story is an exciting and interesting feature on Instagram that keeps most users glued to the app regularly. Instagram stories can be viewed by a large number of people.

What does this mean? 

The Instagram users that love their privacy might want to hide or restrict some Instagram users from viewing their stories.

To make it even easier, Instagram has added the option to restrict access to stories.

I guess you might want to know if you have been restricted from viewing a particular person’s story, especially if you have not been seeing his or her story updates recently.

It could be possible that the user has hidden their story from you, or probably shared his or her story with their close friends.


How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram FAQs


How can I know when someone restricts me on Instagram?

Restricting someone on Instagram is very different from blocking them.

If someone restricts you on Instagram, your interaction and engagement with the user will be reduced.

One of the easiest ways to be so sure that you’ve been restricted by someone on Instagram is to drop recent comments on their Instagram posts with your main account, then create a new account and check for your comment. 

If you still can’t find the comment with the new account you created, then it’s obvious that you’ve been restricted. You can also know by sending a direct message that’ll likely end up in your receiver’s message request box.

You might get to know that your direct message landed in the message request folder when you don’t get any response after a very long time.


If someone restricts me on Instagram, can I view their story?

The answer is yes. Being restricted on Instagram doesn’t stop you from having access to the user’s Instagram story and posts too.

When you restrict an account on Instagram, you are only trying to reduce the way you interact with them without using the block or unfollow button.

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Why did Instagram Restrict me from Liking?

Instagram may restrict you from liking posts if you have violated the policies or your account has been restricted.

Also, liking so many post within a short time interval may result to Instagram restricting you from liking.


If someone restricts me on Instagram, can I still send messages to him or her?

If you’re restricted by someone on Instagram,you can still send Direct Messages to them. But the messages you send will end up in their message request folder.


Why did Instagram restict my account for no reason?

Instagram will never restrict your account is you have not viloated any of their policies. It may not be a direction action from you.

It could be that your account has been reported by other users. This can lead to Instagram account restriction.


If I restrict someone on Instagram, will they be notified?

Instagram will never send a notification to anyone that has been restricted. Remember Instagram is big on privacy. It’s actually in your place to find out by yourself. Because there will be no obvious changes.


Why did Instagram Restrict me from Commenting?

Perhaps you have been commenting on to many post in a short-time frame, Instagram will retrict your actions in order to protect other users.

Also, if you spam comment on Instagram or your comment has lead your Instagram account been reported, it can result in comment restriction.


If I restrict someone on Instagram, will they see my comments on their Post?

This is how it works: when someone is being restricted on Instagram, only you and the person in question will see the comments they’ve dropped on your posts. No one else on Instagram will be able to see this.


Why did Instagram Restrict my Promotions?

If your promotion, viloates the Instagram advertising policies, it will lead to restriction. Make sure that your promotions are in compliance with the Instagram advertising policies.




For the sake of privacy, placing some restrictions on social media, especially on Instagram might be needful sometimes.

I hope this guide on how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram has been of great help to you, and you can now tell when you’ve been restricted on Instagram.

You can now stop assuming and be sure if that person restricted you on Instagram or not. Go ahead and find out for yourself.


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