User Not Found Instagram (What it Means & How to Fix It!)

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User Not Found is a common problem for Instagram users. It usually happens when you’re looking up someone’s profile or searching for their username.

If you’re experiencing this issue, note that you’re not alone.

User Not Found Instagram

In forums and Facebook groups, Instagram users have complained of seeing this error message.

There are various reasons why user not found error occurs on Instagram. But believing that you’ve been blocked isn’t always true.

If you’re wondering what does user not found mean on Instagram, this article will answer all of that and how you can fix user not found on IG.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started

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What Does it Mean When Instagram Says User Not Found?

The User not found error on Instagram means the user either blocked you, changed the IG username, the user temporarily disabled or deleted the account or the account is under suspension.

This error shows up each time you try to visit the user’s Instagram profile or try to check out their Instagram post.

There are a few cases where user not found might not mean that you have been blocked. But the chances are always slim.


Reasons Why Instagram Says User Not Found 

Besides knowing what user not found mean on Instagram, it is important to understand the exact reason for this error.

Knowing why Instagram user not found is the first step to having the issues resolved.

Below are the reasons why Instagram says user not found:

  • Username changed by the user.
  • Username typographical error.
  • The user has blocked you.
  • The Instagram account is suspended.
  • The account has been deleted permanently.
  • The Instagram account has been temporarily disabled by the user.
  • Instagram is down.

Any of these could be the reason why you are getting the user not found error on Instagram, so let’s examine each of these in detail.

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Username Changed by the User

When you see this message, it’s most likely because the user has changed their username or Instagram handle.

Users can change their username on Instagram. Most times when this happens, the previous data associated with the old Instagram username are deleted.

This means that if you search the user by looking up the username in the search bar, you will get an error message saying that user not found.

To make sure that is not the case, you can check the user out on other social media channel to find out if there’s any update on their info.

Also, if you have a mutual follower, you can use your friends account to look them up. You might not see their previous username but you can still recognize their display picture or name.

Perhaps you have had a DM conversation with the person before, you can also navigate to the profile through this means.

But if you visit the DM and you are welcomed with the same user not found Instagram error message, it therefor means that the person has blocked you or you have entered the wrong username due to typo.


Username Typographical Error

When you enter a wrong username due to typo error, Instagram will show user not found.

It is best to check that you have entered the correct Instagram handle. If you have done that, then it could be due to other reasons.


The User Has Blocked You

If you’re having issues with finding a user’s profile in Instagram’s search results, the second thing to check is if that user has blocked you.

How then do you know if someone has blocked you on Instagram?

When a user block you on Instagram, you will not be able to view their profile, post or stories. And if try to search their profile in Instagram’s search results, it will not display.

Another way to confirm if you’ve been blocked on Instagram is to view the profile from another account.

If you’re able to see the users profile and post, it means that you have been blocked hence the reason why Instagram says user not found.


The Instagram Account is Suspended

Instagram has strict rules regarding posting content. If your account is flagged as being inappropriate, your posts may be removed and your account may be suspended.

If a users account gets suspended, the you won’t be able to view or comment on their content.

Also when you search such account, you will see user not found instead.

Note: it is possible to appeal your suspension on Instagram, but the user needs to do so within 48 hours of the suspension being issued. After that, it might be too late.

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The Instagram Account Has Been Deleted Permanently

User not found usually happens when users delete their Instagram account.

Deleting your Instagram account, will remove all your data from the platform including posts, videos, stories and all associated account data.

If an Instagram account is permanently deleted, a search on that username will return user not found error.

This could also mean that the user has temporarily disabled their Instagram account as detailed below.


The Instagram Account Has Been Temporarily Disabled

Users can temporarily disable their account by using the Settings tab to take a break from Instagram.

When an Instagram account is temporarily disabled, the profile and all of it’s data remain invisible on the platform.

This means that, when you search for the account on Instagram, it will return user not found error.

Once the user has reactivated their account, it will be displayed on the platform and users can access all of their data again.

Note: You can only temporarily disabled Instagram account on the Instagram web or using your desktop.


Instagram is down

If you’re an active user on Instagram, then you probably noticed that the service can be down at some time.

When the Instagram server down, it can result to user not found error.

To confirm if Instagram is down, you can use site detector like is it down right now and  Downdetector.


Instagram User Not Found

How to Fix User Not Found on Instagram

If you’re having issues with user not found on Instagram, there are a couple of fix to have the issue resolved.

Below are the various ways to fix Instagram user not found:

  • Check to make sure that you have not  blocked by the user.
  • Ensure that your Instagram account is not having action block.
  • Enter the correct username.
  • Use another Instagram account to view the Instagram profile.
  • Verify if Instagram server is down.
  • You may consider contacting Instagram support to help you resolve the issue.


User Not Found Instagram FAQs


When someone blocks you on Instagram does it say “User not found”?

Blocking you on Instagram is not the only reason for user not found. But when someone blocks you on IG, it says user not found when you view the profile from the app.

However, when you view the Instagram profile on desktop, it will display “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” In other instances it will show link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.


Why can’t I find an Instagram user?

You can’t view an Instagram user profile if the account is disabled, deleted, username changed or your profile blocked.

When you’re blocked on Instagram, you’re restricted from certain activity on the profile. The Instagram account will be hidden from you.

If you try to search it, it will return username not found.


User Not Found Instagram Login Error. What Does it Mean?

If you try to login Instagram and your get user not found error, it could mean that you entered the wrong login details.

But if you’re sure that you have entered the correct login information, then it could mean that your Instagram account has been hacked and deactivated.

You can contact Instagram support to fix it or follow the Instagram account hack recovery process.


Why can’t I find someone on Instagram if I’m not blocked?

Perhaps you have confirmed that you’re not blocked on Instagram, and still you can’t find someone on Instagram, there could be other reasons.

It could be that the user have change their Instagram username. If that’s not the reason, then it might be that the user have temporarily or permanently deleted their IG account or even suspension on the account.

To be sure that the account is very much active, you can reach out to a mutual friend or use another Instagram profile to view the account.

If it appears, then it’s a confirmation that you have been blocked by the user.


Can You Still Message “User not found” on Instagram?

It is possible to DM “User not found” on Instagram if you already have history of chat with the user.

You will can view and send messages. But the recipient won’t see them.


Does User Not Found on Instagram Mean They Blocked You

User not found errors on Instagram are usually caused by a typo, but they can also be caused by an account being blocked. Either way, it can leave users feeling angry and confused.



There are various reasons why you can’t find someone on Instagram or Instagram says user not found error.

The first step is to ensure that the username has not been changed and that you have entered the correct username.

Entering the correct username can be a simple fix to user not found.

I hope that this article help you to resolve the issue that you’re experiencing with Instagram user not found error.



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